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Toughie 1557

Toughie No 1557 by Kcit

Ton-up Time

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For reasons which are beyond me the online puzzles site is unable to display ‘special instructions’ or additional information about a puzzle, so online solvers will have missed the message in the paper which says “Congratulations to today’s compiler on his 100th Telegraph Toughie”.… Continue reading

DT 28045

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 28045

Hints and tips by 2Kiwis

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BD Rating – Difficulty *** – Enjoyment ****

Our news and our thoughts are focused on the people of Fiji. A few days ago they had a direct hit from a strength 5 cyclone. The most intense one ever recorded in this part of the world. It caused widespread devastation and only now, as people are able to make contact with more remote areas, is the true extent of the damage becoming apparent. Some of our family lived there for several years and we have visited a few times so we have a special feeling for the Fijians.
At home our summer continues much as we have been reporting lately with the beautiful weather still with us.
Jay in his inimitable good form once again today.

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