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DT 27814

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27814

Hints and tips by Deep Threat

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BD Rating – Difficulty *Enjoyment ***

Bonjour from Camping Le Soleil at Argelès-sur-Mer on the Mediterannean coast of France on a beautiful sunny morning.

I haven’t been getting my usual fix of crosswords this week, being away from the paper, and having had less access to the internet than usual. Having said that, I found this a remarkably gentle offering from the Friday maestro. I’m told he has a significant birthday next week, so perhaps he’s saving something up for us.

In the hints below, the definitions are underlined. The answers are hidden under the ‘Click here!’ buttons, so don’t click if you don’t want to see them.

Please leave a comment telling us what you thought. You can also add your assessment by selecting from one to five stars at the bottom of the post.



1a           Pal is hot, ill — doctor may be here (8)
HOSPITAL – Anagram (ill) of PAL IS HOT.

6a           Humble way followed by saint (6)
MODEST – A way of procedding followed by an abbreviation for saint.

9a           Counsellor taking fellows to eminence in Devon? (6)
MENTOR – Put together some fellows and one of the rocky hills seen in Devon.

10a         Representative of death in play? (8)
SALESMAN – A commercial representative, one whose death is reported in the title of a play by Arthur Miller.

Image result for death of a salesman

11a         Vehicle taking hundred to match, first to leave (8)
CARRIAGE – The Roman numeral for hundred followed by a match or union with its first letter removed (first to leave).

12a         Pimple at side of leg? You’ve got it! (4,2)
SPOT ON – Another word for a pimple followed by another word for the leg side at cricket.

13a         Procedural matter that is troubling to poor friend (5,2,5)
POINT OF ORDER – ~Anagram (troubling) of TO POOR FRIEND.

16a         Component of birthday tea? That’s very easy! (1,5,2,4)
A PIECE OF CAKE – Double definition, the first being something you get at a birthday party.

19a         Olympic event brings endless debate (6)
DISCUS – Remove the final S from a debate to get an Olympic field event.

Image result for discobolus

21a         Much less solitary with others being brought in (3,5)
LET ALONE – The Latin abbreviation for with or and others, placed inside a word for solitary.

23a         Private home, the thing gone round by friend (8)
INTIMATE – Put together a word for ‘at home’, the reversal of a pronoun for ‘the thing’, and a friend.

24a         Saturn maybe in lecture (6)
ROCKET – This lecture or telling-off is also the name of the object that a Saturn V is or was.

25a         Bishop has amusing setback (6)
BLIGHT – The chess notation for a bishop, followed by a word for amusing, the opposite of serious or heavy.

26a         Waters flowing back — chaps collected sludge (8)
SEDIMENT – Reverse (back) a word for the flowing of sea waters, and put some chaps inside.


2d           Zero quiet periods in staged entertainments (6)
OPERAS – Put together the letter which looks like a zero, the musical symbol for quiet, and some geological periods.

3d           Disciple repentant finally, embraced by Lord (5)
PETER – A lovely all-in-one clue describing the apostle who denied Christ, then repented. The last letter of repentanT inside one of the members of the House of Lords.

4d           Avert the face from performance with a team going under (4,5)
TURN ASIDE – A stage act or performance followed by A (from the clue) and another word for a sports team.

5d           Most juicy book about powerful female — desire to get hold of it (7)
LUSHEST – The title of a novel by H Rider Haggard (or Mrs Rumpole in Rumpole of the Bailey) inside a word for desire.

Image result for she haggard

6d           A long way for Davis, the jazz musician (5)
MILES – A gentle double definition, the second being the first name of the American jazz trumpeter.
ARVE Error: need id and provider

7d           Head of Department is leading programme of study, giving lecture (9)
DISCOURSE – An academic lecture this time, rather than the telling-off in 24a. The first letter of Department followed by IS (from the clue) and a programme of study.

8d           Experienced diner may want food thus enhanced (8)
SEASONED – A word for experienced which is also what you get when you add salt and pepper to your dinner.

13d         Power coming to pulpit activity (9)
PREACHING – An abbreviation for Power followed by a verb meaning ‘coming to’ or ‘arriving at’.

14d         Female over coffee looking embarrassed to be buttered up (9)
FLATTERED – Put together Female, a variety of coffee drink, and the colour you go when embarrassed.

15d         Voluntary work gets a lot in after training (8)
OPTIONAL – A Latin abbreviation for a (musical) work followed by an anagram (after training) of A LOT IN.

17d         Shows hesitation, fine changes being needed (7)
FALTERS – An abbreviation for Fine followed by a verb meaning ‘changes’.

