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DT 28126

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28126

A full review by crypticsue

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This puzzle was published on Saturday, 28th May 2016

I took a bit longer over this one but can’t particularly see why now I’m typing the review.   I didn’t notice that it was a pangram until quite far along  in the solving process which might have something to do with it.     Lots to enjoy in amongst all the Lego and anagrams.   I particularly liked the idea of confused emus!

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4a           Don Juan‘s Spanish house beside river flowing west (8)
CASANOVA –   CASA (Spanish house) goes ‘beside’ a reversal (flowing west in an Across clue) of the River AVON.

8a           Very old Scottish chimney shown by English book (6)
VOLUME – V (very) O (old) LUM (Scottish chimney) E (English)

9a           Break a rule — get control (8)
REGULATE –   An anagram (break) of A RULE GET

10a         One from the country having drink after 6.50 (8)
VILLAGER –   LAGER (drink) goes after VI L (the Roman numerals for 6 and 50)

11a         Write short lines about upper-class poverty (6)
PENURY –  PEN (write) RY (short or abbreviated railway lines) goes about U (upper class)

12a         Rip off iron on the wagon? One gets stuff to throw at people! (8)
CONFETTI –   CON (rip off) FE (chemical symbol for iron) TT (teetotal, on the wagon) I (one)

13a         Snuggling in home by the heather (8)
NESTLING –   NEST (home) LING (heather)

16a         Admirer drunk and shot in dance (8)
FANDANGO –  FAN (admirer), an anagram (drunk) of AND, and GO (shot)

19a         Reg struggling to get in before time for tea (4,4)
EARL GREY-   An anagram (struggling) of REG goes in EARLY (before time)

21a         Universal joint used in medico’s microprocessor (6)
COSMIC –   used, or found in, mediCOS MICroprocessor

23a         Further monitoring of   hit-maker’s next record (6-2)
FOLLOW-UP –  To pursue a question that has been started or a second record after a hit.

24a         Reveal record waste (8)
DISCLOSE –  DISC (record) LOSE (waste)

25a         Many aboard worry it’s bulging outwards (6)
CONVEX –   C (Roman for 100, so many) ON (aboard) VEX (worry)

26a         Current monitor coming from north-east, not north (8)
RHEOSTAT –   Coming from indicates an anagram of NORTH EAST, but without the N (not north).


1d           Detailed zoo rhino’s blurred range of vision (7)
HORIZON –   An anagram (blurred) of ZOo (zoo ‘de tailed’) RHINO.

2d           Met requirements   with reservations (9)
QUALIFIED –   If I’d thought about this being a pangram, I might have solved this clue a lot earlier, especially as it is a fairly obvious double definition.

3d           Stand by as one says mass (6)
WEIGHT –   A homophone of WAIT (stand by)

4d           Confer after City unexpectedly perform successfully (5,4,6)
CARRY INTO EFFECT –   An anagram (unexpectedly) of CONFER AFTER CITY.

5d           One directs autograph to be put on mail (8)
SIGNPOST –   SIGN (autograph) POST (mail)

6d           Material from US city and European capital cut by 50% (5)
NYLON –  NY (New York, US city) and 50% of the European capital of LONdon

7d           Old soldier chopped tree in front (7)
VETERAN –   An anagram (chopped) of TREE inserted into VAN (front)

14d         Yearns to hold man in underwear (4,5)
LONG JOHNS –   LONGS (yearns) ‘holds’ JOHN (man)

15d         Amazing   result of strike (8)
KNOCKOUT –   A thing of excellence (amazing) or the result of a strike or blow that knocks out.

17d         Pitch up, being restrained by excellent mum in scrap (7)
ABOLISH –  A reversal (up in a Down clue) of LOB (pitch) is inserted into or restrained by AI (excellent) the result then followed by SH (keep mum, be quiet)

18d         Dazed non-fliers in resting place (7)
BEMUSED –   EMUS (non-flying birds) in a BED (resting place)

20d         Republics with no local souvenirs (6)
RELICS –   Remove the PUB (no local) from REpubLICS.

22d         Aggressively male Chinese leader touring Switzerland (5)
MACHO –   MAO (the Chairman who led China) ‘touring’ CH (the IVR code for Switzerland).




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  1. Thanks CS, the emus amused me but there was so much to cherish as always. Thought pangram when I had got LJs and it did help. I also enjoyed cosmic and convex just because they sound good.

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