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Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2842

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 3rd April 2016

Morning All! A very quick solve on the plane to Spain the wekend before last. Many more hidden word clues than normal and still a reasonably fun solve.

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1a           Welcomed youth in part, giving amusing performance (6)
COMEDY – A hidden word (in part) of WelCOMED Youth.

4a           What things are offered for sale under pound? (6)
HAMMER – A cryptic definition of an Auctioneer’s hammer and also a straight def of ‘to pound’.

8a           After crucial changes, runs round (8)
CIRCULAR – An anagram (changes) of crucial followed by R for Runs (from cricketing notations/abbreviations).

10a         From author, a celebratory piece for classical poet (6)
HORACE – Easy for me as I studied him at A level. Hidden inside (indicated by ‘from’) autHOR  A CElebrity

11a         Small kind of whale in boat (4)
SCOW – S for Small and then a COW whale (as opposed to a bull).

12a         Is part of monastery surrounded by a lot of work by various writers? (10)
MISCELLANY – IS from the clue and a CELL of a monk (part of a monastery) inside (surrounded by) MANY or a lot.

13a         Location of university that has courses old and new, of good character? (5,7)
SAINT ANDREWS – I’ll give BD’s hint from the day as I don’t really understand the third bit – I just got the clue from the first two definitions:
A rather different kind of triple definition – as a town it is the location of a university, as a golf course it has an old course and a new one and as a possessive noun it means of a specific good person

16a         Charming group of females oddly granted part of our capital (6,6)
COVENT GARDEN – A COVEN of witches (a group of females who charm, nice!) and then an anagram (oddly) of GRANTED. Great clue.

20a         Dress I ruined with evil and harmful act (10)
DISSERVICE – An anagram (ruined) of DRESS I followed by a VICE for evil.

21a         Refer to spot or position in hearing (4)
CITE – Two homophones after the definition (indicated by in hearing). The first is of SIGHT (spot/see) and the second is SITE or position/location.

22a         Military alliance admitting one new federation of tribes (6)
NATION – Place I for one inside NATO or a military alliance and then add N.

23a         Salvages, switching odds twice for gambling centre (3,5)
LAS VEGAS – Switch the 1st and 3rd letters (odds once) and then the 5th and 7th letters (odds twice) of SALVAGES.

24a         Occasion to honour workers and call for help (6)
MAYDAY – May Day or the 1st May  is also known as Labo(u)r Day (honouring workers. The other definition is a call for distress in a vessel.

25a         Venerated party embraced by a left-winger (6)
ADORED – Place a DO or party inside A RED or a left wing political person.


1d           It divides churches present for confab (8)
CHITCHAT – Place IT (from the clue) inside CH and CH (two abbs for church) and then add AT for present/attending.

2d           Parrot initially mimics a call of another bird (5)
MACAW – The initial letter of M(imics), then A from the clue and finally a CAW or call from another bird (e.g. a crow).

3d           Hat raised to entitled female? That’s a problem (7)
DILEMMA – Reverse (raised) a LID e.g. DIL and then add EMMA – a female who features in a title of a novel.

5d           A permit held by the sportsman (7)
ATHLETE – A from the clue and then LET held by THE (again from the clue).

6d           Ethical authority has spoken, interrupting someone mean (9)
MORALISER – Insert ORAL (spoken) inside, or interrupting, a MISER or mean person.

7d           Modern section of leisure centre (6)
RECENT – Another hidden word (section of) leisuRE CENTre.

9d           Like house or flat, for which revised rent is ideal (11)
RESIDENTIAL – Make an anagram (revised) of RENT IS IDEAL

14d         In strange sense, city must, as producer of invention? (9)
NECESSITY – An anagram (strange) of SENSE CITY.

15d         Got out of hospital, not in the right direction (8)
LEFTWARD – Having got out of hospital one might say that you have LEFT WARD.

17d         Gallery in museum entered by monarch (7)
VERANDA – the V(ictoria) AND A(lbert ) museum being entered by ER for Elizabeth Regina, our monarch in the UK – V (ER) AND A.

18d         Person joining party, we hear, indulged in speculation (7)
GUESSED – A homophone (we hear) of GUEST.

19d         As I had turned up, marines set aside weapons (6)
DISARM – Reverse (turned uo) AS and I’D and then add RM, the abb. of the Royal Marines.

21d         About tragic role that’s easily interpreted (5)
CLEAR – C for Circa/about and then the tragic Shakespearean role of King LEAR.

Thanks to the setter – I will be back next Thursday.

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  1. Gazza
    Posted April 14, 2016 at 11:52 am | Permalink

    Thanks to Mr Greer for the customary excellence and to Gnomey for the review.
    I think that in 14d “must” is part of the definition (as in Herman’s Hermits “She’s a must to avoid”).