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DT 28090

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28090

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

This puzzle was published on Saturday, 16th April 2016

Apparently this crossword didn’t take me long to solve.   Bashing out a quick review has revealed that there seems to be an awful  lot of inserting something into something else

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1a           Get ready to fight in fair at university (6,2)
SQUARE UP –   SQUARE  (fair) UP (at university)

6a           Fifty visiting class mansion, imposing (6)
CASTLE –  L (Roman numeral for 50) ‘visiting’ CASTE (class)

9a           District of capital, heart of Baghdad (6)
PARISH –   PARIS (the capital of France) plus the ‘heart’ of BagHdad

10a         Batter sections surrounding embankments (8)
RAMPARTS –   RAM (batter) PARTS (sections)

11a         Elected one-time whistle-blower (8)
INFORMER –  IN (elected) FORMER (one-time)

12a         Slightly drunk daughter left held by orderly (6)
TIDDLY   D (daughter) and L (left) held by or inserted into  TIDY (orderly)

13a         Ride, being happy to travel from place to place (5-2-5)
MERRY-GO-ROUND –   MERRY (happy) GO ROUND (travel from place to place)

16a         Bias in forecast involving the French (12)
PREDILECTION –      PREDICTION (forecast) involving LE (the in French)

19a         Boy has secured trophy? That’s right (4-2)
SPOT-ON   SON (boy) has secured POT (trophy)

21a         Avoids extras, permit included (8)
BYPASSES  –   BYES (extras in cricket) has PASS (permit) included.

23a         Extra extra in addition (8)
MOREOVER –   MORE (extra) and OVER (extra)  – a clue designed to confuse the computer ‘checking’ program.

24a         Caption, for example, printed in advance (6)
LEGEND –   EG (for example) ‘printed in’ LEND (advance)

25a         Shudder inside Montmartre morgue (6)
TREMOR –   Lurking inside MontmarTRE MORgue

26a         Paper in stand is last in Japanese (8)
TREATISE   TREAT (stand) IS (from the clue) and the last letter of JapanesE


2d           Attractively unusual one described by fashion designer (6)
QUAINT –   I (one) described by or inserted into (Mary) QUANT, the fashion designer.

3d           In the morning I depart, leaving friend (5)
AMIGO –   AM (in the morning) I (from the clue) GO (depart)

4d           Short male in abridged Harper Lee novel (9)
EPHEMERAL –   M (male) inserted into  an anagram (novel) of HARPER LEE (abridged telling you that you don’t need the final R in Harper)

5d           Sketch left, stuck on beam (7)
PORTRAY –   PORT (left) stuck on RAY (beam)

6d           Arrive on time to see streaker? (5)
COMET –  COME (arrive) on T (time)

7d           Resign from partnership losing money (5,4)
STAND DOWN –   STAND (partnership in a cricket game) DOWN (losing money)

8d           Not to mention claw found in shelter (3,5)
LET ALONE –   TALON (claw) found in LEE (shelter)

13d         Star mimed, badly, halfway through (9)
MIDSTREAM –   An anagram (badly) of STAR MIMED

14d         Without thinking, I slump unsteadily in one (2,7)
ON IMPULSE –   An anagram (unsteadily) of I SLUMP inserted into ONE (from the clue)

15d         Unexpected exit, perhaps, being cross with role getting sent up (8)
TRAPDOOR –   A reversal (getting sent up) of ROOD (cross) PART (role).

17d         Stripped naked during raunchy act in nightclub (7)
CABARET –   BARE (stripped naked) inserted in an anagram (raunchy) of ACT

18d         Recalled big slip catch in game (6)
TENNIS –   Another reversal (recalled) this time of SIN (big slip) and NET (catch)

20d         When pigs fly in one vertically (5)
NEVER –   Hidden in oNE VERtically

22d         Vision of number wanting different leader (5)
SIGHT –   Give a different leading letter to EIGHT (number).

Gnomey’s very busy at work – including spending his weekend in a ceiling (probably best not to ask) but hopefully he’ll be back out in time to do his review of DT 28,096 on Friday morning.




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  1. 4d – it’s the second R, not the E, that you miss out, but this has just confirmed my answer to 14d in yesterday’s (6/10/16) Times! “Unfinished, Harper Lee’s novel about months passing.”

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