18d         One who may be looking for a permanent job involving some winter nights (6)
INTERN – Hidden in the clue.

20d         Good-looking products finally taken to market (5)
SMART – The final letter of productS followed by a market.

22d         See copper, male who may be standing in for colleague? (5)
LOCUM – Put together a word meaning ‘See!’ or ‘Behold!’, the chemical symbol for copper, and Male.

The Quick Crossword pun PARR + TEPEES = PARTY PIECE

96 comments on “DT 27814

  1. Not quite 16a but almost.

    The whole of the NE quarter was my favourite.
    Kath will probably have apoplexy.http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/icon_redface.gif

    1. Just say you don’t have a favourite clue, but you do have a favourite corner. Problem solved :).

  2. R&W/2.5*. This was 16a! I’ll threaten to do a Paddy Ashdown and eat my hat if this was set by Giovanni.

    Many thanks to the setter and to DT.

    1. I thought old Paddy missed a trick by not producing a hat made of rice paper and claiming that was the hat he’d meant all along.

      1. Good thought! Most others seem to think this was set by the Don so I’d better go out and get myself some rice paper just in case …

          1. Can you send it over by courier immediately please? And a portion of humble pie to follow!

    2. I agree that it doesn’t feel like a Giovanni – I don’t own a hat so I’ll just have to leave that bit to you.

  3. Took me just into 2* time, but 90% of it done in 1* time. I found it to be enjoyable. Thanks to DT and Giovanni **/***

  4. Thanks to Giovanni and to Deep Threat for the review and hints. A very nice puzzle, but very straightforward. Last in was 10a. Favourite was 24a. Was 1*/3* for me. Off to Weymouth for the day.

  5. Thank you DG – agreed, one of the easier ones and it felt rather unDG like. Thanks DT for your review and hints – and for breaking into your holiday to do all the work. It’s raining here !

  6. Ditto re 16a. Plain sponge, no icing. Thanks to the setter and to DT, especially since you are on holidays. Have a great weekend all.

  7. */***

    I can’t believe this is the Don. No obscure references, not left cowering behind a chair. However there is a biblical clue, which incidentally is my favourite.

    Fine Friday fun.

    Many thanks to the Don? And to DT for blogging, enjoy your holiday.

    And to everyone else, enjoy your weekend.

  8. Would agree with the rating until the SW corner which was a real struggle and certainly pushed it into the 2 if not 2.5 for difficulty for me. Most of the top was R&W with 1a probably the easiest anagram Giovanni has ever set.
    What a great clue 24a! Saw one of these at the Kennedy Space Centre with jets attached with the biggest nuts and bolts ever seen!
    Many thx to the Master for an enjoyable diversion and to DT for explaining 21a, et al indeed! Very good!http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_good.gif

  9. Stretched to two cups of tea but can’t award more than a */***,couple of d’oh moments with Rider Haggard and the Latin ‘others’ plus the’ Millers Tale’- never did see the film. Anyway it’s Friday and curry and bear night-hope the cricket is not a wash out.Oh and thanks to DT for the review pics.

    1. Friday nights. Ten pints a curry and a fight without the curry or the fight. Perfect.

  10. We thought that this was going to be 16a to begin with but got stuck on a few clues later on, so a **/*** for us today. Thanks for The Don and to Deep Threat for a most enjoyable puzzle and blog.

  11. Almost R & W with just a couple of sticking points but in retrospect can’t imagine why so. Should have left cruciverbal activity for later because early a.m was beautifully sunny but now the storm clouds are gathering and we are certainly in for it so garden activity will have to be delayed. Toughie here I come! Thank you Setter for pleasant and easy ride and also TVM DT for being on hand. **/***. http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_good.gif

  12. Can’t believe this is a Friday puzzle. Much more straightforward than most.
    lots of good clues, and favourite is 26a.
    Thanks to setter and to DT for working on holiday.

  13. Hat-eating can commence. Good to see some in London last week. In answer to suspicions aroused earlier, I will be making multiple appearances next Tuesday, including as Giovanni in the Toughie.

    1. http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_whistle3.gif
      I’m off to get some rice paper.

      I’d probably be more successful as a Lib Dem politician than a crossword setter detective.

      Many thanks for an easy but enjoyable puzzle.

    2. Many happy returns for your birthday Don. I shall look forward to the Toughie. Can we expect to see you in the ST at all, either this week ot next?

      Many thanks for today. 3d is magnificent.

  14. I agree with anyone who doesn’t think this was set by Giovanni. <1* difficulty and 3* for enjoyment.
    10a was my last answer and I was a bit slow with 24a but, apart from those two, no hold-ups at all.
    I liked 21a and 5 and 14d.
    With thanks to whoever set this one and to Deep Threat.
    I don't think the poor chap in the piccy for 19a is going to have much luck in any athletic event – he hasn't done anything yet and he's already hurt his leg.

