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DT 27926

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27926

Hints and tips by 2Kiwis

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BD Rating – Difficulty *** – Enjoyment ****

A beautiful fine Spring day. Clear blue skies and just the faintest suggestion of a breeze to stir the blossoms on the trees. We could do with a lot of this but, like most parts of the world, Spring is one of our most variable seasons so we have to make the most of the good days.
By contrast Jay seems to be never varying in bringing us top quality puzzles each Wednesday.

Please leave a comment telling us your thoughts.


1a     Author not getting credit for site worth developing in Greece (5-6)
GHOST-WRITER : An anagram (developing) of SITE WORTH is inside the IVR code for Greece.

9a     A doctor in trouble? Quite the opposite for a lover! (7)
ADMIRER : A four letter word for trouble or a swampy place is inside A from the clue and an abbreviation for doctor.

10a     Annie, perhaps, is in favour of going back, writing endlessly (6)
ORPHAN : A three letter word for ‘in favour of’ is reversed and followed by a word for one’s writing style with its last letter removed.

12a     Offer, but lacking time to welcome American consumer (3,4)
END USER : The abbreviation meaning of the United States is inside a word meaning to offer, after T(ime) has been removed from it.

13a     Right after evidence of injury — that is provoking more fear (7)
SCARIER : A mark on the body giving evidence of a past injury, then the abbreviation for the Latin ‘that is’, and finish with R(ight).

14a     Character getting a share of the takings? (5)
THETA : This Greek alphabet character is hiding in the clue.

15a     Air of Athens, say, to be cleaned up (3,6)
SEA SHANTY : An anagram (to be cleaned up) of ATHENS SAY.

17a     Regard with suspicion detective’s financial status (9)
DISCREDIT : A detective inspector’s financial status when it is in the black.

20a     Actor disheartened by key sacrifices made here (5)
ALTAR : Start with one of the keys on a computer keyboard and then the first and last letters of actor.

22a     Even-tempered, just having dropped it (7)
EQUABLE : A synonym for just or fair has IT removed from inside it.

24a     Thoroughly at home with department before end of month (2,5)
IN DEPTH : The usual ‘at home’, the abbreviation for department, and the last letter of month.

25a     This drumming is rubbish, as well (6)
TATTOO : Rubbish or old rags and then a word meaning ‘as well’.

26a     Heading off unable to feel anger or annoyance (7)
UMBRAGE : Remove the first letter from a word that means unable to feel, and then a synonym for anger.

27a     Hearing shooter, goalie is one to put himself between opponents (11)
PEACEKEEPER : A homophone for a word used for a gun, then another name for a football goalie.


2d     A rash is developing — it’s the hot paste (7)
HARISSA : This hot paste from North African cuisine is an anagram (developing) of A RASH IS.

3d     Editor chasing almost certain voting system is shocked (9)
SURPRISED : Start with a word meaning certain and drop its last letter, then a two letter type of voting system, IS from the clue and the abbreviation for editor.

4d     Court officials finally protecting Germany’s trees (5)
WOODS : Court here is to pay amorous attention to, then the IVR code for Germany, and the last letter of officials.

5d     Charge that’s a result of the setter’s cheap shot (7)
IMPEACH : The short way the setter would say I am, then an anagram (shot) of CHEAP.

6d     Steering clear of no one, except on the way up (7)
EVASION : Starting from the bottom, ‘no’ from the clue, then ‘one’ as a single letter and a word meaning except.

7d     Patient analyses? (4,7)
CASE STUDIES : A cryptic definition. ‘Analyses’ here is not a verb but is the plural of analysis.

8d     Spot daughter in the embrace of self-satisfied head of ethics (6)
SMUDGE : A word meaning self-satisfied includes D(aughter) and then the first letter of ethics.

11d     Hope we will broadcast, but in Tibet it’s an article of faith (6,5)
PRAYER WHEEL : A synonym for a hope, then a homophone of the elided ‘we will’ gives this Buddhist aid to devotion.

16d     Characteristic honour given to mate — not me! (9)
ATTRIBUTE : Start with the letters that are left after ME is removed from mate, and then a word for an honour.

18d     Type of dog food (7)
SAUSAGE : A double definition. This type of dog has an extended torso and a low centre of gravity.

