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MPP 037 – Review

Monthly Prize Puzzle – 037

June 2015

A puzzle by Hieroglyph

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Providing you knew what a Nina represents in Crosswordland, this month’s prize puzzle question: “A 2d reveals a work by 16/18ac, who appears unclued. To enter, submit 16/18ac’s pseudonym” was very straightforward. If you didn’t spot what was going on, the grid at the end of the review should make everything clear.

Congratulations to David Broatch who correctly identified Lewis Carroll as the author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. He receives his choice from the Hamlyn Telegraph Puzzle Books.



8a           Poet goes around independent church house (8)
AUDIENCE –   AUDEN (W H, the poet) goes around I (independent) and is followed by CE (Church of England)

9a           Grasp follower without hesitation (4,2)
HANG ON – Remove the ER (without hesitation) from a hanger on (follower)

10a         Tie up 51 attendees (6)
LIGATE –   LI (the Roman numerals for 51) and GATE (attendees)

11a         Jumper and anorak go together (8)
KANGAROO –   An anagram (together) of ANORAK GO.


12a         Person who serves drinks at home, pre-knee surgery (9)
INNKEEPER –   IN (at home) followed by an anagram (surgery) of PREKNEE.


14a         Catty remark – and a response to one? (5)
MIAOW – A ‘remark’ made by a cat or an informal interjection said in response to a spiteful or catty remark.

16/18 [See preamble] (7,7)
20a         Rub out English artist’s mistake at last (5)
ERASE –   E (English) RAS (artist’s) and E (the last letter of mistake).

21a         Typical regulation by the European Union for trees (9)
EUCALYPTI –   EU (European Union) followed by an anagram (regulation) of TYPICAL.

24a         Most blue? Crumpled a tissue, having caught cold (8)
SAUCIEST –   An anagram (crumpled) of A TISSUE plus C (cold).   [Well you didn’t think I was really going to use a saucier postcard than this one, did you?  )


25a         Draws Eastern politician in Times Square (6)
TEMPTS –   E (eastern) MP (politician) put between T and T (times plural) and followed by S (square)

27a         A navy circling, for example, Eastern Australian sea (6)
AEGEAN –   A (from the clue) EG (for example) E (Eastern) A (Australian) N (navy).

28a         One missing sailor posted drugs (8)
ABSENTEE – AB (Able Bodied seaman, sailor) SENT (posted) E E (drugs plural indicates you need two lots of the abbreviation for Ecstasy).


1d           Rampaging dinosaur disregarding large fruit (6)
DURIAN –   Remove the OS (disregarding outsize, large) from an anagram (rampaging) of DINOSAUR.


2d           Girl’s name in America (4)
NINA – N (name) IN (from the clue) A (America).

3d           Came before advance payment was given up (9)
ANTECEDED –   ANTE (advance payment) CEDED (was given up)

4d           King that is imprisoned by another’s more likely to divulge information (7)
LEAKIER –   Insert K (King) and IE (that is) into LEAR (another King).


5d           River starts to run high in New England (5)
RHINE –   The ‘starts’ of Run High In New England.

6d           Engineer getting on left unknown character in a winsome manner (10)
ENGAGINGLY –   ENG (engineer) AGING (getting on) L (left) Y (unknown in mathematics).

7d           Sorrowful party left approximately nothing inside (8)
DOLOROSO –   DO (party) L (left) OR SO (approximately) with O (nothing) inserted.

13d         Soviet leader: Kremlin premier originally having run revolutionary victory (10)
KHRUSHCHEV –   K (the ’premier’ or first letter of Kremlin) H (the ’original’ letter of Having)RUSH (run) CHE (crosswordland’s favourite helpful revolutionary) and V (victory).

15d         One who does awkward strain in bed? (3,6)
CON ARTIST – More often than not in Crosswordland, ‘one who does’ is a char[lady] which explains why there’s a large D’OH written by clue on my test version of this puzzle – a great penny-dropping moment when I realised what the ‘does’ was all about.  An anagram (awkward) of STRAIN inserted into COT (bed).

17d         Male badger – rabid, covered in grass (8)
HERBAGED –   HE (male) followed by an anagram (rabid) of BADGER.

19d         Enthusiast hiding rumpled suit material (7)
FUSTIAN –   FAN (enthusiast) hides an anagram (rumpled) of SUIT.

22d         Note the king’s tie (6)
TETHER – TE (musical note) THE (from the clue) R (Rex, king).

23d         Some clever new writer (5)
VERNE –   Hidden in some of cleVER NEw

26d         List Hieroglyph knew, say (4)
MENU –   ME (how Hieroglyph would refer to himself) and NU (a homophone, say, of knew).


Thank you once again to Hamlyn Books, Hieroglyph and Mrs BD for their parts in this month’s puzzle competition.  Thanks to BD for many things, including this completed grid showing the Nina etc.


7 comments on “MPP 037 – Review

  1. Congratulations David. I got into all sorts of trouble by not initially getting the right name for 2d, but did manage to come to the correct answer. A very good puzzle to unravel.
    Thanks again Hieroglyph and Sue for the review.

  2. Congratulations David, and thanks to Sue for the review. Hope to be back anon :-)

  3. 2D screamed Nina to me (from the word play – as pointed out by CS) but I couldn’t justify it, so put in the wrong answer. It never occurred to me to look up what a nina was …… very sneaky! Thanks to Hieroglyph for a great puzzle and to CS for the review.

  4. Looking back at it, this was a quite an achievement.
    Congratulations to DB for winning the big prize and to Hieroglyph for the super crossword.

  5. To be frank, 2D was the last clue I solved after some difficulty – only then did the light dawn which confirmed the answer!

    Thank you to Big Dave, Hieroglyph and CrypticSue for their efforts and especially to those of you kind enough to leave a comment.

    I look forward to all future NTSPP and MPP offerings with even more determination!!

    All the best.


  6. Congratulations to the winner, what a thrill it is to win! This was a pleasant solve. Didn’t really get 2d until the answer was obvious, but had the author by then anyway. Thanks to all concerned and looking forward to the next one.

  7. I totally messed up a really good puzzle. It’s the first time I have entered and didn’t allot enough time to it (slap wrist!!). Congratulations to David on his win and Hieroglyph for a super puzzle – well done.

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