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DT 28078

Dailay Telegraph Cryptic No 28078

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

This puzzle was published on Saturday, 2nd April 2016

A fairly typical Saturday puzzle to encourage both newcomers to the world of cryptic crosswords and those trying to win a Daily Telegraph pen.

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1a           Negligent hit-and-run (8)
SLAPDASH –  SLAP (hit) DASH (run)

6a           Work in that formal wear (3,3)
TOP HAT –   OP (work) in THAT (from the clue)

9a           Food fieldfare split? (6)
PICNIC –   Fare eaten in a field, perhaps.

10a         US soldier with witticism about maiden — tacky (8)
GIMCRACK –   M (maiden) inserted between GI (US soldier) and CRACK (witticism).

11a         Frank chasing job that’s exempt from tax (4-4)
DUTY-FREE –   FREE (frank) chasing or going after DUTY (job)

12a         Death of half followed by a quarter? (6)
DEMISE –  DEMI (half) followed by SE (a compass quarter)

13a         Reorganised parental duty and bunked off (6,6)
PLAYED TRUANT –   An anagram (reorganised) of PARENTAL DUTY

16a         One’s held in castle after managing or attempting to escape (7,3,2)
RUNNING FOR IT –   I (one) inserted into FORT (castle) goes after RUNNING (managing)

19a         Wimp takes care of hospital room (6)
COWARD –   CO (care of) WARD (hospital room)

21a         A continental argument’s set back your outdated inferior (8)
UNWORTHY-   UN (the French – continental – word for A ) a reversal (set back) of ROW (argument) and THY (outdated way of saying your).

23a         Hurry to use weighing machine? (4,2,2)
STEP ON IT –   Telling someone to hurry up or how you’d use a weighing machine.

24a         Arctic triumph, first attempt (6)
WINTRY –  WIN (triumph first) TRY (attempt)

25a         Rush   job (6)
CAREER –   A chestnutty  double definition clue that should cause no problems whatsoever.

26a         Solitary revolutionary monarchist (8)
ROYALIST –   An anagram (revolutionary) of SOLITARY


2d           Not well   stored for future use (4,2)
LAID UP –  Ill in bed or kept for use in the future

3d           Violet turns up unknown photo (5)
PANSY –   A reversal (upturned in a Down clue) of Y (mathematical unknown) and SNAP (photo)

4d           So sure to find out (9)
ASCERTAIN –   AS (so) CERTAIN (sure)

5d           Greeting girl’s reported — this should keep things clean? (7)
HYGIENE –   A homophone (reported) of HI JEAN.

6d           I had to follow date, mostly being shy (5)
TIMID –   ID (I’d, I had) follows most of TIMe (date)

7d           It is of the utmost importance soldier reaches hill (9)
PARAMOUNT –  PARA (soldier) MOUNT (hill)

8d           Pointing one’s finger at a cricket club — exhausting (8)
ACCUSING –   A (from the clue) CC (cricket club) USING (exhausting)

13d         Long drink containing very soft fruit (9)
PINEAPPLE –  PINE (long)  and ALE (drink) containing PP (very soft)

14d         Disposable shed found on a street? (9)
THROWAWAY –   THROW (shed) A (from the clue) WAY (street)

15d         Face up to fermented hot drink (3,2,3)
CUP OF TEA –   An anagram (fermented) of FACE UP TO

17d         Bet or beat fast (7)
FLUTTER –   Two more fairly obvious definitions.

18d         Refrain needs 100 hours for new arrangement (6)
CHORUS –   C (Roman numeral for 100) followed by an anagram (new arrangement of ) of HOURS.

20d         One eats some food in error (5)
DINER –   Lurking in some fooD IN ERror

22d         Learn dances relating to a type of organ (5)
RENAL –  An anagram (dances) of LEARN.