    1. How come no-one has commented that the poor chap who’s hurt his leg is dressed in the same garb as the lady with the harp was wearing yesterday? i.e. the emperor’s new clothes.

  15. Good fun in bed this morning is all I have to say about this puzzle.

    Thanks Don and Thanks to Peter for the Miles Davis clip. Sublime. I hope you can keep that sort of standard up. I am only an email away if you need tasteful musical suggestions.

      1. It is good, isnt it. There are several versions with varied lyrics, humour and timing tricks. I had tickets to see them in Manchester a couple of years ago but messed up the dates and missed it. Where was I when the gig was actually being played? About 20 miles from Manchester with nothing to do!!! Check out her Daily Mail song

        1. Miffypops, what can I say?

          I missed harp woman yesterday, Ms. Palmer was more ‘visible’. Ridiculously funny, The Daily Mail, wrong about everything, all of the time.

          You must have been gutted to miss her live. Either way if you’re at the BD birthday bash next year I owe you a drink, in thanks for Bellow head and Amanda Palmer.

  16. Even we thought this was a very benign puzzle for a Friday, but all the more enjoyable as far as we are concerned. The multiple word answers were straightforward, so they are my collective favourite!! Thank you to the Friday setter and to DT.

  17. That was a gentle challenge for a Friday! I kept expecting a sting in the tail, but it never materialised. Still very enjoyable though, and 13d was my favourite. 2*/3* overall.
    Thanks to DG, and DT out there in the sun for the review….

  18. **/*** – the second star for difficulty was because I couldn’t parse 22d but knew that must be the answer. Thanks to DT for the explanation and enjoy Argeles – many happy memories for me in that area – and thanks to the setter for a relatively gentle challenge. The weather here is glorious so BBQ today.

  19. I’d seen DT’s one star rating before we started so I was a little concerned that we only got six of the acrosses on first pass. However, we went on to get all of the downs and after that the remaining acrosses just sort of filled themselves in. Definitely a */**** from us.
    It might have been easy but we enjoyed it while it lasted.

    Many thanks and Many Happy Returns to Giovanni and ta also to DT.

  20. I share the opinion of those who doubt whether this is the work of Mr. Manley, in fact after the first couple of clues it seemed odds on that he had a 22d.

    Some of the clues – 6d, 7d, 13d for example – were more typical of Rookie Corner to be honest. The anagram in 1a was very un-Donlike and too much of 15a.

    It was more functional than enjoyable I felt, and no specific clue stood out from the rest for me.

    Thanks to Deep Threat and to whoever the setter was.

    1. Those who love Mr Manley will have a field day next Tuesday as he is in all 5 main newspapers in celebration of a significant birthday. The rest of us will just have to go out and buy the Sun or the Mail to get a decent crossword.

  21. Thought this was going to be a doddle at first, then got completely held up in bottom RH corner..sorry SE corner….because I had ‘not alone’ for 21a which made 17d a problem. Eventually realised I must have a wrong letter in 21a and had to resort to the hints…then all became clear and finished right away. Great clue for 6d…..excellent…have you heard him playing Concierto De Aranjuez by Rodrigo on the album Sketches of Spain?…..fabulous! Very enjoyable puzzle, thanks to setter and DT for the hints. **/***

  22. Definitely a 16a.A preponderance of lectures, 7d, 24a, and almost 19a. 10 a was a great clue. Fun while it lasted.
    Thanks to all concerned.

  23. Thanks for all the tips and comments. How funny that you are in Argeles, Deep Threat. I live about 4 kms away in St Andre. Nice weather, innit?

  24. Good grief – almost two R&Ws in a row! The Don is doubtless putting all his fiendishness to work on his masterpieces for next week.
    Just a couple of slight hold-ups in this one – 11a I wanted (g)ame at the end for a while and 24a where I couldn’t initially get beyond the heavenly body. Very much liked 21a & 3d but winner is definitely 10a. 4* for enjoyment.

    Many thanks to DG for allowing us to dispense with the reference books for once and to DT for breaking into his holiday to bring us the review. I always enjoy your reviews, despite the fact that you often rate puzzles as far easier than I have found them to be! PLEASE promise me that you won’t ever take MP up on his offer to supply you with ‘tasteful musical suggestions’. http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_negative.gif

    1. I can do “Everybody Taste” if you want the pap Jane. I can do my taste if you want the high end of the scale and I can do high end popular. I chose this just for you Jane

      Not many people know of it.

