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DT 28090 (Hints)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28090 (Hints)

Big Dave’s Saturday Crossword Club

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As is usual for the weekend prize crosswords, an assortment of clues, including some of the more difficult ones, have been selected and hints provided for them.

Don’t forget that you can give your assessment of the puzzle. Five stars if you thought it was great, one if you hated it, four, three or two if it was somewhere in between.

Most of the terms used in these hints are explained in the Glossary and examples are available by clicking on the entry under “See also”. Where the hint describes a construct as “usual” this means that more help can be found in The Usual Suspects, which gives a number of the elements commonly used in the wordplay. Another useful page is Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, which features words with meanings that are not always immediately obvious.

A full review of this puzzle will be published after the closing date for submissions.

Some hints follow.


1a    Get ready to fight in fair at university (6,2)
An adjective meaning fair or above-board followed by the usual two-letter word meaning at university

6a    Fifty visiting class mansion, imposing (6)
Put the Roman numeral for fifty inside a social class amongst Hindus in India to get a word that can mean an imposing country mansion

11a    Elected one-time whistle-blower (8)
A two-letter word meaning elected followed by an adjective meaning one-time or previous

13a    Ride, being happy to travel from place to place (5-2-5)
This fairground ride is derived from an adjective meaning happy and a phrasal verb meaning to travel from place to place

19a    Boy has secured trophy? That’s right (4-2)
A male child around (has secured) a colloquial word for a trophy

23a    Extra extra in addition (8)
A charade of two words meaning extra gives one meaning in addition or as well

24a    Caption, for example, printed in advance (6)
The Latin abbreviation of “for example” inside a verb meaning to advance money

26a    Paper in stand is last in Japanese (8)
To stand, as in to stand a round of drinks, followed by IS from the clue and the final letter (last) in [Japanes]E


2d    Attractively unusual one described by fashion designer (6)
I (one) inside (described by) the surname of a sixties fashion designer

3d    In the morning I depart, leaving friend (5)
The two-letter word for morning followed by I from the clue and a verb meaning to depart

4d    Short male in abridged Harper Lee novel (9)
Easy one you realise you are not looking for a short male – put M(ale) inside an anagram (novel) of HARPE[r] without its final letter (short) and LEE

7d    Resign from partnership losing money (5,4)
A partnership, particularly between two batsmen in cricket, followed by an adjective meaning losing money

14d    Without thinking, I slump unsteadily in one (2,7)
An anagram (unsteadily) of I SLUMP inside ONE

15d    Unexpected exit, perhaps, being cross with role getting sent up (8)
A type of cross and a role in a play or film, all reversed (getting sent up in a down clue)

20d    When pigs fly in one vertically (5)
Hidden (in) inside the clue

22d    Vision of number wanting different leader (5)
Start with a cardinal number and change (wanting different) its initial letter (leader)

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The Quick Crossword pun: dire+seize=diocese

79 comments on “DT 28090 (Hints)

  1. Really good fun – I found it a bit more difficult than some Saturdays but seem to remember saying that every Saturday for the last few weeks.
    I was quite slow to get going.
    Always forget the 19a kind of trophy.
    I seem to be seeing cricket everywhere, even when it isn’t there – 23a.
    I found one of the lurkers easily enough but missed 20d for far too long.
    I liked 23a and 8 and 15d. My favourite was the rather macabre 25a.
    With thanks to Mr Ron and to BD.
    Snowing and 3C in Oxford – April? No – I’m not going to garden and no-one can make me! Have a good weekend everyone.

  2. Can anyone steer me in the right direction for 9A it’s my last one and annoying that I can’t parse it! Many thanks in advance.

  3. 18d – what a stinker. Think I’ve got it, but only by default using the checking letters. Is it an extremely devious and difficult clue? Or is it just a rubbish clue?

  4. Not too difficult today and quite enjoyable. 18d was my last in until the penny dropped. 2*/4* for me.

  5. Some lovely surface readings here making use of additional meanings of a word: held by orderly (12a), printed in advance (24a), paper in stand (26a). abridged Harper Lee novel (4d) and more. Many thanks setter and BD

  6. I’d never heard of the fashion designer but 2d was fairly obvious from the checkers.

    Enjoyable solve with thanks to BD and setter 1.5*/3.5*

      1. My excuse for not knowing the above is that I wasn’t born until the seventies! (Perhaps not a very good excuse…). However, thanks for the info and will endeavour to store it away for future use.

  7. 2*/2.5*. I found this straightforward and reasonably enjoyable. Like George, 18d was my last one in, although with hindsight I can’t understand why it took me so long.

    Many thanks to Mr Ron for the puzzle, to BD for his hints, and to the designer in 2d for the mini skirt which brought such joy to my teenage years.

