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DT 27821

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27821

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

This puzzle was published on Saturday, 6th June 2015

As a fellow blogger, it is always interesting to look at Falcon’s National Post Cryptic Forum [use the Links tab above to take you to http://natpostcryptic.blogspot.co.uk/]  and see whether our views on particular crosswords coincide.   The National Post is currently using DT puzzles from December 2014 so I’ll have to wait about six months to see whether he agrees with me that, once you get going, this crossword doesn’t take long to solve, or whether he found that  15a  and 5d were ‘Britishisms’ too far.

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1a           Large building site conceals article (6)
PALACE –   PLACE with A (indefinite article) concealed within.

4a           Knife fight about where the cash is kept mostly (8)
STILETTO –   The first three letters of TILL (where the cash is kept mostly) inserted into a SET TO (fight).

9a           ‘Ring me’, missing the start — call again (6)
RENAME –   Remove the first letter (missing the start) from an ARENA or ring and add ME (from the clue).

10a         Supreme lady holding line (8)
PEERLESS – L (line) inserted into PEERESS.

11a         Fake diamond is a national symbol (8)
SHAMROCK – SHAM (fake) ROCK (diamond).

13a         Racehorse getting one drink after another (6)
CHASER – A horse for steeple-chasing or an informal term for a drink of a different, usually complimentary or contrasting type, drunk immediately after another.   A visit to the BRB provides some other ‘interesting’ definitions of this word.

15a         A comedian’s accessory has fishes caught in a couple of seconds (8,5)
TICKLING STICK –   Despite not being an octogenarian (see the comments on the day), I managed to write this one straight in – LINGS (fishes) go between TICK and TICK (a couple of seconds).

18a         Certain papers harassed one with rich pile (7,6)
PERSIAN CARPET –   An anagram (harassed) of CERTAIN PAPERS.

22a         Kind of oil for wheel (6)
CASTOR  – A medicinal or lubricating oil or a small swivelling wheel attached to furniture.

24a         Who’ll renovate antique luxury car round back of furniture shop (8)
RESTORER –   RR (Rolls-Royce, luxury car) goes round the final (back) letter of furniture and STORE (shop).

26a         Hotly contested seat alarming liberal (8)
MARGINAL –   A liberal anagram of ALARMING.

27a         Old music club put clergyman back in prison (6)
CAVERN –   A reversal (put … back) of REV (clergyman) inserted into CAN (informal term for prison).

28a         Aristocrat and toff leading motor race in France, failing to finish (8)
NOBLEMAN –   NOB (toff) and LE MANs (the French motor race without its last letter –failing to finish).

29a         Guard southern access point (6)
SENTRY – S (southern) ENTRY (access point)


1d           Study South American country’s broadcast (6)
PERUSE –   A homophone (broadcast) of PERU’S.

2d           Ruined ancestral seat of duke (9)
LANCASTER –   An anagram (ruined) of ANCESTRAL.

3d           Cloth that’s white or light blue one-third off put on cape (7)
CAMBRIC –   Cambridge University wear light blue when they race against Oxford – so take one third of the letters away from CAMBRIdge and replace with a C (put on Cape).

5d           Youngster not in employment, education or training on the way up (4)
TEEN –   A reversal (on the way up in a down clue) of the acronym for someone who is Not in Education, Employment or Training.

6d           Charles recycled source of wood (7)
LARCHES –   A recycled anagram of CHARLES.

7d           Taking top off, force lock (5)
TRESS –   Remove the first letter (taking top off) STRESS (force).

8d           Facing the bowlingout! (2,6)
ON STRIKE –   Facing the bowling or out on strike.

12d         Group of settlers pass over US city (6)
COLONY –   COL (mountain pass) O (over) NY (New York, US city).

14d         Prisoner on good terms with officer (6)
INMATE – IN (on good terms with) MATE (ship’s officer).

16d         Cross between religious groups (9)
INTERSECT – a verb meaning to cross might, if split 5-4 mean between religious groups or sects.

17d         Health resort with endless fix for long-distance travellers (8)
SPACEMEN – SPA (health resort) and CEMENt (to fix without the last letter – endless).

19d         Have a thing about unusual doilies (7)
IDOLISE –   I quite like doilies on cake plates but I’ve never elevated them to idol status. An anagram (unusual) of DOILIES.

20d         Bête noire, fear of dogs perhaps (3,4)
PET HATE –   Not sure I need to explain this one.

21d         Drink of unknown manufacture? (6)
BRANDY –   Split the solution 5,1 and the rest of the clue makes sense.

23d         Abandon  wild country (5)
SCRUB –   An informal term meaning to abandon plans etc; country covered with bushes or low trees.

25d         Things used to cook up long story (4)
SAGA –   A reversal of AGAS, things used to cook.



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    1. Thanks John. I’d like to claim it was a deliberate error to ensure at least one comment in what a fellow blogger refers to as the ‘deserted wastelands of the weekend review’ but sadly it wasn’t. Can I blame the worst hay fever I’ve had for years and years instead? http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cry.gif

  1. I endorse your recommendation of Falcon’s blog. The fact that the Canadians are almost 6 months behind us means that I’ve usually totally forgotten what I’ve written in the blog and Falcon nearly always has a new, and interesting, take on the clues.
    I don’t think that this one will remain long in the memory, but thanks to Mr Ron and CS for the review,

  2. I was visiting the UK and bought the Saturday Telegraph with this Prize Crossword. I thought that I was doing very well completing everything except for 10a and 5d. However, I now find that it was not helped by my incorrect 7d. I had TRIPS from “force lock” and “taking the top off” being STRIPS. Ah well!!! Thanks for the answers though as I was wondering how I could get hold of them now that I am back home.

  3. Enjoyed this a lot. Possibly helped by a sunny weekend in Cornwall!

    Just a point about 25a. Myself and a fellow solver separately noted that HEIRLESS could be an alternative answer. I plumped for Peerless as it is a more common word, but the alternative seems equally valid.

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