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Help to save the Indy Cryptic puzzles

Many of you will read of the Independent’s plans to produce an online, rather than print edition.  At the time of writing, it is not clear where this leaves their crossword.

Under Mike Hutchinson’s editorship, a great many of Big Dave’s NTSPP setters have gone on to get their first published break, and losing this valuable resource would most certainly limit the options for newer setters to break into the field.

I drafted a petition to encourage the owner and editor to consider including the puzzles as part of the new regime, and so far over 500 people have signed it.

Please help us by adding your name to the list by clicking on the image below or by following this link. I know it is being watched by the editorial team, so the more names added the better.


Dave “Tilsit” Tilley

20 comments on “Help to save the Indy Cryptic puzzles

  1. This was going to be the year when I too finally got round to submitting some of my puzzles to Mr Hutchinson, so it’s mortifying to think that avenue might be closed.

        1. But think of all the admiration he gets for his puzzles from us ‘BD’ers – got to be worth its weight in gold. :smile:

  2. it never occurred to me that the crossword might be under threat in moving to an on-line version of the newspaper, which I think is a fundamentally commendable and brave move.

    signed, of course.

  3. Signed already, via the idothei website.
    It’s worth reflecting that, without the Independent crosswords, in about 4 years time the supply of crosswords for the i will have dried up, and that’s a paper which both runs at a profit and has a growing readership.
    Btw, Toro, your puzzles are most definitely up to standard to be published in the Indy – or anywhere else come to that!

    1. Kind of you Maize, and compliment sincerely returned.
      Wouldn’t it be lovely if The i, which is being sold to Johnston Press, started publishing original puzzles? I love that little paper, and quite often grab it for a quick read and a go at the crossword when I’m out and about.
      Some extremely eloquent comments on the petition page from the heavyweights of the crossword world, including other broadsheet puzzle editors. Great to see them rallying round – though you wouldn’t expect any less of folk in crosswordland.
      Well done again Dave Tilley for bringing us all out in force.

    1. Not first but certainly signed it.

      I’m a great fan of the Indy puzzle and I’d echo the words of Tilsit wholeheartedly; hence my X.

  4. The Indy is my crossword of choice if for any reason I cannot get the Telegraph -cancelling it would be a crime!!

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