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Macclesfield S & B (2016)

Macclesfield Sloggers & Betters
Friday 18th / Saturday 19th March 2016

A message from Dean Mayer (Anax/Loroso/Elkamere):

“Why this didn’t occur to me before I have no idea, but Macclesfield has a perfect S&B venue in the Snow Goose.  It’s a cosy alpine themed café bar on 3 levels.  On Friday evening there will be musical entertainment in the form of LeLounge, a chilled out duo featuring Looby & Dave, friends from the covers band I used to be in.

“Macclesfield Station (which is on the main Euston/Piccadilly line), a Travelodge and the Snow Goose are all on Sunderland Street.  The venue has an upstairs room* which we can hire f.o.c.

“Food-wise, the Snow Goose offers a legendary hog roast – which will be for Saturday – and home-cooked food during the day.  They also do a superb breakfast, all local produce.  Across the road is a decent Thai restaurant for those wanting an evening meal; there are alternatives within easy walking distance.  Also opposite is a kebab/chicken/pizza take-away for those foolhardy enough.

“It’s been a while since we bothered with name badges and for that reason alone I think it might be a good idea.  In the last couple of years many new solvers/setters have joined us.  I’ll try to get hold of the hardware – if you’re attending and would like a badge, please let me know how you’d like to be known; online name, pseudonym, real name etc, either here or via email – anaxcrosswords at yahoo dot co dot uk. There will of course be blank badges available if you want to decide on the day(s).”

* The stairs are narrow and steep. The male WC is upstairs, so please keep that in mind.



29 comments on “Macclesfield S & B (2016)

  1. Tickets booked and will be there for the weekend. Very much looking forward to catching up with those I know and saying hello to those I don’t.

  2. OH NO – what a bummer.
    I will be in spitting distance of Macclesfield at the end of February. I would have loved to have come and say hello to you all again!

    Have a good day

  3. PS I’ve also just seen that the May event is just days after I return home to Spain when I next visit mum.

  4. I’m really torn. It’d be really nice to go but I’m having trouble justifying the expense. My umming and erring has of course only made the situation worse :(.

    1. You’ve expanded your alias since your last comment so your comment needed moderation.

  5. Sorry guys – can’t make it on either day. Hopefully be able to attend the next bash – wherever that may be :). To those going – have a good time.

      1. I was thinking more along the lines of Ironbridge, home of the most prolific crossword setter – ever. Only because I live in the area has nothing whatsoever to do with my preference :). I do know lots of real ale pubs, one of which allows you to bring your own food – and – they’ve got a cinema upstairs.

  6. It’s 8.15pm on Saturday evening. We’re at the Snow Goose. Where’s the party?

  7. A most excellent thrash at the Macc S & M.
    My thanks to Anax & Big Dave.
    Thanks also to Dutch & Egbert for the themed puzzles.
    I casually asked the bloke next t me (Adrian) where he had come from and he casually replied………”Gibraltar”


    D. D.

  8. Thanks to everyone who made this event what it was. Which was really something special.

  9. Really great do – many thanks to Anax for arranging it all and to the people, music, food and booze that made it such a blast. Looking forward to next year already.

  10. Well that was fun!
    Cheers to Anax for organising, great to see everyone. I hope Christine and Ian managed to find everybody – I presume a few were in the restaurant over the road by that time.

    1. No, we never did. Problem was, we couldn’t find a time anywhere for the do – so just guessed.
      Would have loved to have met some kindred locals.
      Oh well. Maybe next time.

  11. Delighted to meet Big Dave and many others on Friday night, wish I’d been able to get along on Saturday too. I’ve amended my name again following conversations with Kitty and Snape!

    Looking forward to having a go at Dutch’s puzzle in a while.

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