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ST 2812

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2812

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty */**Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 6th September 2015

A lovely Sunday morning treat – brilliant sunshine and this typical Virgilius puzzle to enjoy

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1a           Some youth misbehaving peers concealed (14)
PREADOLESCENCE –   An anagram (misbehaving) of PEERS CONCEALED. A particularly sneaky clue to start with as it looks initially as if  some peers are concealed in some other word – it’s only when  you can’t find a word to put them in, that you realise what you need to do.

9a           Deadlock that is broken by person elected ahead of idiot (7)
IMPASSE –   IE (that is) broken by, or having inserted, MP (Member of Parliament, person elected) and ASS (idiot).

10a         Country‘s troops in retreat — madness! (7)
ROMANIA –   A reversal (in retreat) of OR (ordinary ranks, troops) followed by MANIA (madness).

11a         Capital I extracted from villain in past (3)
AGO –   Simply remove the capital I from IAGO (the villain in Shakespeare’s Othello)

12a         Wrongly charge poor husband — specify steps to be performed (11)
CHOREOGRAPH –   An anagram (wrongly) of CHARGE POOR  H(usband).

14a         Italian repeatedly turned to an artist from Venice (6)
TITIAN –   Repeatedly indicates the need to reverse IT (Italian) twice and then add AN (from the clue).

15a         Will producer try out actor clubs rejected? (8)
TESTATOR –   TEST (try out) ATOR (actor with the C for clubs removed).

17a         A rentier arranged for payment in advance (8)
RETAINER –   An anagram (arranged) of A RENTIER

19a         Get back, for example, into shower (6)
REGAIN –   EG (for example) inserted into a shower of RAIN.

22a         Stand    firm with at least two top people (11)
PARTNERSHIP –   A stand between two batsmen in a game of cricket or a business run by at least two people.

23a         Intimidate  female whose homecoming is indefinitely delayed (3)
COW –   A verb meaning to intimidate or an animal used in the expression ‘when the cows come home’ to indicate an indefinite delay.

24a         Get mildly angry, so to speak, in plant (3,4)
SEA PINK –   If you were mildly angry, you might see pink rather than red.   A homophone (so to speak) of SEE plus PINK gives us  the name of the plant.

26a         Unorthodox religious group penning page about ghost (7)
SPECTRE –   P (page) inserted into SECT (unorthodox religious group) and then followed by RE (about, concerning).

27a         Down-to-earth sons men upset? Funny about that (14)
COMMONSENSICAL –   An anagram (upset) of SONS MEN inserted into COMICAL (funny).


1d           Benefactor giving disorganised hospital PR hint (14)
PHILANTHROPIST –   An anagram (disorganised) of HOSPITAL PR HINT.

2d           Take advantage of mine no longer, having left nothing inside (7)
EXPLOIT –   EX PIT (mine no longer) inside which goes L ( left) and O (nothing).

3d           Strangely considerate, doing harm to something sacred (11)
DESECRATION –   An anagram (strangely) of CONSIDERATE.

4d           Use bottom bunk, perhaps, to avoid detection (3,3)
LIE LOW –   An expression meaning to avoid detection might describe the use of a bottom bunk.

5d           Shown on TV?  Not viewable (8)
SCREENED –   Shown on TV or hidden from view.

6d           Taking part in travel, maybe, one has a trunk and leaves (3)
ELM –   Hidden in (taking part in) travEL Maybe. For some mad reason this clue made me think of (and sing) the song Nellie the Elephant!

7d           Communication from Tory short time before piece of legislation (7)
CONTACT – CON (Tory) T (‘short’ or abbreviated time) ACT (piece of legislation).

8d           Blazing revolver? (9,5)
CATHERINE WHEEL –   A cryptic definition of a particular type of firework.

13d         Muck-raking journalists, say, surrounded by good crowd (6,5)
GUTTER PRESS –   UTTER (say) surrounded by G (good) and PRESS (crowd).

16d         Gives birth to family — hence hide from wild animal (8)
BEARSKIN –   BEARS (gives birth to) KIN (family).

18d         Major storm created by fuss over rent? Just the opposite (7)
TORNADO –   Do as the clue says and put the TORN (rent) before the ADO (fuss).

20d         Like some wines containing sulphur he never imbibes (7)
ASCETIC – ACETIC (vinegary, like some wines) with S (sulphur) inserted.

21d         Showing virtue of kind hard to be found in social group (6)
CHASTE –   H (hard) inserted into CASTE (social group).

25d         Mass, following one’s specific doctrine (3)
ISM – IS (one’s) M (mass).

Gnomey assures me he’ll be here in the morning with the Saturday Review, so I’ll return in due course.


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  1. As enjoyable as ever – thanks to V and CS for the review. The clues involved in the photo-finish for top spot for me were 23a and 24a.

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