19d     British in origin, independent, cold and mechanical (7)
ROBOTIC : The one letter abbreviation for British is inside a word for origin or source, then the abbreviations for independent and cold.

20d     Bail due to be fixed in hearing (7)
AUDIBLE : An anagram (to be fixed) of BAIL DUE.

21d     Work in which this covers the head (3,3)
TOP HAT : The two letter abbreviation for a musical work is inside a synonym for which.  We got the answer quickly and spent a lot of time sorting out how the wordplay worked.

23d     Order up fine read? (1-4)
E-BOOK : Reverse one of the awards for distinguished service and then the two letter indication for fine or all right.

Hard to pick a favourite from so many good clues, so we will go for the first one that tickled our fancy which is 1a.

Quickie pun   outer  +  farm  +  sway  =  out of harm’s way

50 comments on “DT 27926

  1. Hurrah all seems to be well. Jay’s offering today was just my cup of tea. Thank you. Struggled a bit in the South and initially messed up in NE as I put wrong ending on 6d which made 15a difficult until the penny dropped. Also tried shawl as second half of 11d. Thanks 2Ks for nicely illustrated hints which were as always fun to read through. http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_good.gif. ***/****.

  2. **/****

    14a and 21d were my last in. Like the 2Kiwis, I got the answer for 21d but couldn’t justify it. For 14a it just took me an age to spot the hidden. Nothing new there.

    The rest was pretty straightforward and a pleasure to solve.

    Agree with 1a as the favourite but 16d made me smile too. So did the quickie pun.

    Many thanks to Jay and to the 2Kiwis for your usual high standard blog.

    It’s utterly miserable here, and I’m stuck on the Toughie.

  3. Among the early risers today and loved today’s crossword, excellent cluing and a wide variety to boot. Seemed to be quite a few solves where, tuning to the setters wavelength, I guessed the answer and then worked out why- like 1a-. last one in and11d. Going for a **/****, for some reason I am usually one * less than the 2K’S-liked the blog pics.

  4. Very enjoyable offering from Jay today. I liked the “Air of Athens” (15a), “work in which” (21d), “key sacrifices” (20a), “court officials” (4d), “setter’s cheap shot” (5d) but my favourite was probably 18d (Type of dog food) which, despite having parsed correctly, took me ages to see.

    Many thanks Jay and 2Kiwis

  5. Another 2*/4* from here – the usual great Wednesday puzzle from Jay.
    Having already got the first letter for 10a, I nearly put in ‘Oakley’ without reading the rest of the clue – careless!
    Many podium contenders so I’ll stick with those I ticked on the way through – 1,15&17a plus 8&16d.

    Thanks to Jay and to 2Ks for an excellent review – loved the pic. for 1a. http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_yahoo.gif

  6. Quite testing today but very enjoyable many thanks to the 2 Kiwis and of course Jay.
    Favourite clue 5d went all round the houses with this one then realisation struck.
    ***/*** for me.

  7. Quite testing today but very enjoyable many thanks to the 2 Kiwis and of course Jay.
    Favourite clue 5d went all round the houses with this one then realisation struck.
    ***/*** for me.

  8. An excellent puzzle from Jay that I found to be a straightforward solve. Thanks to the 2Kiwis and Jay 1.5*/4*

  9. Another one where I needed the hints , enjoyable but a few caught me out, 2d, 16d 13a to name some.

    Thanks to 2Kiwis and setter.

  10. Pretty straightforward last night but very enjoyable */***. I do like the use of that particular homophone in 11d .

    Thanks Jay and I hope the 2K enjoy the start of Spring. We’re all still praying for rain!

  11. Very enjoyable but I wouldn’t have got far without my electronic friend and Chambers Crossword Dictionary. Never heard of 2d.

  12. I know musicals don’t have opus numbers, but top hats cover lots of heads in Top Hat. Can I claim this as a fair ‘solve’?

  13. Loved this one – I always enjoy Jay’s crosswords. At least 3* difficulty and at least 4* for enjoyment.
    I almost gave up on my last three answers – 27a and 11 and 23d, and trying to work out why, or even if, my 21d was right.
    Today I’ve been quite badly caught out by things that have ‘had’ me before – I always forget that a gun can be a piece and as for computer keys – well . . .
    I missed the 15a anagram – no excuses for that one.
    I liked 1 and 17a and 11 and 18d – a quick mention too for 10a Annie. My favourite was 8d.
    With thanks to Jay and to the 2K’s – loved the 1a piccy and glad that everything worked this week.

