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ST 2802

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2802

A full review by gnomethang

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This puzzle was published on Sunday, 28th June 2015

Morning All! I found this puzzle to be a real test and completely worthy of a prize puzzle slot. I didn’t finish it over my first two pints on Sunday after golf and only worked it out later which just goes to show!.

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1a           In part, is trusting model employer? (6)
ARTIST – A hidden word (indicated by IN at the start, of pART IS Trusting.

4a           Mike, Charlie, Oscar, and Victor appear in it on radio (8)
ALPHABET – All these male names are used in the NATO (and other) phonetic ALPHABET used in radio communications.

10a         Host returning, having traversed distant part of country (5,4)
DAIRY FARM – A lovely construction!. Reverse (returning) am MYRIAD (or host) around (having traversed/crossed) FAR for distant – DAIRY (FAR) M.

11a         Through crossing street, what’s seen down avenue (5)
VISTA – VIA for through going around (crossing) ST for Street.

12a         Where pupil is placed, subject to examination (7)
EYEBALL – Two definitions or a Def. and Cryptic Def. The pupil is in the EYEBALL (or eye socket) and the EYEBALL can be the subject of a glare from a superior in (e.g.) the Army.

13a         Not like unusually well-read Oxford professor (7)
TOLKEIN – This took me a while to spot! J.R.R.TOLKEIN (An unusual anagram of NOT LIKE) was an Oxford Don whose books were well read.

14a         Rebuff queen may deliver, but never king (5)
CHECK – A Def. plus cryptic def. The Queen in Chess can lay a CHECK but the King can never place himself in check.

15a         Accuracy in copying that’s not shown by cheater (8)
FIDELITY – The first is the definition and a cheater is not faithful (does not show fidelity to e.g. their spouse).

18a         Exaggerated merits of old solver, wrecked by end of crossword (8)
OVERSOLD – O for Old then a wrecked anagram od SOLVER followed by the last letter (end) of (crossword)D – O (SOLVER)* D.

20a         Chap embracing openings provided by secret organisation? (5)
MASON – A lovely all-in-one or &Lit Clue – Place MAN around the opening letters of S(ecret) O(rganisation). The whole clue defines the answer.

23a         Article by poet laureate cut short? Just so (7)
ABRIDGE – The A is the article then add Robert Seymour BRIDGE(s) (23 October 1844 – 21 April 1930)– the poet laureate cut short i.e. losing the last letter.

25a         With half of score accomplished, it’s okay to defend (7)
TENABLE – Half of Twenty (a score) is TEN. Add ABLE for accomplished.

26a         Like the majority of people, wrong about answer after answer (5)
ASIAN – Most of the Earth’s demographic is comprised of ASIANs. Place A for Answer inside a SIN (wrong) then put an A(nswer) at the front. It id SIN around A(nswer) after an A(nswer).

27a         Record one’s temperature, following author and environmental expert (9)
ECOLOGIST – Place LIST (record) I’S (one’s) and T for Temperature after Umberto ECO (the author).

28a         Where all the pieces of poetry you write are set in row for typist (8)
KEYBOARD – An excellent observation! Look at the first line on a standard Querty KEYBOARD and then look in q(WERTYUIOP) – All the letters in ‘poetry you write’ are contained therein.

29a         Some work secured by the writer with right business deal (6)
MERGER – Place an ERG (a unit of work/energy expended) inside ME (the writer) and R(ight).


1d           Interview those sitting in front of stage (8)
AUDIENCE – Two definitions – One grants an audience as a Queen.

2d           Run into European excellence that’s shown up in old craft (7)
TRIREME – Place R for Run (from the Cricket abb.) inside the reversal (that’s shown up) of E(uropean) MERIT (excellence) – T (R) IREM E.

3d           Modern pirate runs after sailor within island (9)
SKYJACKER – The instruction is to place R for Runs after a JACK inserted into the Isle of SKYE – SKY (JACK) E + R.

5d           It’s bound to be available for a few (7,7)
LIMITED EDITION – A nice Cryptic Def. of a hardback (bound) book that is not freely available.

6d           In coastal resort, left poor accommodation (5)
HOVEL – The coastal resort of HOVE (actually!) followed by L(eft).

7d           String player in Beethoven’s first needing help (7)
BASSIST – B – The opening (First letter of Beethoven) – followed by(needing) ASSIST for help.

8d           Coaches in one part of speech or another (6)
TRAINS – Two definitions – One is a plural noun and the other a verb in the present tense (one part of speech or another.

9d           As result of fighting, there’s nothing in life a cruel war ruined (11,3)
CAULIFLOWER EAR – An anagram(ruined) of LIFE A CRUEL WAR with the O for Nothing IN (serted).

16d         Fish or fruit only (5,4)
LEMON SOLE – A charade of LEMON (fruit) and SOLE (only) – Never had a good one!.

17d         Contributor to person’s descent or ascent, curiously (8)
ANCESTOR – Lovely clue – An anagram (curiously) of ASCENT OR and remember the descent in a Family Tree.

19d         Produce some rhyming slang, initially kept in check (7)
The initial letter in S(lang) held or kept inside VERIFY or check.

21d         Relative is upset over superficially attractive stuff (7)
SIBLING – Reverse/upset IS (from the clue) to SI and add BLING, the superficial goldy stuff in Hip-Hop videos, innit?

22d         Without reason, brought up request for material (6)
DAMASK – Reverse (brought up) MAD (without reason) and then add ASK/request.

24d         Wild animal seen in feeding orgy and covered in gore (5)
DINGO – A hidden word (seen in) both feeDING Orgy and also covereD IN GOre.

That was an exceptionally good Prize Puzzle, thanks Mr Greer!. I’ll be back for next week’s same time.

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  1. Thanks to Virgilius for another fine puzzle (we won’t mention the slight error in the original 2d clue) and to Gnomey for the review. My favourite was the brilliant 28a.
    I think that the second definition of eyeball in 12a is a verb meaning to gaze at intently (subject to an examination), often in a confrontational manner.

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