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ST 2825

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2825

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 6th December 2015

Enjoyable both to solve and review as is normal with the Sunday cryptic crossword.

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1a           Crew old-fashioned but resolute (4-6)
FOUR-SQUARE –   Presenting a firm, bold front – FOUR (a rowing crew) and SQUARE (old-fashioned)

6a           Proceed with difficulty,    lacking firmness (4)
LIMP –     Walk unevenly, especially when one leg is injured; lacking stiffness, drooping.

9a           Warn area about British in part of Canada (7)
ALBERTA –   Insert B (British) in ALERT (warn) and finish with A (area).

10a         Old man without energy, a little down (7)
FEATHER –   FATHER (old man) goes ‘without’ E (Energy).   Lovely  definition.

12a         Looking bad, not having what it takes to wrap gift (13)
UNPRESENTABLE   –   Split 2, 7, 5, and the rest of the clue is explained.

14a         Asian helper returned, entering hotel (6)
INDIAN –   Reverse (returned) AID (helper) and insert into (entering) INN (hotel).

15a         New arrangement for predator, mindlessly repeated (8)
PARROTED –   An anagram (new arrangement for) of PREDATOR.

17a         Awfully stupid European introducing another substitute (8)
DEPUTISE – an anagram (awfully) of STUPID E (European) into which is inserted (introducing another) E for European.

19a         Doctor who documented his partner’s cases (6)
WATSON –   A nice cryptic definition of Sherlock Holmes’s ‘documenter’.

22a         Increasing strength I had, surrounded by comfort (13)
CONSOLIDATION –   ID (I had) inserted into (surrounded by) CONSOLATION (comfort).

24a         Land on Mediterranean island, one surrounded by fish (7)
TUNISIA – IS (island) and I (one) inserted into (surrounded by) TUNA (fish).

25a         Satisfying  encounter (7)
MEETING –   A nice easy double definition clue.

26a         Outstanding line taken in two-party contest (4)
DUEL –   DUE (outstanding) L (line)

27a         Point on south coast enemy finally secured in invaders’ initial objective (6,4)
BEACHY HEAD – The final letter of enemY inserted into BEACHHEAD (an area of land held on an enemy’s shore) – invaders’ initial objective.


1d           Defect in fine piece of legislation (4)
FLAW –   F (fine) LAW (piece of legislation).

2d           With no strings attached, like diplomat going to New York? (7)
UNBOUND –   A diplomat going to New York might be heading for (bound) the United Nations HQ in New York.

3d           They tell amusing stories — there’s nothing in transcript so funny (5,8)
STRIP CARTOONS –   An anagram (funny) of TRANSCRIPT SO plus another O (‘nothing’ in).

4d           Aromatic plant seized by American customs (6)
USAGES –   SAGE (aromatic plant) seized by US (American).

5d           Soldier‘s turned up to identify large tree (8)
RIFLEMAN –   A reversal (turned up in a Down clue) of NAME (identify) L (large) FIR (tree).

7d           Before long, seizing front of house to occupy (7)
INHABIT –   ‘Seize’ seems to be insertion indicator of the day, we only just used it in 4d  –  you need to put the ‘front’ of House into IN A BIT (before long).

8d           Ominously indicating bad news for postprandial drinkers? (10)
PORTENDING –   People drinking after a nice dinner might not be best pleased to learn that the PORT [was] ENDING.

11d         As another option, reform in artless fashion over time (13)
ALTERNATIVELY –   ALTER (reform) and NAIVELY (in artless fashion) the latter going ‘over’ T (time).

13d         Acquitted in first of verdicts shown (10)
VINDICATED –   V (the ‘first’ of Verdicts) and INDICATED (shown)

16d         Taking part in contest, I’m a terrible judge in terms of worth (8)
ESTIMATE –   The first ‘lurker’ – hidden in contEST IM A TErrible.

18d         Change including a new way to express remorse (7)
PENANCE – PENCE (change) ‘including’ A (from the clue) and N (new).

20d         When setter next appears, making newspaper improve? (7)
SUNRISE –    SUN (newspaper) RISE (improve).

21d         Material from a cart spread over motorway? (6)
TARMAC –   Were this material spread from a cart onto a motorway, this would be a nice all-in-one clue.   An anagram (spread) of A CART ‘spread’ over M (motorway)

23d         Centrepiece of package deals for elderly (4)
AGED –   And a lurker to finish – this time in packAGE Deals.


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  1. Thanks to Virgilius for another lesson in cryptic clue writing and to CS for the review. Vying for honours for me were 10a and 8d.

  2. That gave me a nasty moment – I don’t remember this one at all. I’ve just realised that I didn’t do it because of being in Nottingham at great-nephew’s third birthday party – was just about to go and count marbles!

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