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ST 2798

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2798

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 31st May 2015

Morning All! I found this one relatively straightforward but as usual there were some wonderful clues here.

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7a           Vessel held back in middle of trip for so long (8)
FAREWELL – A EWER (vessel) reversed and contained (held back in) the middle of a FALL or trip – FA(REWE)LL

9a           Company at the point of producing voucher (6)
COUPON – A charade of CO (company) and UPON for at the point of.

10a         End of road more affected by freeze, hence more dangerous (6)
DICIER – The end letter of (roa)D followed by ICIER – more affected by freeze.

11a         Authorise priest seizing house in this state (8)
OKLAHOMA – OK for authorise and then HO (the abb. of House) inside a LAMA/priest.

12a         Common complaint taken on as responsibility not warmly embraced (4-10)
COLD-SHOULDERED – The COLD is the common complaint/illness. Add SHOULDERED for ‘taken on as responsibility’ as in a burden.

15a         Was familiar with central character in Dickens novel (4)
KNEW – The middle or central character in (dic)K(ens) and NEW for novel. Nice deception!.

17a         Person wandering, in their right mind? On the contrary (5)
NOMAD – If someone is contrary to being in their right mind the answer might be NO, MAD!

19a         Non-U first performance that’s outstanding (4)
DEBT – Remove the U (non-U) from a DEB(u)T or first performance.

20a         Tailor still reserving expensive shiny material (8,6)
STERLING SILVER – Make an anagram of (or tailor as a verb) STILL RESERVING.

23a         Subject to diversion as one’s entering key area (8)
DISTRACT – Place IS (one’s = I’S) inside the musical key of D and a TRACT or area of land.

25a         Producer of old pictures, some requiring restoration (6)
INGRES – Hidden in (some of) requirING REStoration. Luckily I saw the hidden word indicator as I didn’t know the old artist.

27a         Pay to serve and start fighting (6)
ENGAGE – Two definitions – to engage the services of and to engage in battle.

28a         Keyboard player in trio sang poorly (8)
ORGANIST – A nice easy anagram (poorly) of TRIO SANG to finish the across clues.


1d           Prepare to take off burden placed on one (4)
TAXI – As an aircraft on a runway. A TAX or burden placed on top of (on in a down clue) I for one.

2d           Supporting male that’s upset, in difficult situation (6)
BEHIND – A HE (male) reversed or upset in a down clue inside a BIND/difficult situation.

3d           Part of mathematical solution in addition (4)
ALSO – Another hidden word inside (part of) mathematicAL SOlution.

4d           Mounted like fish or reptile (6)
SCALED – A definition (e.g. got up) and then a cryptic – fish and reptiles have scales.

5d           Date and hour arranged, as written (8)
AUTHORED – An anagram (arranged) of both DATE and HOUR.

6d           Record I had accomplished hard to beat (10)
FORMIDABLE – A FORM or record then I’D (I HAD) and finally ABLE for accomplished or adept.

8d           Like many pots holding a little corn at that point (7)
EARTHEN – an EAR of corn followed by THEN (at that point).

13d         Knowing all income isn’t redistributed (10)
OMNISCIENT – An anagram, indicated by redistributed, of INCOME ISNT.

14d         Take strength from male soldier in international force? (5)
UNMAN – A male soldier in international force might cryptically be described as a UN (United Nations) MAN

16d         Singer finding warmth in clothing (8)
WHEATEAR – Not a songbird that I was familiar with but in any case place HEAT (warmth) inside WEAR or clothing.

18d         Spirited sprinting (7)
DASHING – Two definitions, the former a tad archaic nowadays.

21d         How some German music sounds for important member of orchestra (6)
LEADER – This is a homophone of LIEDER which is the German plural noun for song e.g. how it sounds.

22d         Caption, for example, needed in advance (6)
LEGEND – EG – the abb. of ‘for example’ inside LEND or advance (money).

24d         City impacted by long-term investment effort? Nothing in it (4)
TROY – Place O for nothing inside TRY for effort. My favourite clue of the day.

26d         Player in deal, as featured in very successful movie (4)
EAST – Place AS (it is featured in) E.T. one of Crosswordland’s favourite movies.

Thanks to Mr Greer for a cracking puzzle. I’ll see you all next week.

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  1. Cracking puzzle indeed – thanks to Mr Greer for the customary Sunday treat and to Gnomey for the write-up. Out of a long list of super candidates I’ll pick 7a, 22d and 24d as my top clues.

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