    1. I agree with your comments, Rabbit Dave, and in particular your reference to mini skirts which brought a smile to my face. I don’t think that any of us who were teenagers in the ’60s – a decade when monochrome changed into colour – will ever forget her name. I was grateful to Dave for one of his hints because I’d put in the answer but wasn’t sure why…

    2. I have a game for 18d -but for the life of me can’t justify it – but am old enough to remember the fashion designer…

      Been too busy to get in sooner…

  8. I did this before lights out last night, and it was a lovely way to wind down. I liked 25a (I’m a morbid little soul) as well as 6d and 17d – not just for the obvious reasons, but for the seamlessly smooth constructions. The definition of 6d also tickled me.

    Not sure I’ll have time for the NTSPP today as I’ve got a few things to do before a birthday dinner later. But maybe I can squeeze it in …

  9. I’m still nowhere near done so I am following my usual strategy, putting it down and then popping back every now and then and then ‘Duh! How stupid can you be Carolyn? It’s obvious!’ Well that usually works…… today I am just feeling the duh stupid bit.

  10. Thanks to the setter and to Big Dave for the hints. A very enjoyable puzzle, but quite tricky. Favourite was 9a. I have no idea if I’ve got 18d correct, it was last in. Was 3*/3* for me.

      1. Thanks crypticsue that was brilliantly worked out by you, and my 18d is right. Unable to see what you meant at first but 20 minutes later the penny dropped when having a shower. Pleased I have sussed it, will sleeper better tonight for that.

        What sort of clue do they call that?Apart from “weird”

        Thanks again, must be something wrong with me thinking of that in the shower!

        1. Obviously the right sort of ‘water on the brain’ :smile:

          I’d call it a reversal – recalled being the indicator.

            1. Thank you millions. I had got it, but couldn’t reason why. Huge thank you too to Mr BD and setter.

  11. I made a slow start with this but once underway it gradually came together and provided plenty of entertainment en route. Thank you Mr. Ron and BD. Needed help to parse 26a – thanks BD. No particular Fav. 3***/***.

  12. I found this more tricky than usual but perhaps it’s because I am not really giving it my full attention. Mr S has surprised me with a weekend away!!! Generally I have found it quite enjoyable and despite not being around then, I had heard of the designer. I quite liked that clue. Thanks to the setter and BD as usual

  13. 18d has defeated me. I have the name of a game from the checkers but can’t see why. Maybe my brain is addled due to watching Windows 10 download (so far unsuccessfully) on mother-in-law’s laptop. Clear blue skies up North, Spring is here although forecast is for frost tonight.

    1. You went into moderation because you had a small s at the start of your name instead of the usual capital S
      Look at my comment to Heno just now and see if that helps you with 18d.

    2. I feel your pain with regard to the Windows 10 instal. Meanwhile I am still stuck on 10a, 5d and 18d but I’ll get there. First real day of spring here and I so want to be outside gardening and today gout attack strikes. grrrrr.

  14. ***/***. What a tinker! Very slow to get going but now I’ve finished I can’t see why. I liked quite a few of the clues so thanks to the setter and to BD for the review.

  15. Duh! Got for the last few. Silly, but once my brain heads off in the wrong direction with a clue I find it really difficult to backtrack and look from a fresh angle. Really enjoyed it. Thanks.

  16. Even with the above hints I’ve only just managed to work out 18d, my last in. Never seen recalled used like that before. Thanks to the above hinters!

  17. Not quite the usual Saturday type puzzle for me. I eventually got there, 18d being my last one in. 2d was my favourite; going by some of the comments here I must be getting very very old! Oh dear, I really don’t want to be…
    3/3* overall.
    Thanks to the setter and to BD for the hints.

  18. Still cannot get 18d. The last one to do. I keep walking away then have another ponder. 😖

  19. Thoroughly enjoyed the cryptic – but I’m baffled by two clues in the quick. 8a and 7d – can any kind soul supply a bit of enlightenment? Here’s hoping – thanks in advance!

    1. I think the general rule is that we shouldn’t really talk about a different crossword in case others are saving it for later in which case it could spoil things. Go to the comments page and I’ll give you a hint for 8a in the quickie.

      1. Damn – just put a hint on the wrong page – hopeless! It’s on the page that was to do with ‘posting comments’ when people were having trouble.

  20. Arrived safely in sunny Devon in time to complete this fun puzzle while Mrs YS unpacks (she volunteered as I drove down. We are an equal partnership). 4 down my favourite and 2.5*/3* overall.

    TVM to Mr R and BD. Off for a few beers and a curry.

  21. Managed to complete after a really slow start, left it for a couple of hours and they went in more easily. Last two in, 9a (could kick myself for not getting that sooner) 18d is in but not certain it is right? Think everything else is OK? Got 20d without realising what the clue actually was? Found this a hard puzzle but stuck at it and very pleased to have finished it. Liked this one, very enjoyable.

    Used one H&T 4d Favourite clue 8d (got that straight away)

    Rating 3.5 / 3.5

    Thanks to BD and the setter

  22. Stuck n the bottom right corner as I cannot unpick 17d, just cannot see what the clue is getting at, any hint would be much appreciated.

