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DT 28072

Dailay Telegraph Cryptic No 28072

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty **/***Enjoyment ***

This puzzle was published on Saturday, 26th March 2016

Morning All! This just about wandered into 3 star territory for me but there were some fine clues in my opinion.

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1a           Necklace material about right for a pound (6)
CORRAL – Place the CORAL necklace material around (about) R for Right

4a           Blunder by Republican boss (6)
GAFFER – A GAFFE or blunder next to R for Republican.

8a           Give flattery that’s rather mild apparently (8)
BLANDISH – Two definitions – to flatter and less interesting/rather mild.

10a         Large car is in France and corroded (6)
ESTATE – The French for IS (Il EST/he is) and then ATE for corroded/rusted.

11a         Follow order how to address Turkish governor? (4)
OBEY – A Turkish governor is a BEY – to address him might be to say O BEY.

12a         Reinstated imbecile in distress (10)
STRAITENED – An anagram (imbecile) of REINSTATED.

13a         Menial worker could be a clumsy idler (8,4)
SCULLERY MAID – A nice anagram (indicated by ‘could be’) of A CLUMSY IDLER.

16a         Subordinate to support scam (6,6)
SECOND FIDDLE – A charade of SECOND (to support a motion for example and FISSLE, a scam.

20a         Liqueur to consume again put on table perhaps (10)
CHARTREUSE – Place RE-USE (ro consume again) after (ON in an across clue) a CHART or table.

21a         After last month, shortened king’s platform (4)
DECK – Place K for King after DEC(ember) or the shortened form of the last month of the year.

22a         Succeed in rugby move — biting! (6)
WINTRY – To succeed in a rugby move is to WIN a TRY. Biting as in the weather recently.

23a         What footballer may damage in match — put dressing around it (8)
LIGAMENT – Place LINT or dressing around a GAME or match.

24a         Down South I ache going around (6)
LOSING – S for South and I from the clue with LONG or ache/pine going around it.

25a         Secure accommodation for Arabs (6)
STABLE – The Arabs being a breed of horse then this is their accommodation for the cryptic definition.


1d           A bicycle breaking down — and avoiding it (8)
CELIBACY – A lively definition of avoiding sex (IT being the old Weh-hey!). An anagram (breaking down) of A BICYCLE.

2d           Raced extremely gamely, having long legs (5)
RANGY – RAN for raced and then the extreme outside letters of G(amel)Y

3d           The sound of a sneeze subject to dispute (2,5)
AT ISSUE – Sounds like ATISHOO!

5d           Continent brings slight change to a Saxon kingdom (7)
AMERICA – Swap the C and I (a slight change) in A MERCIA (A saxon kingdom).

6d           Stupid old man almost dead unfortunately (3-6)
FAT-HEADED – Almost all of FATHE(r) or the old man and then an anafram (unfortunately) of DEAD.

7d           Pretty, that woman coming after despicable chap (6)
RATHER – Pretty or fairly is the definition. Place HER (that woman) after a RAT or despicable chap.

9d           Wessex writer to cancel penning a regular feature (5,6)
HARDY ANNUAL – HARDY, whose books were based in Wessex, followed by ANNUL or cancel enclosing/penning A from the clue.

14d         Girl holding banal procedure before the end (4,5)
LAST RITES – A LASS or girl holding TRITE for banal.

15d         Girl who’s marrying one of the Guards welcomes soldier in Spanish resort (8)
ALICANTE – Apparently “They’re changing guard at Buckingham Palace and Christopher Robin went down with this friend, who is marrying one of the guards” gives us ALICE. Place her around an ANT or soldier.

17d         Continue to complain (5,2)
CARRY ON – Two definitions, both straightforward.

18d         Transport French crew (7)
FREIGHT – FR for French followed by a rowing EIGHT or crew.

19d         Warble about husband giving feeling of excitement (6)
THRILL – To TRILL or warble around H for Husband.

21d         Get out of army march with first touch of biliousness (5)
DEMOB – A DEMO or march followed by the first letter (first touch) of B(iliousness).

THanks to the setter – I am off next week (golfing in Spain too!)