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Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2830

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment ***

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 10th January 2016

Morning All! This was only just into ** Territory for difficulty – I think that the large number of charades made this a lot easier for me.

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1a           First-class traveller in vehicle coming back (6)
SUPERB – Place a REP or Traveller (travelling salesman) inside a BUS or vehicle and then reverse the lot (coming back)

4a           Device in kitchen occupying more space, we hear (6)
GRATER – A cheese GRATER is a homophone (we hear) of GREATER or occupying more space.

8a           Finally looked at variety of maple or other tree (4,4)
DATE PALM – The fial letter in (looke)D followed by AT from the clue and then an anagram (variety) of MAPLE.

10a         Local putting it back in centre of church (6)
NATIVE – The reversal (putting back) of IT from the clue inside a NAVE or central church aisle.

11a         Make a killing with capital I extracted from Scottish island (4)
SLAY – Remove or extract the capital I from the Scottish island of Islay.

12a         Agitated till our MP pens article with numerous extreme points (10)
MULTIPOLAR – An agitated anagram of TILL OUR MP surrounds (or pens) A for an article.

13a         Following first eleven — almost time for play (7,5)
TWELFTH-NIGHT – TWELFTH follows the first eleven numbers. Then add NIGH for almost/close and then T for Time.

16a         Doctor, the right kind, who knows best? (6,6)
MOTHER NATURE – A charade of MO (Medical Officer or doctor) then THE from the clue, R for Right and finally NATURE for kind/type.

20a         Details of contract quickly move around shopping area (5,5)
SMALL PRINT – SPRINT (quickly move) around the outside of a shopping MALL.

21a         Rabbit caught by bowler, say (4)
CHAT – C for Caught (from cricketing notation) followed by HAT – the bowler being an example thereof (indicated by ‘say’).

22a         Stop thinking about supporting contract (6)
FORGET – A charade of FOR (supporting) and GET (e.g. contract/get a disease).

23a         One holding up bar in part of India left job (8)
GOALPOST – Another charade, this time of GOA (part of India, L for Left and POST for job/position.

24a         Tries a novel, such as Gulliver’s Travels (6)
SATIRE – An anagram , indicated by novel(new), of TRIES I.

25a         King and I having views about succession (6)
SERIES – Take R for Rex/king and I from the clue and place inside SEES for views (SEES goes about or around).


1d           Naively accepts birds of passage (8)
SWALLOWS – A double definition.

2d           Devoutness shown by type I converted (5)
PIETY – A converted anagram of TYPE I.

3d           Study before college in US to get let in again (7)
READMIT – To READ or study at University followed by M.I.T – The Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

5d           Finish in arena that’s producing tears (7)
RENDING – Tears here are rips not blubbing. Place and END or finish inside a RING/arena.

6d           Retaliation as result of change of heart (3,3,3)
TIT FOR TAT – An observational clue – replacing the middle letters of the same word gives the answer.

7d           Celebrate holding a show (6)
REVEAL – Place A inside a REVEL or celebration.

9d           The old lady hanging around, presenting spurious complaint (11)
MALINGERING – The Old Lady is a mother or MA. Add LINGERING or hanging around.

14d         Fruit easy to transport that’s sought by celebrity (9)
LIMELIGHT – A charade of a LIME fruit and something that is LIGHT or easily portable.

15d         A Republican state, or another (8)
ARKANSAS – A from the clue then R for Republican followed by the state of KANSAS.

17d         Pressure good type to go into bank as better adviser (7)
TIPSTER – Place P for Pressure and ST for saint (a good type) inside a TIER or bank/row.

18d         Person having no reason to butt heads with cabinet (7)
NUTCASE – NUT (to butt heads with) and a CASE or cabinet.

19d         Show me up with superior ornament, in a way (6)
EMBOSS – The reversal (showing up) of ME – EM followed by a BOSS or superior.

21d         Island that’s cold most of month (5)
CAPRI – C for Cold followed by almost all of the month of APRI(L)

Thanks to Mr Greer for the puzzle. I’ll be back next week for another Sunday review.

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  1. Hilary
    Posted January 24, 2016 at 9:59 am | Permalink

    Thanks Gnomey cannot find notes but looking at your comments indeed to remember enjoying this one with no particular favourite.