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ST 2819

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2819

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 25th October 2015

Morning All! I really enjoyed this puzzle – It just about hit 3 star territory for difficulty but the stiffer clues were highly enjoyable.

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1a           Foreign article on the way about concert is inflexible (14)
UNCOMPROMISING – This took a while to parse because of the construction – Start with UN (A foreign/French indefinite article) then place COMING (on the way) around (about) a PROM/Concert and IS from the clue. Phew!

9a           Row about line in Irishman’s flattering speech (7)
BLARNEY – A Barney or fight/row around L for Line.

10a         Annoyance as succession interrupted by king (7)
CHAGRIN – Difficult to spot this – The King is Gearge Rex (abbreviated to GR) inside or interrupting a CHAIN or succession.

11a         Conflict about European that has banks in NE (4)
WEAR – A WAR around E for European – Tyne and….. with the NE being North East of England.

12a         Rebuked and hurt after copying antique (10)
REPROACHED – One of my last in but a fine clue – ACHED (hurt) after REPRO (Reproduction/copying of furniture).

14a         Unit with special assignment in dock? (6)
DETAIL – A definition plus cryptic def – A military unit with a specific task and also to de-tail or dock an animal.

15a         Interpret as disadvantages? Right (8)
CONSTRUE – A charade of CONS (disadvantages) and TRUE (right). Please ignore the punctuation!.

17a         Through which sailor can see right inside cavity in rock (8)
PORTHOLE – Place R for Right inside a POTHOLE or cavity in rock.

18a         Informal greeting to monarch on walkabout (6)
HIKING – Another charade – this time to say HI to a KING.

21a         Generally agreeing to have processed milk? Indeed (4-6)
LIKE-MINDED – An anagram (processed) of MILK INDEED.

22a         Enable people to hold hands in wood (4)
DEAL – The first (cryptic) definition is such that if you did not DEAL the cards then people would not be able to hold the hand of cards.

24a         Provide new name for letter I revised (7)
RETITLE – An anagram (indicated by ‘revised) of LETTER I.

25a         Separate one ascending sequence of notes (7)
ISOLATE – I for one then SO LA and TE as an ascending series of notes in the Tonic So Fa scale of music. I got this late – DOH!

26a         With limited vision, tragically, they’d shot girls (5-9)
SHORT-SIGHTEDLY – An anagram (tragically) of THEY’D SHOT GIRLS.


1d           How pizzicato is played, standing tall (7)
UNBOWED – The first, a lovely (cryptic) definition, refers to violinsts and other similar members of the orchestra plucking the strings (pizzicato) without using the bow (UNBOWED), The second is the straight def.

2d           Letters on boat providing personal description (9,6)
CHARACTER SKETCH – Written as CHARCTERS (letters) and KETCH (a boat) gives the answer to this charade.

3d           Thought producer is taking part in film industry (4)
MIND – Our first hidden word (taking part in) is found in the last two words.

4d           Poetic features exemplified by Gray, say (6)
RHYMES – The last two words in the clue are RHYMES.

5d           Biscuit old artist lifted, dipped in wine (8)
MACAROON – Reverse (lifted) O for Old and an RA (Royal Academician or artist) inside (dipped in) the MACON wine.

6d           Misplaced emphasis about an ability needed by people on board (10)
SEAMANSHIP – Make an anagram (misplaced) of EMPHASIS around AN from the clue.

7d           Hardliner on rent upset half a dozen counties (8,7)

8d           Individual with dagger, oddly nervous (2,4)
ON EDGE – A lovely clue. Start with ONE (individual) and then add the odd letters of DaGgEr.

13d         Shooting aid that’s more portable assembled inside (5,5)
LIGHT METER – A great clue for the deceptive photographical definition. Take LIGHTER (more portable) and include (inside) MET or assembled in a group.

16d         British businessmen taking interest in kitchen appliances (8)
BLENDERS – B for British followed by LENDERS or businessmen taking interest/investors.

17d         Intimate shot of inferior quality (6)
PALTRY – A charade of PAL (friend/intimate) and TRY for shot/go.

19d         Where to see pictures showing old vessel crossing river (7)
GALLERY – Place a GALLEY (old nautical vessel) around (crossing) R for River.

20d         Using needle to inject drug into small limb (6)
SEWING – Place (inject) E for the drug Ecstacy inside S for Small and a WING or limb.

23d         Piano needed for lots of tunes — and drums, often (4)
SOFT – The musical direction, piano, in English, is hidden (needed for) elements of both ‘lotS OF Tunes’ and also ‘drumS OFTen’

Thanks to Mr Greer for the challenge – I will see you tomorrow for a review of last Saturday’s Prize Puzzle

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  1. I particularly liked 23d for the second hiding of ‘soft’ – typical Virgilius fun. Thanks to him and Gnomey too.

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