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ST 2838

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2838

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ****

Morning All! This was quite a quick solve but there were some great clues in there!

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1a    Put extra weight on small lock (6)
STRESS – S for Small and a TRESS or lock of hair

4a    Emergencies produced by constant revolts (6)
CRISES – The numerical constant is C. Add RISES for revolts.

8a    Weapon of sailor protecting key material in schooner, perhaps (3,5)
Place the musical key of G inside a CUTLASS or pirate’s weapon.

10a    It can come from masseur gently pressing (6)
URGENT – A hidden word (it may come from) inside masseUR GENTly.

11a    Postpone visit from guy (4)
STAY – Two definitions – To remain and a stay or guy rope.

12a    Powerful Americans exemplified in Harrison Ford’s parts (10)

13a    Major figure aligned with reform, easy to shift (7,5)
LEADING LIGHT – An anagram (reformed) of ALIGNED followed by LIGHT or easy to carry.

16a    Published accounts that are hardly creditworthy? (6,6)
GOSSIP COLUMNS – A cryptic definition for printed material in newspapers that are mainly hearsay and rumour. (hardly creditable).

20a    As manual worker, for example, one’s in minority (4-6)
LEFT-HANDED – A good cryptic definition, the majority of people being right-handed.

21a    Choice between partners in game was sporting (4)
WORE – Split as W(est) OR E(ast). Sporting a garment for example.

22a    Flower-girl is intense, with no end of passion (6)
VIOLET – Romove the end letter of (passio)N form VIOLE(n)T or intense.

23a    Artist increasingly unpopular, never having a shower? (8)
RAINLESS – An R.A. or artist – member of the Royal Academy – and then IN LES for increasingly unpopular.

24a    Unknown in cast making rapid progress (6)
FLYING – The mathematical unknown Y inside FLING or cast/throw.

25a    Sacred verses to be read in class (6)
LESSON – The LESSONs in the Bible and also a school LESSON (to be read in class).


1d    They fall for male stars in action movies (8)
STUNTMEN – Another good cryptic definition. The man who takes the fall rather than the leading lady who may become besotted.

2d    Girl hugging good sport of the old school (5)
RUGBY – RUBY for a girl to include (hugging) G for good.

3d    Make keener and run into form before end of season (7)
SHARPEN – Place R for Run inside SHAPE or form and finally add the end letter of (seaso)N

5d    Sending on particular course that’s totally defeating (7)
ROUTING – Two definitions – to place on a route/path and also to ROUT is to crush/beat/best (and also worst!!).

6d    For instance, people in last resort divided into sections (9)
SEGMENTAL – Place EG (for example) and MEN (people) inside an anagram (resort) of LAST.

7d    Reason judge has foolish type put inside (6)
SANITY – SAY for judge/proclaim with a NIT or foolish person put inside.

9d    After some time, craftsman finishing book that’s fascinating (11)
SPELLBINDER – A SPELL or period of time followed by a book-BINDER, one who finishes making said book.

14d    How calculations can be done, with or without computer? (9)
DIGITALLY – A lovely clue. One can either count/calculate on the fingers (digits) or use a DIGITAL computer.

15d    One politician on right is about to shut up? (8)
IMPRISON – A charade of I (one), MP (politician) on top of R for Right, IS from the clue and finally ON for about/on the subject of.

17d    Practising austerity like some Greeks — in this part, anyway (7)
SPARTAN – Two definitions to start with – SPARTAN for meagre/auster and the people of SPARTA in ancient Greece. Finally the answer is also hidden IN thiS PART ANyway.

18d    Explosive stuff from Conservative editor revised (7)
CORDITE – C for Conservative and then a revised anagram of EDITOR.

19d    Demonstrate wrongness of fine and conviction (6)
BELIEF – To BELIE is to demonstrate the wrongness of something. Add F for Fine.

21d    Sources for English writer or American actor, we hear (5)
WELLS – The first water source is the straight definition. Also consider H.G. WELLS the English author and also Orson WELLES the US actor whose name, although spelt slightly differently, sounds the same (we hear).

Thanks to Mr Greer for the entertainment. I will see you all next Thursday.

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