    1. 17d Stripped naked during raunchy act in nightclub (7)

      They are always easy when you know the answer. Just put an adjective meaning “stripped naked” inside an anagram (raunchy ) of ACT

      1. Thx, as you say, so obvious when you know the answer! Just the last to go now, 18d, I have an answer which is a game but I am going to have to think hard to sort out the rest of the clue.

          1. Thx, missed that as I was late on parade today. Damn weird clue though, way out of my league.

  23. All fair, square, and above board, and pretty straightforward for that matter. Last in 1ac/2d. I must admit to not bothering to parse 18d until after I’d finished. One of the trickier constructs today, but a fairly well flagged definition made up for that.

  24. Had a bit of a struggle, but thoroughly enjoyed it and got a sense of achievement at the end; there’s braggin’ ! I now live on the other side of the U.K .- sunny Norfolk, and love it just as much as the Land of my Fathers.

  25. First glance yielded nothing so I thought i was in for a battle! My first one in was 3d followed by 9a and then it was a bit of struggle but perseverence paid off. Managed to complete it and by the same token felt really pleased – a good job jobbed I thought. 8d made me smile – a good example of really obey what the clue tells you. Whenever I cannot solve a clue, I always try to go back to it and just try to study it word for word – does it make sense? Favourite? Lots of them but 2d was brilliant – lots of others were too but one is not allowed to trespass in this corner!!!? In all a most pleasant working of the grey cells. Many thanks to the setter and to B D for the hints. I thought that today was more difficult than previous Prize crosswords have been of late…

  26. Very enjoyable. A slow start as some have already said, then after a long break it all went in quite quickly. Had to resort to help from the better half for 18d, the last one in. But understood it with some help from the comments. But no hints needed. That feels so good! Thanks to all, the setter and BD for renewing my enthusiasm after yesterday’s debacle.

  27. Not difficult, but quite satisfying: 1*/3.5*. 15d gets my vote for top clue. Thanks to the setter, and of course Big Dave.

  28. No idea how most found this easy – I got a handful, then with extensive e-help got to about half….. no idea about the rest!!

    1. Have got them all now with extensive use of the hints and comments. I wonder what it is that makes some appear hard and some easy…??

  29. Very late getting round to this but glad I did because it’s one of the most enjoyable Saturday puzzles I’ve done for a long time. Lots to like here and some superb surfaces e.g. 13a, 18a and 17d (which was my favourite) **/****

    Thanks to the setter and as ever to BD

  30. Managed in one sitting – makes a nice change as it usually takes till Wednesday (and no hints needed today!)

  31. Had SE left to complete this morning. 17d went in straightaway quickly followed by 21a. Bit more trouble with the last three. Only help needed was 24a when I resorted to synonyms and found it immediately. As someone else has said the problem is being stuck on something else. I had the wrong word for advance in my head. This confirmed my idea for 26a once I had all the checking letters and I troubled to break it down. Thanks setter BD and all

  32. Thought it was on the easier side of Prize Puzzles.
    Enjoyable but over too soon.
    Thanks to the setter and to BD for the blog.

    1. Welcome to the blog Martine

      8d Not to mention claw found in shelter (3,5)
      A five-letter claw inside a word meaning shelter from wind or weather

  33. Thanks for the 18d clue crypticsue. Does anybody else do this?…. When we’ve succeeded in finishing the crossword, we screw it up and throw it at the dog, I think she looks forward to this weekly ritual.

    1. Welcome to the blog Jane

      We already have a regular commenter (4,400 + comments and rising) called Jane so it would be appreciated if you change or qualify your alias.

  34. Thank you – didn’t help that him indoors had got 12a wrong!

    All done now 😊

    1. If he’d put what I think he might have done (but don’t mention it before Friday) then I bet he couldn’t parse the wordplay. Miffypops’ bung-it-in technique has significant drawbacks.

  35. Non-stop jobs for most of the weekend so this puzzle was done in four shortish stints over two days. Really liked this and found it fairly hard though, like many above contributors, not obvious why in hindsight.

    2.5*/3* for me.

    Thanks to BD for the hints and the compiler whoever that may be.

  36. I was at Wembley Stadium yesterday for Sarries v Quins rugby match. Met up with sons who decided to come home for the rest of the weekend. I think they just wanted a bit of home cooking. Nice to have had some time tonight for the prize puzzle. Thank you setter. Particular thanks to Bd. I was stuck on the first part of 7d which I found in a new section of The Mine. I made life difficult for myself by trying to completely dissect 7d, whereas if I’d read the whole clue as it stands, it is fairly straightforward. 16a and 12a are favourites.

    1. “As this is a Prize crossword, please don’t put any ANSWERS, whether WHOLE, PARTIAL or INCORRECT, or any ALTERNATIVE CLUES in your comment.”

      1. Sorry big dave didnt realise it was prize they seem all the same to me as i never submit them will be more careful next time

    1. It is Gnomethang’s turn to review this one but I think real life caught up with him. I am sure he’ll post it soon

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