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Site Problems

A major server failure at the company that hosts this blog meant that access to the blog was unavailable for most of yesterday (Friday 26 June).  Although the site has been moved to a new server, access is still intermittent and anything that was posted on the blog yesterday was lost during the backup procedure.

The hosting company is working to resolve the problems.  Ours was not the only site to be affected.  We hope that normal service will be resumed as quickly as possible but the problems are outside our control.  Please be patient whilst things get back to normal.


Access is available but can be painfully slow.

Prolixic on behalf of Big Dave and the blogging team.

23 comments on “Site Problems

  1. Huge sympathy and good luck wishes for an early and complete “fix”. Thanks again for such a special and joyful site.

    1. Totally agree – I was completely lost yesterday when (imho) we had one of the toughest toughies for a long time. without the usual tints & hips I made no headway whatsoever.

      1. There is no truth in the rumour that it was trying to understand Elgar’s Toughie that gave the server a nervous breakdown

  2. Sorry to hear of your problems with server, I hope this excellent site recovers from them soon ! I,ve finished DT 27,839 and entered it today (correct) with no help !! My Dome is working A1 today. all the best Stu.

  3. How very frustrating for Big Dave and the team. Hope the site is soon back at full strength. Meanwhile, I’ve been over to Alberich crosswords site and have a Prolixic and an Alchemi puzzle to keep me occupied on this rainy morning.

  4. I’ve reposted the hints for DT 27838 which appeared briefly yesterday before the crash – but no time to do the pictures.

  5. good to have you back, I was hoping to find the answer to 5dn of the fiendish Elgar toughie, any one get it?

    1. It’s a large jumper (look up ‘euro’). Reversal of ‘not written’ + ‘rules’ then O(n).

    2. WALLAROO – a large kangaroo also known as a euro. Reverse (about) ORAL LAW (rules not written), and add O(n) from the clue removing the N (spending new).

      1. That was my last in as well. Took ages to understand but it seemed to be the only possible answer.

  6. Thanks for all you are doing. I missed the site very much yesterday and clearly need the help and hints more than I had realised.

  7. I hope things get back to normal soon. Just shows how much we rely on this brilliant site.

  8. I’ve had a sleepless night thinking I’d inadvertently messed you up when I tried to post my first ever blog yesterday – so glad to hear that it’s “only” a hosting server issue!

    I first started trying to do the DT crossword in March, with little success. However I’ve persevered, and slowly improved, thanks to all the tips I’ve picked up over the last few months from your blogs. And yesterday I completed it all by myself. V proud to have finally popped my cherry! Thanks again,

  9. Hi all, re Elgar can anyone put be out of my misery in being completely at a loss with 20d, I have?p?a?h, think it might be splash but have no idea why and going to kick myself i’m sure…

    1. It is: SPL (Scottish Premier League) + ASH (the colour of silver / silverware is).

      I have Dutch’s blog which I will be posting as soon as the site allows me.

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