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ST 2804

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2804

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty */**Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 12th July 2015

I was away visiting No 1 son and his family in Northern Ireland (see 18d below) when this puzzle was published so didn’t get have the pleasure of solving it until later in the week.   I also carefully avoided looking at the Hints & Tips provided by Big Dave and the comments, as I didn’t want my view of the puzzle to be influenced before I’d even started it.   I agree with those who enjoyed themselves and am grateful to our setter both for the entertainment and the subsequent explanation of why the clue for 3d wasn’t quite right!

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1a           Accommodation for officers isn’t too special in mess (6,8)
POLICE STATIONS –   An anagram (in mess) of ISNT TOO SPECIAL

9a           Parking car so, I disturbed pedestrian (7)
PROSAIC – P (parking) and an anagram (disturbed) of CAR SO I.

10a         Excellent, like every part of RAF, but not army or navy (7)
CAPITAL – This interjection meaning excellent can be obtained by looking carefully at this typical Virgilius clue –   capital letters are used for RAF whereas army or navy are in lower case.

11a         Don’t stand for this form of dishonesty (3)
LIE –   Double definition time.

12a         Never to be removed from home — a right to keep property accomplished (11)
INALIENABLE –   IN (home) A (from the clue) LIEN (a right to keep property) ABLE (accomplished).

14a         Make a fresh start after employer rejected first person (6)
RESUME –   A reversal (rejected) of USER (employer) followed by ME (first person).

15a         Unparalleled order to stop being so inquisitive (8)
PEERLESS – Split 4,4 this might be an order to stop being inquisitive.

17a         Make interesting observations as visitors (8)
SIGHTSEE –   A cryptic definition of what tourists do.

19a         Number of Latin Americans giving short talks (3-3)
CHA-CHA –   Short talks or CHAt CHAt.

22a         Awfully smart hi-tech system of the 80s (11)
THATCHERISM –   An anagram (awfully) of SMART HI TECH.

23a         Reason for competitor’s effortless progress for so long (3)
BYE – A player who has no opponent and so progresses to the next round in a competition; an informal way of saying so long or goodbye.

24a         Have a line about game’s unfortunate score (3,4)
OWN GOAL – OWN (have) GO (board game) A L (a line).

26a         For a period when classes are happening without one (7)
INTERIM –   IN TERM (when classes are happening) with I (one) inserted (without)

27a         Meat dish, in general, following grouse (4,10)
BEEF WELLINGTON – BEEF (grouse, moan) followed by General WELLINGTON.


1d           Creating camps far apart, holding up rising increase in accessibility (14)
POPULARISATION –   POLARISATION (creating camps far apart) ‘holding’ a reversal (rising) of UP (from the clue).

2d           Pride is issue for her (7)
LIONESS –   A cryptic definition of a mummy lion.

3d           Is spellbound? Oddly deficient daft witch is fascinating (11)
CHARISMATIC –   Our lovely setter arrived early Sunday evening to tell us that (oddly)  the clue was missing the word ‘deficient’.   IS (from the clue) is ‘bound’ or put inside CHARM (spell) and then the even letters of dAfT wItCh are added at the end (oddly deficient meaning the odd letters are removed).

4d           In charge in Asian country, set up informal gathering (6)
SOCIAL –   IC (in charge) inserted into LAOS (Asian country) and the result reversed (set up).

5d           Assigned a small place to sleep, overlapping with another (8)
ASCRIBED –   A (from the clue) S (small) CRIB (place to sleep) overlapping and  sharing the  letter B) a BED (another [place to sleep])

6d           Current occupant of seat is naughty child (3)
IMP – I (electrical current) MP (occupant of a seat in Parliament).

7d           Conspicuous reason for putting menu items on laptop? (7)
NOTABLE – Split 2, 5 and the rest of the clue makes sense.

8d           Revolutionary leaders test bishop, say, as political adviser (5,9)
ELDER STATESMAN –   An anagram (revolutionary) of LEADERS TEST followed by MAN (a bishop being a ‘man’ or piece on a chess board).

13d         Former PM introducing current measure with style in this town (11)
NORTHAMPTON –   NORTH (former prime minister) AMP (current measure) TON (style).

16d         Early-morning call always upset sick European (8)
REVEILLE –   A reversal (upset) of EVER (always) ILL (sick) E (European).

18d         Potentially earning as possible babysitter (7)
GRANNIE –   An anagram (potentially) of EARNING.   A proud granny can’t resist adding this picture of lovely Alfie who obviously has potential as a future cryptic crossword solver.    If you are as eagle-eyed as Prolixic, can I just point out that my paper and pen were taken away from me before I’d really got going.

Crossword 3

20d         Stripped in exotic act in nightclub (7)
CABARET –   BARE (stripped) inserted into an anagram (exotic) of ACT.

21d         Ornamental piece I put in last (6)
FINIAL –   I (from the clue) inserted into FINAL (last).

25d         It’s not on circular letter fellow duplicated (3)
OFF – O (‘circular’ letter) plus two lots (duplicated) of the abbreviation for Fellow



3 comments on “ST 2804

  1. Our excellent Sunday setter was well up to his usual standard with this puzzle. Thanks to him and to CS for the review. Best clues for me were 23a, 7d and 20d.
    I see that Alfie has already spotted the original error in 3d.

  2. Thank you for rounding things up as succinctly as usual and thank you for sharing that gorgeous picture of Alfie perhaps he will form part of the next generation of crossword people. 21d made me smile because as I commented on blog the architect who designed our extension to bungalow had a penchant for them.

  3. I must start to remember to put the crossword from ten days ago somewhere I can find it! I do remember failing completely with 19a and needing BD’s hint. I also remember thinking that the spelling of what CS is to the lovely Alfie was a less common one.
    With thanks to CS for the review and to Virgilius.

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