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ST 2815

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2815

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 27th September 2015

Morning All!. THis puzzle was definitely in 3 star territory for me due to some exceptionally smooth and concise clues.

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7a           Old volume found in particular joint (8)
DOVETAIL – Place O(ld) and V for Volume inside DETAIL: or particular.

9a           Man trying to attract woman with diamonds, say, and gold (6)
SUITOR – A charade of a SUIT (e.g. diamonds in cards) and then OR, the heraldic name for gold. Great surface reading.

10a         Practically nothing received by charity ahead of time (6)
ALMOST – Place O for nothing (nil/zip/zero) inside ALMS for charity and then add T for Time.

11a         Fighter that’s outstanding, large and lean (8)
DUELLIST – A charade of DUE (outstanding in a debt) then L for Large and finally LIST for lean.

12a         They can have views without buying lies about popular party points (6-8)
WINDOW-SHOPPERS – A lovely construction. Place WHOPPERS (lies) around (or about) IN (popular/hip), DO for party and W(est) and (South) – two points of the compass. W (IN) (DO) (WS) HOPPERS.

15a         Audible disapproval in this snigger or sigh is strong (4)
HISS – Hidden in both tHIS Snigger and sigH IS Strong.

17a         Rise as bandleader in middle of dance (5)
REBEL – TO rise and take up arms. Place the leading letter of B(andleader) inside a REEL or dance.

19a         Unhappy after the speaker’s been introduced and spoke (4)
SAID – SAD for unhappy with I for the speaker (I as in I am saying) inserted/introduced.

20a         Turned out to cover people on condition it avoids stress (14)
UNDERSTATEMENT – An anagram of TURNED outside of (covering) MEN (people) after (on in an across clue) STATE or condition.

23a         Goes back without penny, so short of cash (8)
STRAPPED – Reverse DEPARTS (goes being back or backwards) outside of (without) P for Penny.

25a         Conclusion still to be decided without pressure up front (6)
ENDING – Remove P, the first letter (without P for Pressure up the front) from (p)ENDING or ‘still to be decided’.

27a         Drink repeatedly passed around, say, quietly (6)
MURMUR – Repeatedly reverse (pass round) the delicious drink of RUM.

28a         A Tory is oddly accepting line that was opposing Parliament (8)
ROYALIST – An odd anagram of A TORY IS including (or accepting) L for Line.


1d           One vessel in front of another on loch (4)
BOWL – This took me ages! The BOW or front of a seagoing vessel on top of (on in a down clue) L for Loch. Cute.

2d           What could be done by changing past (6)
BEYOND – An anagram (changing) of DONE BY but a very subtle clue.

3d           Left in part of hospital, given old-fashioned medical treatment (4)
BLED – Simply L for Left inside of a BED – A course of leeches anyone?

4d           Like many retired people, please put in revised order (6)
ASLEEP – Another simple but tricky clue! Make an anagram (put in revised order) of PLEASE.

5d           Upset if senior figures cover points, for example (8)
FIELDERS – You need to know your cricketing positions but the clue is straightforward – Reverse IF (upset) to FI and add ELDERS (senior figures).

6d           Something one has put on show, initially, before meeting (10)
POSSESSION – The initial letters of P(ut) O(n) S(how) followed by a SESSION or meeting.

8d           Part of pageant I warmly dedicated to peace (7)
ANTIWAR – A hidden word (indicated by ‘part of’) pageANT I WARmly.

13d         Not just occupying one South American city, also part of North America (10)
INIQUITOUS – Place I for One and QUITO (a South American city) inside IN (occupying) and the US (a part of North America.

14d         Mannerism seen in husband, to some extent (5)
HABIT – H for Husband and then A BIT (to some extent).

16d         Bad miss when holding prized weapons (8)
SIDEARAMS – I spent ages trying to get SCIMITARS in before I saw DEAR (prized) inside an anagram (bad) of MISS.

18d         Catcher of fish in lake before day’s end — matter of luck (7)
LOTTERY – Place an OTTER (a catcher of fish) inside L for Lake and the end letter of (da)Y.

21d         Engineers serving wine or pop (6)
REPORT – RE for the Royal Engineers and then PORT (wine served at a table).

22d         It is in city centre (6)
MIDDLE – Great when you see IT. The position of IT in (c)IT(y) is the middle of the word!

24d         Sewer’s repair producing angry pronouncement (4)
DARN – Two definitions – A sewer (one who sews not a drain!) will DARN a sock and DARN is like ‘Poot’ or ‘Dagnabbit’ as a mild curse/angry pronouncement.

26d         Child brought up on hot food (4)
NOSH – Reverse (brought up) SON and add H for Hot.

Thanks to Mr Greer for a cracking puzzle. I’ll see you tomorrow for a review of last Saturday’s Prize Puzzle.

4 comments on “ST 2815

  1. A cracking puzzle indeed – thanks to Mr G and Mr G. There are too many excellent clues to list them all – vying for top spot for me were 12a, 1d and 22d.

  2. A little fillip today.
    Package in post telling me that I’ve won SC 2815 and with fountain pen enclosed. Lovely, really made my day :))))))

    I’ve been trying to complete seven days DT crosswords for about 15 years. If ever I complete the Sat or Sun ones, I send them in. I’ve only ever completed one toughie. Both time and incompetence prevail.
    A really lovely surprise. If there was a moon visible tonight, I would go and howl at it.

    Sorry to bore you,

    1. Hi Nick,
      You’ve changed your alias since your last comment so this one needed moderation. Both aliases should work from now on. Congratulations for the win.

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