    1. PS – I’m with Hanni on the quickie pun – it made me laugh.
      Miserable day – cinema with friends this afternoon – going in the daytime feels terribly decadent but I don’t know why!

      1. Don’t worry Kath,
        As Annie said:
        The sun ‘ll come out
        Bet your bottom dollar
        That tomorrow there ‘ll be sun.

      2. Main problem with afternoon cinema- going is that you have to choose the film carefully. Walking out into the daylight clutching tissues and blubbing gets you some rather odd looks!

      3. Sounds a lovely way to spend a miserable afternoon Kath. http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_yes.gif

        Very good J-L and topical re Annie!

  14. Enjoyed this so much. Would have given it a */**** but got held up by not spotting the lurker in 14a. So it has to be a 1.5*/****. Thanks so much to Jay and the two Kiwis. 15a was particularly pleasing.

  15. Some great clues, but was held up by 12a and 7d, not to mention 27 which I couldn’t parse, until I read the hint. ***/***
    Favourite hard to choose, so I’ll plck 18d which made me laugh.
    Thanks to Jay and 2K, who brightened up a distinctly miserable morning weather wise.

  16. Terrific puzzle.
    Refreshingly hard.
    Certainly a ***plus for difficulty for me.
    Last in 17d
    Many thanks Jay and to the 2Kiwis for the nicely illustrated review.

  17. Took me a while to get started but managed most of it without looking up the answers on here. Hardest for a few days in my opinion, but did enjoy it.

  18. Mum and I did a little better than we usually do on a Wednesday, so have awarded ourselves chocolate biscuits for ‘showing improvement’.

  19. Lovely puzzle today. We found it less tricky than yesterday. I particularly like them when there are a lot of multi-word answers. Thank you to the Wednesday setter and to the 2Kiwis.

  20. I do love Wednesdays.
    The only day of the week when I do absolutely nothing.
    Apart the crosswords that is.
    And today was a real joy.
    Both back page and toughie completed before lunch with No1 only daughter as she has the afternoon off and now tackling Philistine in the G.
    The All Blacks are playing against Toulon this evening just when our 2kiwis shall rise. Welcome to Ali Williams and the team.
    Thanks to Jay and to 2ks for the review.

  21. Thanks to Jay and to the 2 Kiwis for the review and hints. A very enjoyable puzzle from Jay, which I found very difficult. I think I had the crossword equivalent of a bad hair day. I failed to see the anagram in 1a or the IVR code for Greece. Missed the hidden word in 14a. Always forget 10a. Read the second word of 7d as a verb. Couldn’t think of the dog in 18d. Couldn’t see what 21d was getting at. Apart from that I solved the rest :-) Favourite was 12a. Was 4*/3* for me. A dim day all round http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_sad.gif

  22. Ummm – struggle, struggle, struggle – I found this quite difficult and very bitty, I’m definitely not on this guys wavelength.

    I made a Dundee cake this morning and did the crossword whilst waiting for it to cook ( two and half hours at 140c) I needed all this time and more to get the puzzle finished – although I did get distracted several times.


  23. Struggled with this today. Seemed to be a bit of a Greek thing going on. Need to put ‘learn Greek alphabet’ on the ‘to do’ list. Thanks to the setter…I’ll keep trying, and to 2Ks for the very much needed review. Just been in the FAQs to find out what a BRB is. Need to put that on the shopping list. Looks like a list day.

    1. No need to learn the Greek alphabet Florence, just go to the features tab at the top of the page and then select ‘the mine’. All will be revealed http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_smile.gif

      1. Thanks Shropshireland. Found The Mine. Not sure how I’ve missed it the last few weeks as I’ve seen BDs curries in The Kitchen.

      2. News to me too – it’s like reading the Instructions when you get a new Computer – definitely the last resort!


    2. Hello Florence. Interesting comments, but you’re supposed to “struggle” with a cryptic crossword. That’s the whole point of them! If they were easy, what would be the point?

