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ST 2810

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2810

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 23rd August 2015

Morning All! A big thank you to crypicsue for covering my holidays – I really needed the break. This one was a fairly tricky puzzle with some great definitions ands surface reading.

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1a           Angelic creature‘s unusual turn of phrase (6)
SERAPH – An anagram (indicated by turn) of PHRASE. Good surface reading in this starter clue.

4a           Offer covering religious group, note, that’s split down the middle (8)
BISECTED – Place a BID (offer) around a SECT (religious group) and the musical note of E – BI (SECT E )D

10a         Criticise inside cover that’s not bound by social conventions (9)
LIBERATED – That is BERATE (criticise/harangue) inside a LID or cover.

11a         Male will ring and hear this? (5)
HELLO – Take HE for Male and then think of ‘male will’ truncated to ‘HE’LL’. Add O for the ring or circle.

12a         Person on diet near state of anger after gaining pound (7)
SLIMMER – To be near a state of anger is to be on the SIMMER – Include (it gains) L, the abb. for a Learner Driver.

13a         Ringleader in English resort tries hard (7)
STRIVES – A nice cute clue. The leading letter R in Ring (Ring Leader, geddit?) inside the resort of ST IVES.

14a         Heard pronouncement of so-called college and scoffed (5)
EATEN – A homophone (heard pronouncement of) the college of ETON.

15a         Blood group, in short, I have that’s aiding recovery (8)
CURATIVE – The Blood Group of A inside CURT for short and followed by I’VE (I HAVE).

18a         Unorthodox belief in leaderless campaign’s misplaced (8)
PAGANISM – Remove the leading letter – C – from ©AMPAIGN’S and then make an anagram, or misplace the lot!.

20a         Some business expenses for one of the county set (5)
ESSEX – The countrified historical county is hidden in (some of) businESS EXpenses.

23a         Readable arrangement of lines, apart from chapter and verse (3,4)
BAR CODE – A great definition and a good charade of BAR (apart from) then C for Chapter (the Biblical abbreviation) and an ODE or Lines of .

25a         Kind of family having eccentric uncle and aunt ridiculed, initially (7)
NUCLEAR – The solid 2 +2 family is an anagram (eccentric) of UNCLE followed by the initial letters of A(unt) and R(idiculed).

26a         Conviction when Ecstasy’s found in part of camp (5)
TENET – Place E for the drug Ecstasy inside a TENT or part of a camp.

27a         Cut off from West, rang editor (9)
ESTRANGED – Another hidden word (indicated by FROM) inside the last three words of the clue.

28a         Portray as evil happening, surrounded by death (8)
DEMONISE – ON (happening i.e. the party is ON) inside a DEMISE or death.

29a         Work of art, say, placed outside university (6)
STATUE – Place STATE (say/utter) outside of U for University.


1d           Males dispersed in various directions as travellers? (8)
SALESMEN – An anagram (dispersed) of MALES inside S and E and N (directions on a compass) – S (ALESM) E N

2d           Deny admitting one learner put in new form (7)
REBUILT – To REBUT or deny including (admitting) I for Ones and L for Learner.

3d           Craziness of incendiary extremes in party leading EU country (9)
PYROMANIA – Take the outside or extreme letters in P(art)Y and then add ROMANIA – the EU country. They do it there all the time!.

5d           Daughter is framed by charge chosen at random (14)
INDISCRIMINATE – D for Daughter then IS from the clue are inside (framed by) INCRIMINATE or charge.

6d           Number wrongly repeated as three there (5)
ETHER – The number in the definition is something that numbs the pain. A repeated anagram (wrongly) of THREE and THERE. Top clue.

7d           A live broadcast carried by television in Mediterranean city (3,4)
TEL AVIV – Make an anagram (broadcast) of A LIVE inside (carried by) TV for Television

8d           Far from vigilant as unknown weapon turned up (6)
DROWSY – Reverse the algebraic unknown variable Y and a SWORD or weapon.

9d           Performance captured by artists even represented ability to draw (14)
ATTRACTIVENESS- Place an ACT or performance inside an anagram (represented) of ARTISTS EVEN.

16d         Penetrating defensive position with soldier, perhaps (9)
TRENCHANT – A charade of TRENCH (defensive position in a ground war) and the soldier ANT.

17d         Part of team game in which a couple of universities combine (8)
OXBRIDGE – A charade of OX (part of a team of pack animals) and then the card game of BRIDGE. Tricky!

19d         A friend appearing on motorway radar, for example (7)
ACRONYM – A from the clue followed by CRONY (friend) and then M for Motorway.

21d         Travel over snow, with minimal temperature -– tricky stuff (7)
SLEIGHT – Add T for an abb. (minimal) of Temperature after SLEIGH – to travel over snow.

22d         Became more moderate in a short time when retired? (6)
ABATED – place A and T (a short abb. of Time) inside A BED i.e when retired means IN A BED so A B(A T) ED.

24d         How marks may be given out a lot (5)
OFTEN – Split as (2,3) to find how marks in a test are OFTEN given out.

Thanks to the setter, I will be back tomorrow.

2 comments on “ST 2810

  1. Very enjoyable, as usual on Sundays. Thanks to Virgilius and the refreshed Gnomethang. Top clues for me were 13a, 23a and 24d.

  2. I’m definitely getting better at this, “Hang on to the crossword and remember what you did with it” stuff!
    I thought this was a really good crossword.
    I do remember that I completely missed the anagram indicator in 1a which was just plain dim.
    I particularly liked 11 and 12a and I think my favourite was probably 19d.
    With thanks to Virgilius and to Gnomey – glad you had a good holiday.

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