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ST 2831

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2831

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 17th January 2016

Morning All! This was a ** Territory for difficulty. There were some lovely constructions and surface readings for me which made it a deffo **** for enjoyment.

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1a           Revised consumer poll, a new service for readers (8,6)
PERSONAL COLUMN – A lovely clue to start with. An anagram, indicated by ‘revised’, of CONSUMER POLL A followed by the N for New at the end.

9a           One who inherits as learner, for example, a place on course (7)
LEGATEE – A charade of L for Learner (driver) then E.G. (for example) then A TEE (A place on a Golf Course).

10a         Bad result after capturing bishop? It’s not so obvious (7)
SUBTLER – A nice Chessy surface reading. A bad anagram of RESULT which includes (captures) B for Bishop.

11a         Odd question spelled out as to identity of spy chief (3)
RUM – A homophone of “Are You M” the question as to the identity of the spy chief would be, once spelled out, R U M. Reminds me of a Two Ronnies Sketch…..

12a         After short time managed visit as arranged that takes one through country (7,4)
TRANSIT VISA – Start with T for a short (abb.) of Time then add RAN (managed) and finally add an anagram (arranged) of VISIT AS.

14a         Extractive industry‘s heartlessly making money (6)
MINING – Making money is MINTING – Remove (heartlessly) the middle letter.

15a         Where VW can be found, we hear? It’s said to yield right of way (5,3)
AFTER YOU – Another Homophone for a single letter – The letters V and W come AFTER U (or you!)

17a         These records may be discovered in search I’ve started (8)
ARCHIVES – The records are hidden(may be discovered)in the last 3 words of the clue. The whole clue is also the definition and the instruction so a lovely all-in-one or &Lit clue.

19a         Stroll past river, or walk in countryside (6)
RAMBLE – An AMBLE or stroll after (or past in an across clue) R for River.

22a         Letters he has written about awful danger,u (4,7)
HAND GRENADE – Another cheeky written clue – HE has written is H AND E. Place that around an anagram (awful) of GRENADE. H AND (DANGER) E.

23a         Characters concluding Sunday puzzle was okay (3)
YES – The final letters (characters concluding) of (Sunda)Y (puzzl)E (wa)S.

24a         Article in list, something cook might need (7)
ROASTER – Place the indefinite article – A – inside a ROSTER or list.

26a         Building in which you can’t be cornered? (7)
ROTUNDA – A nice cryptic definition of a circular building – you can’t be in a corner!.

27a         Release many exotic species initially tethered, including feline that’s wild (14)
UNDOMESTICATED – Deep Breath! UNDO (release) then the initial letters of Many Exotic Species and then add TIED (tethered) but include CAT for feline – UNDO M.E.S TI (CAT) ED. Phew!


1d           Puritanical settlers in terrible plight fire arms (7,7)
PILGRIM FATHERS – An anagram (indicated by terrible) of PLIGHT FIRE ARMS.

2d           Part of army’s not finished course of treatment (7)
REGIMEN – Remove the last letter (not finished) of a REGIME(t) or part of an army.

3d           First-class contribution by batsmen in middle of trip (11)
OUTSTANDING – A STAND is a contribution by two batsmen. Place this in the exact middle of an OUTING or trip. Fabulous clue with First-class as a definition adding nicely to the surface reading. Clue of the day.

4d           In more sensible area, set up venues for big events (6)
ARENAS – Reverse (set up in a down clue) SANER (more sensible) and A for Area.

5d           Finishes work on Jersey or Guernsey and prepares to sail away (5,3)
CASTS OFF – The Jersey and Guernsey here are knitwear not cows, islands (not even Cowes!!). To stop knitting is to CAST OFF as is to unrope a sailing boat from a pier etc.

6d           Retrieving animal from research facility (3)
LAB – Two definitions and both abbreviated – a LAB(rador) retriever and also a LAB(oratory).

7d           Fish outside provided it’s calm (7)
MOLLIFY – A MOLLY/guppy/fish outside of IF for ‘provided. My first thought was ‘pacific’.

8d           A certain arrangement of sail in fashion that’s novel (8,6)
TREASURE ISLAND – Place A SURE (a certain) and an anagram (arrangement) of SAIL inside a TREND or fashion – TRE (A SURE (ISLA) ND. So many anagram indicators made this very difficult to spot!

13d         Remedial teacher I put in new form (11)
THERAPEUTIC – An anagram (in new form) of TEACHER I PUT.

16d         In theatre, hear selected play, in practice (8)
REHEARSE – A hidden word (IN) theatRE HEAR SElected.

18d         Lunatic I cannot restrain (7)
CONTAIN – A Lunatic anagram of I CANNOT.

20d         Neat boy reconstructed weapon that can be fixed (7)
BAYONET – An obvious starter clue and an anagram (reconstructed) of NEAT BOY.

21d         Section including rook, duck, and another bird (6)
PARROT – The abb. of R(ook) from chess notation and O for Duck from cricket notation inside PART or section.

25d         Stated number in addition (3)
TOO – Sounds like (stated) the number TWO.

I’ll see you all tomorrow – I really enjoyed this puzzle.

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  1. There were some wonderful clues here – thanks to Mr G and Gnomey for the review. The delay in the publishing of the review until after the cut-off date means that we can savour the clues a second time. My absolute favourite here was 15a,
    I also thought of the Two Ronnies sketch for 11a. F U X? S V F X.

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