  24. I seem to be the wrong side of the ratings today, which puts me in the minority. I found this excellent puzzle rather testing, and right up there with one of my hardest solves. Having said that, the enjoyment was very high. Jay does have a pleasant knack of producing high-quality crosswords, and I salute his ingenuity. Well done the 2Ks. I’m putting 4/4 in the honesty box.

  25. An enjoyable romp in crosswordland in an ever improving day in Shropshire. 15a was my last one and I couldn’t see the anagram even when I put the answer in – D’oh! Some really super clues but my favourite for the day is 16d which was my second last clue in, kept on trying to make it start with ‘mat’ for some reason – double D’oh!!

    Thanks to Jay and the 2K’s.

  26. I found this quite tricky and needed several hints, thanks Kiwis ! I am afraid I know nothing at all about Buddhism, so 11d was a mystery.My favourites are 1a and 27a (picking just one favourite is almost impossible when given a wide choice).
    The weather here has been and continues to be as sunny and as warm as any could hope for in October. It was 20 degrees Celsius yesterday, and felt hot as we were dressed for autumn.
    With thanks to both Kiwis and Jay.

  27. Good afternoon from wet and windy Yorkshire

    A joint effort again today and I contributed only 3d, 10a and 18d so not very taxing here. I’d have not solved 2d except by guessing from the remaining letters so I imagine it would have been a ***/**** or thereabouts on my own.

  28. Late on parade today after yesterday. My friend left very clear instructions as to how we were to celebrate his life and they included considerable quantities of alcohol. Still got a thick head. Thx again for everyone’s very kind thoughts, they were much appreciated.
    As for today’s puzzle, very enjoyable with some clever clues inc my favourite 10a, that took some running down.
    Thx to 2Kiwis for fully explaining the shooter in 27a and the key in 20a
    Thx to the setter for a good workout.

    1. Brian – I’d just like to say that I hope yesterday went as well as it could have for the bereaved family and all who attended.

  29. I’m usually on Jay’s wavelength and today was no exception. Much to like, and no single favourite.

    Thanks to 2Kiwis and Jay.

  30. Ah I have finally caught up again. A lovely crossword from Jay full of good stuff. I liked 10a although I know it’s a bit of a chestnut. 3/3* overall.
    Thanks to Jay and to the 2Ks for their immaculate review. Spring huh? Hmmm, seems a long way away just now.

  31. Good morning everyone. Spring is living up to its reputation as a quick peep out at the breaking dawn shows a grey overcast sky with passing showers and a stiff breeze. It certainly is getting warmer though and with our clocks changed we are getting longer evening daylight.
    Looks like we got everything right in this one, we did look at other explanations for 21d including some involving Fred and Ginger but settled for what looked the simplest option.
    Cheers http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_bye.gif

  32. For me, a pretty tough grid, had to revert to BD twice. Heaven knows why I had ‘prayer shawl’ for 11 D ! Rating ***/***. Thanks to 2 Kiwis and setter.

  33. 2.5*/4*. Very late today but this was well worth waiting for. I’ll go along with 1a as my favourite.

    Many thanks to Jay and to the 2Ks.

  34. Found this vey difficult ***/*** after two easy solves this week ? Thanks to 2x Ks, Jay & The Shropshirelad for the heads up on “The Mine” ?

    1. You’re more than welcome Jaylegs – but it’s BD and his team who deserve the plaudits for a superb site that helps to encourage everyone embarking on their ‘Cryptic Experience’.

  35. Just popping in before bedtime to say Hi to TS – hope the man flu has finally loosened its grip?
    Any news from the frozen north? Hope he arrived safely.

    1. Hi Jane, just finished sneezing. So it goes on. He did indeed arrive safely and spent a week in Kamloops with the man who makes Riversong guitars. By now he should be hard at work in Sunshine Village, near Banff, but he hasn’t been in touch – he usually only calls when he needs something (a lift, money, another guitar), but no news is good news, I think. Thanks for asking. How are you getting on with Robert Frost? Got to do some homework now for the Australians in the morning (11.55 – they’ve given me a later slot for a couple of weeks til our clocks change). I have miles to go before I sleep

  36. Good old Jay, he never lets me down. Another top-drawer offering. Too many glorious clues to choose a favourite, but 18d made me smile. Thanks to KK for explaining 21d and the key in 20a. I thought the A & R of actor went at the beginning and the end, so was baffled by LTA for “key”. 2*/4*

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