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Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2800

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment *****

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 14th June 2015

Super Sunday stuff – – The 5* rating reflects the extra  fun that was had solving the wonderful 13d.

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1a           Chapter that is by fellow artist, Bobby’s superior (5,9)
CHIEF CONSTABLE – CH (chapter) IE (id est, that is) F (fellow) CONSTABLE (artist).

9a           Mostly charge male in this case (7)
ATTACHE –   ATTAC[K] (most of attack, charge) plus HE (male).

10a         Messenger or porter, say, carrying letters (7)
APOSTLE –   ALE (porter being a type of ale) with POST inserted (carrying letters).

11a         Succeed in putting some pots in kiln (4)
SINK –   To succeed in putting in a game of golf you SINK the ball – the word is hidden in some potS IN Kiln.

12a         Front of garage, for sure, including large area for drivers (4,6)
GOLF COURSE –   More golf – Gnomey will be pleased –   G (the ‘front’ of Garage) and OF COURSE (to be sure) with L (including Large) inserted.

14a         Customer‘s legal right accepted by court (6)
CLIENT – LIEN (legal right) inserted into (accepted by) CT (abbreviation for court).

15a         Was the cause of something being initially floored (8)
UNDERLAY – To lay under  (was the cause of something) or something put on a floor (initially floored) before the carpet is laid.

17a         Arranged trip with side for game (8)
SPIRITED –   You know you’re to make an anagram – arranged tells you that – but are you looking for a game to be played, a particular group of birds, or, in this case,  where  an informal adjective meaning to have the necessary spirit and willingness for a particular act is obtained by rearranging TRIP and SIDE.

18a         Part of how I think, positioned thus (6)
WITHIN –   Hidden in part of hoW I THINk

21a         Inclined to stress what’s absurdly idealistic (10)
ITALICISED –   An anagram (absurdly) of IDEALISTIC.

22a         Comfortable in soldiers’ arms? Just the opposite (4)
SNUG –   A reversal (just the opposite) of GUNS (arms).

24a         Some ready for new term (7)
COINAGE –   Money (some ‘ready’) ;  or to invent or fabricate (especially a new word).

25a         Unfaithful type that is falsely embracing sweetheart? (7)
ATHEIST –   An anagram (falsely) of THAT IS and E (the ‘heart’ of sweet)

26a         Like a shot from dreadful gun, hit in a style (14)
UNHESITATINGLY – An anagram (dreadful) of GUN HIT IN A STYLE


1d           Definitive Indian drink, in small volume (7)
CLASSIC –   LASSI (Indian drink) in CC (cubic centimetres, small volume).

2d           Getting more extreme, if CIA’s muddled in aim (15)
INTENSIFICATION –   An anagram (muddled) of IF CIAS inserted into INTENTION (aim).

3d           Fine performance given (4)
FACT – F (fine) ACT (performance).

4d           State near Washington — from Baltimore go north (6)
OREGON –   Hidden in BalitmORE GO North.

5d           For personnel provision, it’s smart including a couple of females (8)
STAFFING –   STING (smart) with A (from the clue) and FF (two abbreviations for Female) inserted.

6d           Record in a kind of licence that’s in a sorry state (10)
APOLOGETIC –   A (from the clue) and POETIC (a king of licence) into which is inserted LOG (record).

7d           Creative activity following a line family inserted in article (7,8)
LATERAL THINKING – The sort of activity we’re supposed to use when looking at cryptic crossword clues –   LATERAL (following a line) and KIN (family) inserted into THING (article).

8d           What’s concerning editor in your setter’s solution (6)
REMEDY –   RE (concerning) and ED (editor) inserted into MY (your setter’s).

13d         Cockney’s clue that man concealed loathing for bully (10)
INTIMIDATE –   A strong contender for clue of the week, month, year??   When you see the word ‘Cockney’ you immediately know that they are renowned for dropping the H from their words – so you drop the H from [H]INT (clue) [H]IM (that man) [H]ID (concealed) and [H]ATE (loathing) and you get a verb meaning to bully.

16d         One held by North African on island contracted disease (4-4)
BERI-BERI –   I (one) inserted into (held by) BERBER (North African) and followed by the (contracted) abbreviation for Island.

17d         Joker in school getting cane (6)
SWITCH –  WIT (joker) inserted into SCH (the abbreviation for school).

19d         How stars appear chivalrous in audition (7)
NIGHTLY –   A homophone (in audition) of KNIGHTLY (chivalrous).

20d         Almost escape, imprisoned in North America, part of US (6)
NEVADA –   Almost all of EVAD[E] (escape) imprisoned in or inserted into N A (North America).

23d         Language that is inconclusively put together (4)
THAI –   Remove the last letters (inconclusively) from THAt and Is and put the remaining letters together to get the language.





  1. gazza
    Posted June 25, 2015 at 9:37 am | Permalink

    I agree that 13d is brilliant, but there are so many other excellent clues (17a, 18a and 6d, for example). Thanks to Virgilius and CS.

    • crypticsue
      Posted June 25, 2015 at 10:02 am | Permalink

      True but it’s always best to keep on the right side of Kath.

      • Paso Doble
        Posted June 25, 2015 at 10:18 am | Permalink

        Brilliant puzzle and to quote Gazza…’brilliant 13d’.
        Thanks to CS and to Virgilius who provides us, as always, our favourite puzzle of the week.

  2. molly
    Posted June 30, 2015 at 1:29 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for the work you put in on the review, CS, I know these don’t get many comments due to time lag.
    I love Sunday crosswords. This one may just be the best ever, every clue a winner. All hail Virgilius!