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ST 2818

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2818

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 18th October 2015

Morning All! This one went in remarkably quickly for me and I usually prefer a stiffer test on a Sunday but the puzzle featured the usual fine constructions.

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1a           Take it from chum — our lesson’s not funny (10)
HUMOURLESS – A great long hidden word (you have to take it) from cHUM OUR LESSon’s.

6a           Identify bird in swamp, initially, as wader (4)
IBIS – The Initial letters from I(dentify) B(ird) I(n) S(wamp) for the regular crossword wading bird.

9a           Title that could make me a lord (7)
EARLDOM – An anagram (indicated by ‘could make’) of ME A LORD.

10a         Endlessly respect everyone, being top man on board (7)
ADMIRAL – On board here meaning on board a ship. Remove the ends from ADMIR(e) or respect and then AL(l) or everyone.

12a         Disturbed thrushes etc, on tree (5,8)
HORSE CHESTNUT – Another anagram (disturbed), this time of THRUSHES ETC ON.

14a         Sense of taste revealed as friend dined (6)
PALATE – A charade or word sum of PAL (friend) and ATE (dined).

15a         Would-be moneymaker having chest covered with gold (8)
INVESTOR – A favourite construction of mine. To have your chest covered you might be IN your VEST (In Short!). Add OR, the Heraldic term for Gold.

17a         Second in class, deserving scholarship (8)
LEARNING – L, the second letter in cLass followed by EARNING or deserving.

19a         Child liable to be beaten with stout stick (6)
IMPALE – An IMP (Naughty child liable to be beaten) with ALE for Stout.

22a         Kind of field changed to a vital grain (13)
GRAVITATIONAL – An anagram (changed) of TO A VITAL GRAIN.

24a         Outside hospital, unattached piece of roof (7)
SHINGLE – Place SINGLE (unattached) outside of H for Hospital.

25a         Unusually vain, yet showing lack of sophistication (7)
NAIVETY – Make an anagram (unusually) of VAIN YET.

26a         Legislative body reduced fare (4)
DIET – A double definition – the Japanese or Scottish federal assembly/council and also the weight loss (food/fare being reduced) program.

27a         Group seen playing I kept in and reprimanded (10)
CASTIGATED – A CAST of actors (group seen playing) followed by I from the clue and then GATED (kept in the house as punishment).


1d           Pay attention to four-letter word included by the editor (4)
HEED – This four letter word meaning ‘Pay attention to’ is hidden (included by) the last two words of the clue.

2d           French officer post-war planner listened to or cut short (7)
MARSHAL – Think of the George C MARSHAL(L) Plan (he who devised the post war recovery). The answer is either a homophone or the same word with the final letter removed (cut short).

3d           Covered by and contained within smart agreement (13)
UNDERSTANDING – Start with UNDER ( (covering or included – ‘under the policy’) and then place AND from the clue inside (contained within) STING for ‘smart’.

4d           Awkwardly move unwanted furniture etc (6)
LUMBER – Another double definition. The first to shamble awkwardly and the second is the usually wooden unwanted furniture.

5d           Namely, object about note that’s extremely critical (8)
SCATHING – As Tilsit mentioned on the day, ‘scilicet’ in Latin means namely and is often abbreviated to SC. Finish with THING (object) and add (they are both about) A – being a note on a musical stave.

7d           Aristocrat, with a single exception, is on time (7)
BARONET – BAR ONE means ‘with a single exception’. Add T for Time inderneath (the former is ON top of the latter in a Down clue).

8d           Thus illuminated sign for people living alone (10)
SOLITARIES – A charade of SO (thus) LIT (illuminated) and ARIES – the star sign.

11d         Captain being careful and expertly steering (13)
MASTERMINDING – A MASTER or Captain of a ship followed by MINDING (being careful).

13d         Expressed regret in article composed about record (10)
APOLOGISED – The indefinite article is A then POISED (composed) is placed around a LOG or record.

16d         American round the bend and out of sight (2,6)
IN CAMERA – A mad/round the bend anagram of AMERICAN.

18d         A sinner’s behaviour, including extremes of anger or greed (7)
AVARICE – A sinner’s behaviour may be a A VICE. Place this around (it is including) the extreme or outside letters in A(nge)R.

20d         Menial poorly, with temperature — contracted illness (7)
AILMENT – An anagram (poorly) of MENIAL followed by T for Temperature (abbreviated or contracted).

21d         Bird left, trapped (6)
LINNET – L for left then IN NET (i.e. trapped). Simple construction can be confused by great surface reading.

23d         The speaker had briefly spoken and made observations (4)
EYED – A homophone of I’D (The speaker (I) HAD contracted (briefly) and spoken aloud).

Thanks to Virgilius and I will see you all next Thursday.