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T4TT 10th Anniversary

Times for the Times 10th Anniversary

Saturday 05 December 2015

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The first-ever Crossword Blog in the UK is celebrating its 10th Anniversary in London on Saturday 5th December, and Andy “Linxit” Wallace has extended a welcome to followers of other blogs to join him on that day.

Here is the message he posted on Times for the Times:

As I mentioned a while ago, this blog was first started by Pete Biddlecombe on 3rd December 2005, so we’re going to try to have a party in London on Saturday 5th December to celebrate (I don’t think a Thursday night would be suitable). I’ve had a word with the manager of The George Inn at Southwark (same place we went to during and after the Times Crossword Championships), and although he can’t let us have exclusive use of the room that close to Christmas, he’s happy to host the event and has agreed to reserve a few tables for the afternoon. It’s an ideal spot about 100 yards from London Bridge tube station, and just around the corner from the Times offices.

I’ll be getting there about midday and will hope to see a lot of you during the afternoon and evening. Everyone’s invited and I hope there’ll be a few setters and bloggers (or sloggers and betters) turning up. The invitation’s also extended to everyone at Fifteensquared and Big Dave’s blogs so we should get a good crowd of crossword enthusiasts.

There’s also a small satellite event planned in New York City being organized by paul_in_london, vinyl1 and oliviarhinebeck, so if anyone else who’s going to be on the US East Coast then wants to meet up with them, drop Paul a message on LJ for the details.

Let Andy know if you’re planning to come along so he can get an idea of numbers by using the form below:

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Plan your journey to The George