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ST 2836

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2836

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty *** Enjoyment *****

This puzzle was published on Sunday 21st February 2016

It is so hard to think of something original to say when reviewing a Sunday puzzle as they are all so splendid.  I think I’ll just single out the lurkers for special mention this time – they seem to get more well-hidden each week.

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1a           A healthy exercise, in accordance with principles of state (14)
CONSTITUTIONAL –   A nice double definition to start, particularly as I’d just returned from four miles of healthy exercise when I picked up the crossword.

9a           Male is discarded, in part inappropriately (7)
MISCAST – M (male) IS (from the clue) CAST (discarded)

10a         Clear bishop completely in court action (7)
NETBALL –   NET (clear) B (Bishop) ALL (completely)

11a         Application for employment (3)
USE –   Another double definition.

12a         Bouncy performer coach includes mainly plays on left, initially (11)
TRAMPOLINER –   TRAINER (coach) includes the initial letters of Mainly Plays On Left.

14a         Dressed and ready for drive (2,4)
IN GEAR –   Wearing clothes or having selected first gear before setting off on a drive.

15a         Bearing a load we had crew put inside (8)
WEIGHTED –   EIGHT (a rowing crew) put inside WE D (we had)

17a         Run away from dog after attack (4,4)
TURN TAIL – TAIL (dog or follow) goes after TURN (attack)

19a         Position for captain in game (6)
BRIDGE –   The platform from which the captain of a ship gives directions,  or a card game.

22a         Female in a company with musical backing? That’s right (11)
AFFIRMATIVE –   F (female) inserted into A FIRM (a company) and followed with a reversal (backing) of the musical EVITA.

23a         Preserve word Americans, Canadians, and Mexicans have in common (3)
CAN –   The lurkers get more splendid every week.   Look carefully and you’ll see that the three nationalities have in common the verb meaning to preserve.

24a         Limited flow in river accommodated by fish, in a way (7)
TRICKLE –   The abbreviation for River ‘accommodated’ by a way of fishing for trout.

26a         Handlers of football teams answer with whoppers after game (7)
GOALIES – Members of football teams who are allowed to handle the ball.   A (answer) and LIES (whoppers) go after GO (the originally Chinese board game we’ve seen quite a lot of in recent crosswords)

27a         With which some Asians cover bulb for garden plant (7,7)
CHINESE LANTERN –   This garden plant sounds like it might be something some Asians might use to cover a light bulb.


1d           Tory PM’s main cut upset his extreme opponents (9,5)
COMMUNIST PARTY –   An anagram (upset) of TORY PMS MAIN CUT

2d           Obtains inside information set up for savings (4,3)
NEST EGG –   A reversal (set up in a Down clue) of GETS (obtains) put inside GEN (information).

3d           He orchestrates tributes to rebuilt team’s star (11)
TOASTMASTER –   TO (from the clue) followed by an anagram (rebuilt) of TEAMS STAR

4d           Part of suite, traditionally for quartet (6)
TETRAD –   A group of four can be found in part of suiTE TRADitionally

5d           Piece of music I put in frantic tempo (4,4)
TONE POEM –   ONE (I) put in an anagram (frantic) of TEMPO.

6d           Public mouthpiece? (3)
OUT –   Another piece of superb lurking –   look carefully at mOUThpiece and you’ll see the ‘public’.

7d           Opposed to increases in a budget, ultimately (7)
AGAINST –   GAINS (increases) put between A (from the clue) and T (the ultimate letter of budget)

8d           Poet composed a friendly sonnet I rejected (6,8)
ALFRED TENNYSON –   An anagram (composed) of A FRIENDLY SONNET once you have rejected the I.

13d         Trickery from cricket side remained out of order (11)
LEGERDEMAIN –   LEG (cricket side) plus an anagram (out of order) of REMAINED

16d         Places of refuge in castle I’d destroyed (8)
CITADEL –   An anagram (destroyed) of CASTLE ID

18d         Service with angle that’s somewhat disreputable (7)
RAFFISH –   RAF (service) FISH (angle here being a verb).

20d         Don’t accept  reduction (7)
DECLINE –   A verb meaning to refuse or a gradual reduction in something.

21d         Watch over writing, say, for old poet (6)
VIRGIL –   Writing is, say, one of the three Rs, so you need to insert an R into VIGIL (watch)

25d         Not altogether cordial relations (3)
KIN –   Not all of KIND (cordial)

Technology permitting (both his and the blog’s) Gnomey should be here in the morning  with his  review of last Saturday’s puzzle.