ST 2810

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2810

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 23rd August 2015

Morning All! A big thank you to crypicsue for covering my holidays – I really needed the break. This one was a fairly tricky puzzle with some great definitions ands surface reading.

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1a           Angelic creature‘s unusual turn of phrase (6)
SERAPH – An anagram (indicated by turn) of PHRASE. Good surface reading in this starter clue.

4a           Offer covering religious group, note, that’s split down the middle (8)
BISECTED – Place a BID (offer) around a SECT (religious group) and the musical note of E – BI (SECT E )D

10a         Criticise inside cover that’s not bound by social conventions (9)
LIBERATED – That is BERATE (criticise/harangue) inside a LID or cover.

11a         Male will ring and hear this? (5)
HELLO – Take HE for Male and then think of ‘male will’ truncated to ‘HE’LL’. Add O for the ring or circle.

12a         Person on diet near state of anger after gaining pound (7)
SLIMMER – To be near a state of anger is to be on the SIMMER – Include (it gains) L, the abb. for a Learner Driver.

13a         Ringleader in English resort tries hard (7)
STRIVES – A nice cute clue. The leading letter R in Ring (Ring Leader, geddit?) inside the resort of ST IVES.

14a         Heard pronouncement of so-called college and scoffed (5)
EATEN – A homophone (heard pronouncement of) the college of ETON.

15a         Blood group, in short, I have that’s aiding recovery (8)
CURATIVE – The Blood Group of A inside CURT for short and followed by I’VE (I HAVE).

18a         Unorthodox belief in leaderless campaign’s misplaced (8)
PAGANISM – Remove the leading letter – C – from ©AMPAIGN’S and then make an anagram, or misplace the lot!.

20a         Some business expenses for one of the county set (5)
ESSEX – The countrified historical county is hidden in (some of) businESS EXpenses.

23a         Readable arrangement of lines, apart from chapter and verse (3,4)
BAR CODE – A great definition and a good charade of BAR (apart from) then C for Chapter (the Biblical abbreviation) and an ODE or Lines of .

25a         Kind of family having eccentric uncle and aunt ridiculed, initially (7)
NUCLEAR – The solid 2 +2 family is an anagram (eccentric) of UNCLE followed by the initial letters of A(unt) and R(idiculed).

26a         Conviction when Ecstasy’s found in part of camp (5)
TENET – Place E for the drug Ecstasy inside a TENT or part of a camp.

27a         Cut off from West, rang editor (9)
ESTRANGED – Another hidden word (indicated by FROM) inside the last three words of the clue.

28a         Portray as evil happening, surrounded by death (8)
DEMONISE – ON (happening i.e. the party is ON) inside a DEMISE or death.

29a         Work of art, say, placed outside university (6)
STATUE – Place STATE (say/utter) outside of U for University.


1d           Males dispersed in various directions as travellers? (8)
SALESMEN – An anagram (dispersed) of MALES inside S and E and N (directions on a compass) – S (ALESM) E N

2d           Deny admitting one learner put in new form (7)
REBUILT – To REBUT or deny including (admitting) I for Ones and L for Learner.

3d           Craziness of incendiary extremes in party leading EU country (9)
PYROMANIA – Take the outside or extreme letters in P(art)Y and then add ROMANIA – the EU country. They do it there all the time!.

5d           Daughter is framed by charge chosen at random (14)
INDISCRIMINATE – D for Daughter then IS from the clue are inside (framed by) INCRIMINATE or charge.

6d           Number wrongly repeated as three there (5)
ETHER – The number in the definition is something that numbs the pain. A repeated anagram (wrongly) of THREE and THERE. Top clue.

7d           A live broadcast carried by television in Mediterranean city (3,4)
TEL AVIV – Make an anagram (broadcast) of A LIVE inside (carried by) TV for Television

8d           Far from vigilant as unknown weapon turned up (6)
DROWSY – Reverse the algebraic unknown variable Y and a SWORD or weapon.

9d           Performance captured by artists even represented ability to draw (14)
ATTRACTIVENESS- Place an ACT or performance inside an anagram (represented) of ARTISTS EVEN.

16d         Penetrating defensive position with soldier, perhaps (9)
TRENCHANT – A charade of TRENCH (defensive position in a ground war) and the soldier ANT.

17d         Part of team game in which a couple of universities combine (8)
OXBRIDGE – A charade of OX (part of a team of pack animals) and then the card game of BRIDGE. Tricky!

19d         A friend appearing on motorway radar, for example (7)
ACRONYM – A from the clue followed by CRONY (friend) and then M for Motorway.

21d         Travel over snow, with minimal temperature -– tricky stuff (7)
SLEIGHT – Add T for an abb. (minimal) of Temperature after SLEIGH – to travel over snow.

22d         Became more moderate in a short time when retired? (6)
ABATED – place A and T (a short abb. of Time) inside A BED i.e when retired means IN A BED so A B(A T) ED.

24d         How marks may be given out a lot (5)
OFTEN – Split as (2,3) to find how marks in a test are OFTEN given out.

Thanks to the setter, I will be back tomorrow.


  1. gazza
    Posted September 3, 2015 at 2:08 pm | Permalink

    Very enjoyable, as usual on Sundays. Thanks to Virgilius and the refreshed Gnomethang. Top clues for me were 13a, 23a and 24d.

  2. Kath
    Posted September 3, 2015 at 7:10 pm | Permalink

    I’m definitely getting better at this, “Hang on to the crossword and remember what you did with it” stuff!
    I thought this was a really good crossword.
    I do remember that I completely missed the anagram indicator in 1a which was just plain dim.
    I particularly liked 11 and 12a and I think my favourite was probably 19d.
    With thanks to Virgilius and to Gnomey – glad you had a good holiday.