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ST 2846

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2846

A full review by gnomethang and crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment *****

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 1st May 2016

Apologies for the delay in posting. Gnomey started to draft the  review for this one but was overtaken by internet problems and his day job.   Crypticsue has added the Downs to his already drafted Across explanations.   The BD rating reflects her view of the crossword on the day.   CS Says: I don’t suppose Kath would let me get away with more than one favourite again, so I’ll reluctantly choose (from the many * clues on the piece of paper) 16d.

If you can remember back eleven days ago, and/or you kept your copy of the solved puzzle,  do let us know what you thought of it.



7a           Exemplary kind of order for dessert (5-3)
APPLE-PIE- The first cryptic definition is an Americanism meaning right/correct/exemplary. It is also an English dessert.

9a           Some of you transgressed, quickly escaped on foot (6)
OUTRAN – Hidden in (some of) yOU TRANsgressed gives the definition.

10a         Drive forward, as learner at end of parking line (6)
PROPEL – Place L for Learner (driver) at the end of P for parking and ROPE for line.

11a         Country like Norway, Sweden, or Denmark, in which child generally succeeds (8)
MONARCHY – A cryptic definition of a country with a sovereign head in which a child succeeds to the throne. The three countries are examples.

12a         Rugby forward, for certain, disrupted three-quarters, say (6,8)
PROPER FRACTION – Start with a PROP or Rugby forward and then add an anagram (disrupted) of FOR CERTAIN. Nice and mathematical as a definition.

15a         Second prize in sight (4)
SPOT – S for Second and a POT or prize.

17a         One way to dismiss  politician’s platform (5)
STUMP – A way to get a batsman out (or dismiss) in cricket) and also the STUMP upon which a (mainly US) politician is said to be when making pronouncements.

19a         Became hard as rock, kind of (4)
GOTH – Bit disappointed not to have some Sisters of Mercy in the hints and tips! It is GOT (became) and H for Hard to define a type of music which is kind of Rock but not quite.

20a         Working with numbers, put in ten, as an eight is wrong (14)
ANAESTHETISING – A lovely anagram (wrong) of TEN AS AN EIGHT IS. Numbers being the things that numb the senses.

23a         What can be seen, in fact, as maniacal state of some Australians (8)
TASMANIA – Another hidden word (what can be seen ) inside facT AS MANIAcal.

25a         Group of animals will, we hear, get over barrier (6)
HURDLE – This sounds like (we hear) a HERD’LL or herd (group of animals) will (contracted to ‘ll as an elision).

27a         Without external push, publish article that’s cheerful (6)
BLITHE – Remove PUSH (the external letters) from (pu)BLI(sh) and add THE for an article.

28a         Odd statue I’d put in position (8)
SITUATED – An odd anagram of STATUE I’D.


1d           Quarrel with son over expected performance on course (4)
SPAR  – S (son) PAR (expected performance on a [golf] course

2d           Careless mistake students raised (4-2)
SLIP-UP  –   A reversal (raised in a Down clue) of PUPILS (students)

3d           Conclusions reached in weird case maybe alarm judge (4)
DEEM –  The ‘conclusions’ of weirD casE maybE alarM

4d           Clubs are able to move up, showing spirit (6)
COGNAC  – C (clubs)  and a reversal (up) of CAN GO (are able to move)

5d           Making rude observations about Tory leader in beginning (8)
STARTING –   STARING (making rude observations) goes about the leader of Tory

6d           Was nothing ordered for president, initially? (10)
WASHINGTON –   An anagram (ordered) of WAS NOTHING  gives us the first (initially) President of America.

8d           Star using Circle Line in capital (7)
POLARIS –   O ( a circle) L (line) inserted in PARIS (capital)

13d         Fabric okay for consumers, fit to be passed on (10)
REPEATABLE –   REP (a fabric better known in Crosswordland than everyday use) EATABLE (okay for consumers)

14d         Hooligan in area that driver tries to avoid (5)
ROUGH –   A hooligan or part of the golf course where you’d be in trouble if your ball was sent there as a result of a shot from your driver (club)

16d         In alternative ways, met a person who’s on one’s side (4-4)
TEAM-MATE –   This splendid clue tells you that you can rearrange MET A in two different ways to get the person who’s on your side.

18d         Drug’s stolen recently, in attempt to secure next meal (3,4)
POT SHOT –   POT  (drug) S (‘s) HOT (stolen recently). 

21d         More than a dozen lines providing child with catch (6)
SONNET –   SON (child) NET (catch)

22d         Run fast, without a stitch (6)
STREAK –   A cryptic definition… run fast, possibly without a stitch of clothing!

24d         Part of deal, somehow — and ideal solution, moreover (4)
ALSO –   Lurking in part of deAL SOmehow and ideAL SOlution

26d         A number of Germans  produced fiction (4)
LIED  –  A German song (number) or produced fiction.

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  1. Thanks both!!
    I seem to recall that this was a tough one and I spent a few hours scratching my head.

  2. My notes tell me I liked the fraction and I awarded myself a pat on the back for stump. Thanks to G and CS for review.

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