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ST 2809

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2809

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 16th August 2015

What a difference a week makes – a straightforward solve and a pleasure to enjoy a second time while drafting the review

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1a           Minimal salary increase in, for example, good job! (6)
PRAISE – a P (penny) RAISE would definitely be a minimal salary increase!

4a           Diverted in midstream, use discretion (6)
AMUSED –   Hidden in midstreAM USE Discretion.

8a           Revolutionary comrade with little time for non-Communist (8)
DEMOCRAT –   An anagram (revolutionary) of COMRADE with T (‘little’ abbreviation for time).

10a         Reinforcing piece added to shoe to walk backwards (6)
TOECAP   –   TO (from the clue) and a reversal (backwards) of PACE (walk).

11a         Leading characters in final episode ultimately died in conflict (4)
FEUD –   The ‘leading characters’ of Final Episode Ultimately and Died.

12a         How to connect painter with craft, say, and establish union (3,3,4)
TIE THE KNOT –   This informal way of saying ‘get married’ (establish union) could be an instruction to connect a rope (painter) to a boat (craft).

13a         Remaining fish on slate, perhaps, put in the shade (12)
OVERSHADOWED –   OVER (remaining) SHAD (fish) OWED (on slate, perhaps).

16a         Numbers with other books showing modest talent in novel form (3,9)
OLD TESTAMENT –  An anagram (in novel form) of MODEST TALENT

20a         Supporter‘s complaint about new player (10)
BENEFACTOR –   N (new) inserted into BEEF (complaint) and followed by ACTOR (player)

21a         Empty vehicle one gets into (4)
VAIN –   I (one) inserted into VAN (vehicle).

22a         In addition, having acted as guide inside Spanish city (6)
TOLEDO –   LED (having acted as guide) inserted into TOO (in addition).

23a         Make change in layout concerning pro wrestling location (8)
REFORMAT –   RE (concerning) PRO (for) MAT (wrestling location).

24a         Hidden in hotel at entrance, as yet undiscovered (6)
LATENT –   As the clue helpfully says, LATENT is hidden in hoteL AT ENTrance

25a         Next to piano, song is secondary activity (2-4)
BY-PLAY –   BY (next to) P (piano) LAY (song).


1d           Maintain quiet and restrained manner (8)
PRESERVE –   P (musical notation for quiet) and RESERVE (restrained manner).

2d           Admitted, audibly? Just so (5)
ALOUD – Sounds like allowed or admitted but actually (just so) means audibly.

3d           Spell another word for sentence (7)
STRETCH –   A single spell or an informal term for a prison sentence.

5d           He wrote sacred verses in dull fashion (7)
MATTHEW –   MATT (dull) HEW (fashion by cutting).

6d           Husband in rebuilt home with kids, in part of Arabia (9)
SHEIKHDOM –   H (husband) inserted into an anagram (rebuilt) of HOME and KIDS.

7d           Idea I dropped on Tory minister (6)
DEACON   – Remove the I from IDEA and then add CON (like Tory, another abbreviated way of referring to the Conservative Party).

9d           Watch someone like me crossing river as leader, in a fashion (11)
TRENDSETTER –   TEND (watch) SETTER (someone like Virgilius [me]) with R (river) inserted.

14d         President‘s first lady left in sleeping-place (9)
ROOSEVELT –   EVE (first lady on Earth) and L (left) inserted into ROOST (sleeping-place).

15d         Close friendship unusually found in main city (8)
INTIMACY –   An anagram (unusually found) of MAIN CITY

17d         Monster devouring old soldier on horse (7)
DRAGOON –   O (old) ‘devoured by’ DRAGON (monster).

18d         Wanting to save money, your old clothes split (7)
THRIFTY –   THY (an old way of saying your) ‘clothes’ or goes round RIFT (split).

19d         Start back and wind up again like this? (6)
RECOIL – A verb meaning to rebound might if written 2-4 mean to wind up again into a coil.

21d         Run into small vessel extremely popular with surfers? (5)
VIRAL –   The surfers being users of the Internet –   R (run) inserted into VIAL (small vessel).


2 comments on “ST 2809

  1. Now I’m getting better at not just hanging on to the old crosswords but remembering where I put them too.
    I do remember missing the anagram indicator and so having trouble with 8a.
    I also got stuck with 23a – don’t have the first idea about wrestling let alone where they do it.
    I liked 22 and 25a and 18d.
    Thanks to Virgilius and to CS.

  2. Normal service is resumed with the usual silky-smooth clues. Thanks to Virgilius and to CS for the review. I’ll put 1a, 25a and 18d on my podium.

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