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Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2800

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment *****

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 21st June 2015

One of those puzzles where you’re delighted to be the reviewer as it gives you a chance to enjoy it all over again.   Lots of clues I really liked but I think I’ll select 17a for top favourite

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7a           Area set in Siam, possibly, or another Eastern country (8)
MALAYSIA –   Insert A (area) and LAY (set) into an anagram (possibly) of SIAM.

9a           Saw cut one circle in slow movement (6)
ADAGIO –   ADAGe (saw or saying cut, having its last letter removed) I (one) O (circle).

10a         Irish quarter changed as result (6)
ULSTER –   An anagram (changed as) of RESULT.

11a         Preparing to fight outside US city — that’s scary (8)
ALARMING   –   LA (the US city of Los Angeles) inserted into ARMING (preparing to fight).

12a         Misbehaviour of king in banking, for example (6,8)
MONKEY BUSINESS – K (king) inserted into MONEY BUSINESS (banking, for example).

15a         Conclusions reached by student despite the chaos in places on course (4)
TEES –   The ‘conclusions’ of studenT despitE thE chaoS.

17a         Cut diamonds right, left, and centre (5)
DICED –   D (diamonds) on the right and left of ICE (a slang term for diamonds) in the centre.

19a         Mostly perform brain operations fine (4)
THIN – Most of THINk (perform brain operations).

20a         Result of shocking event at sanatorium? It might be (14)
TRAUMATISATION –   An anagram (might be) of AT SANATORIUM IT.

23a         Offer support, also reforms (8)
PROPOSAL – PROP (support) followed by an anagram (reforms) of ALSO.

25a         Something from abroad the writer’s left on plane (6)
IMPORT – IM (the writer’s) and PORT (left side of an aeroplane).

27a         Sensitive and caring type (6)
TENDER – Double definitions.

28a         Reckoning error I found in manuscript is by Tolstoy, say (8)
MISCOUNT – I (from the clue) inserted into (found in) MS (manuscript) and COUNT (Tolstoy being some one who was a Count).


1d           In Paris, I’ve left prison (4)
JAIL – J’AI (the French for I have) and L (left).

2d           Time in piece of music satisfactory for composer (6)
BARTOK –   BAR (piece of music) T (time) OK (satisfactory).

3d           Decline shortest article or long story (4)
SAGA –   SAG (decline) A (the grammatical article that is shorter than AN or THE).

4d           A female in Asian garment for trip after big game (6)
SAFARI – A (from the clue) and F (female) inserted into a SARI (Asian garment).

5d           Least sensible part of job armies tackled (8)
BARMIEST –   Hidden in part of joB ARMIES Tackled.

6d           Greek character on a strange mission — very hush-hush? (10)
PIANISSIMO – PI (Greek letter) A (from the clue) and an anagram (strange) of MISSION.

8d           Got off course, so remained without some basic education (7)
STRAYED –   STAYED (remained) without or outside R (one of the 3 Rs, basic education).

13d         Vessel in evident trouble listed, finally capsized (10)
OVERTURNED –   OVERT (evident) URN (vessel) and the final letters of troublE and listeD.

14d         Like book that’s complete, or marginally unfinished (5)
UNCUT –   An unabridged book could be one still with its rough margins.

16d         Mass movement suddenly made an impression on European (8)
STAMPEDE –   STAMPED (made an impression) E (European).

18d         Stump, perhaps, as part of crossword is missing (7)
DISMISS –   Hidden in part of crossworD IS MISSing.

21d         Leaders abandoning PM and his very hapless state (6)
MISERY –   Remove the first letters (leaders) from pM hIS vERY.

22d         First-class spinner following bit of advice (3-3)
TIP-TOP –   TOP (spinner) follows a TIP (bit of advice).

24d         Family endlessly raised capital (4)
LIMA –   Remove the letters each end of fAMILy and reverse (raised) what’s left.

26d         Read note, oddly, as expression of anger (4)
RANT –   The odd letters of ReAd NoTe.




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  1. gazza
    Posted July 2, 2015 at 9:25 am | Permalink

    Another great crossword from Virgilius with silky smooth clues as usual. It’s such a pity that so few (compared to the Saturday puzzle) of our usual commenters seem to have a go on Sunday – they don’t know what they’re missing. I agree with 17a being “top favourite” – thanks to the setter and CS for the review,