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ST 2829

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2829

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 3rd January 2016

Another splendid Sunday puzzle – even though Kath’s away, I think I’ll pick just one favourite and go for 10a because it increased my general knowledge, or should I choose 7d because it reminds me of my dad who could apparently never find a school cap that fitted… or …. decisions, decisions!

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1a           Contribution to disorder as calculating mischief-maker (6)
RASCAL – Making a contribution to disordeR AS CALculating

4a           I play-act in silly way that’s unusual (8)
ATYPICAL –   An anagram (in silly way) of I PLAY ACT.

10a         From which you might get oil in USA — area that’s near Mississippi (9)
LOUISIANA –   The State of LOUISIANA, which can be obtained from an anagram (from which you might get) of OIL IN USA, is, according to Mr CS’s research while I was making my notes prior to typing the review, one of the largest oil-producing areas in the world.

11a         Broken article placed on end of desk (5)
KAPUT –   A (indefinite article) PUT (placed) go on or after the end of desK.

12a         Trees planted in middle of Seattle, initially (2,5)
AT FIRST –   FIRS (trees) planted or inserted into the middle  letters of SeATTle.

13a         Waiting for start of action in court (7)
SERVICE – Assistance given in the form of waiting (in a shop or restaurant) or the act of starting a game of tennis, badminton or other racquet sport played on a court.

14a         It contains what’s caught with fishing equipment (5)
CREEL –   C (caught) REEL (fishing equipment)

15a         Diagnose wrongly, hence intensely worried (8)
AGONISED –   An anagram (wrongly) of DIAGNOSE.

18a         A couple of pages are not clear (8)
APPARENT –   A PP (a couple of abbreviations for page) ARENT (are not)

20a         Person still being portrayed as problem (5)
POSER –   Someone sitting for a portrait or a problem to be solved.

23a         In new form, I am top learner, as good as can be (7)
OPTIMAL   – An anagram (in new form) of IN AM TOP plus L (learner)

25a         Country in the grip of winter rainstorm (7)
TERRAIN – lurking in the grip of winTER RAINstorm

26a         Loud, isn’t hard to hear (5)
FAINT –   F (musical instruction to play loudly) AINT (isn’t)

27a         Step up on one side of debate (9)
PROMOTION –   Because in a debate you are either for – PRO – or against the MOTION.

28a         Was a pest of different type found in part of garden? (8)
BOTHERED –   OTHER (of different type) found in a BED (part of garden).

29a         Avoid or escape key cut (6)
ESCHEW –   ESC (the key at the top of the keyboard) HEW (cut).


1d           Banking on weapon that’s protecting one (8)
RELIANCE –   RE (on the subject of) and LANCE (weapon) the latter protecting an I (one)

2d           Mix of fuels for light baking (7)
SOUFFLE –   An anagram (mix) of OF FUELS.

3d           A line separating country in Europe and another (9)
AUSTRALIA –   Time for an ‘old friend’   – insert A and L (line) into AUSTRIA (country in Europe)

5d           Movement that’s raised skill and physical activity in people (14)
TRANSPORTATION –   A reversal (that’s raised) of ART (skill) followed by NATION (people) into which is inserted SPORT (physical activity).

6d           Epitome of stiffness in game (5)
POKER –   Something that epitomises stiffness is also the name of a card game.

7d           Turn over detail of school uniform that gives head fit (7)
CAPSIZE –   Split 3, 4 to get the ‘head fit’ detail.

8d           Little pigs, for example, create untidiness (6)
LITTER –   A group of baby pigs may well create LITTER or untidiness.

9d           Drink after first piece reduces energy — that limits star’s appearance (7,7)
PARTIAL ECLIPSE –   ALE (drink) goes after PART I (first piece) and is followed by CLIPS (reduces) and E (energy).

16d         Haughty and irreverent around ruler (9)
IMPERIOUS –   IMPIOUS (irreverent) goes around ER, the cipher of our current Queen (ruler)

17d         Mint and cinnamon, finally, included in concoction (5-3)
BRAND-NEW –   AND (from the clue) and N (the final letter of cinnamon) inserted or included in BREW (concoction).

19d         Loyal citizen in disturbance after non-violent strike (7)
PATRIOT –   RIOT (disturbance) goes after PAT (non-violent strike).

21d         Servile as prodigal son, to begin with (7)
SLAVISH –   LAVISH (prodigal) goes after (to begin with) S (son)

22d         Talk informally about fellow in taxi (6)
CONFAB –   ON (about) and F (fellow) inserted into CAB (taxi).

24d         Characteristic of feet as measure of length (5)
METRE –   This measure of length can also refer to ‘feet’ in poetry.