      1. I enjoyed this enormously, but then I have very catholic musical taste – from this to Motorhead and everything* in between.

        * well, not country and western. Obviously…

        1. Hi AD – does that possibly include REO Speedwagon? If so – and you’re sufficiently IT savvy – please put on a clip of them. I’ve been wanting to find out how to do so for ages!

          1. And I chose this one for you, Jane …

            1. Music – fine, I could dance to that.
              Words – didn’t get a ‘word’ of them……..possibly a bonus?
              ps – the young lady with the pony tail and tambourine looked a bit out of place!

              1. One of the greatest riffs of all time, played by two of the best guitarists around. I can assure you, had you been at The Garage in Islinington last night, you would have danced yourself into oblivion while your ears bled.
                PS the “young lady” is not so young (she’s Mrs CP) and normally plays keyboards (well).

      2. ‘clicked’ in much trepidation but – just this once – you may have 10 out of ten, MP.
        Don’t let it go to your head. http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_smile.gif

      3. And I selected this one for you MP …

        1. Despite being unable to force you all to listen in with me (much to MP’s relief) I just watched REO Speedwagon on YouTube. The clip was followed by another from Air Supply……..tonight just gets better and better. http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_yes.gif

  25. I saw this as a gimme until l noticed that my 17d didn’t really work. That was because l had ”all alone” for 21a (well, it works after a fashion!). So in all honesty l must go for 1.5*/3*. 23a is my favourite clue. Thanks to the setter, and to DT.

  26. Very new to this but learning a lot I hope! Did a few on my own to start with, was really chuffed with 14d. Thanks for your help.

    1. Welcome to the blog, Alison. Now that you’ve introduced yourself I hope that you’ll become one of our regulars.

      1. Welcome Alison. As Jane and Gazza have said, I hope you stick around. You learn a lot, everyone is more than helpful and it does become addictive.

          1. It is a very inclusive place Alison. Although Jane and I have an aversion to golf.

  27. Did get the time to have a go after all.
    And it was over a bit too soon I felt.
    Thanks to the Don and to DT for the review.

  28. We agree that it is not as difficult as most Friday puzzles but we still found it satisfying to work with such well-crafted clues. A pleasant first course to go before the delightful Toughie for the main.
    Thanks Giovanni and DT.

  29. Not bad – a few clues that I really don’t like though (10a, 5d and 21a) – although maybe that’s because I found them hardest?

    1. You’ve changed your email address since your last comment (in 2010) so this needed moderation. Welcome back!

    2. I’d pretty much go along with you re: 5d but 10a was my favourite and 21a was up there too. Fascinating to see how we all differ – vive la difference!

  30. Heavens. A write in (very rare for me) apart from 5, 10 and 11. And having looked at the hints I cannot see why, but these rang no bells at all. Doesn’t make me feel good at all. Only excuse is that I don’t think about She as a book (even the film was “old” when I first saw it) but that is entirely my problem. Thanks to DG and DT. Now off to work out why electronic aids did not help with 10. Probably my utter deception by the clue.

  31. I think the Don is getting easier as he ages. The other week I completed one of his in a traffic jam and now this sunny but straightforward R&W. Much as I liked it, I would have preferred a more rigorous workout. However, the splendid 10a gets him an extra 2 stars – it’s got to be one of the all-time great clues. 1*/4*
    Many thanks to the Don and to DT, whose camping holiday seems be retracing the camping holidays I had when the kids were small. I lost my middle son on the beach at Argeles at night for 15 minutes as he had wandered off. It was one of the worst quarter hours of my life as we hunted and shouted. He was three. Found eventually by No1 son quite happily playing with a stick. Blimey

    1. Perhaps Tstrummer. When we feel at ease today and ask for more, next week we will eat our words. And our hats!

      I hope today saw slightly more movement in your hand.

      1. It gets better every day, but I still can’t play guitar or hold a golf club. Some way to go, I fear

    2. Hi TS – watch out for next week is my gut feeling!
      Speaking of ‘gut’ – should you really have been taking your own stitches out? http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_scratch.gif

        1. Umm….the only ones I’ve ever had have been in my back and another rather more personal place (the latter courtesy of two daughters who decided to make spectacular entrances into the world). Didn’t really have the option of DIY in either instance, so never considered it!

            1. Hopefully – plans are in the pipeline, just waiting for BD to say if, when and where.
              Probably a little early to get him to commit at this stage?

              If you also get there, I promise to show you the stitch marks – well, the ones on my back!!! http://bigdave44.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_smile.gif

              1. Hopefully BD is waiting for Coventry RFCs fixture list to be published so he can choose a date that suits me.

  32. How doable was that! Thank you very much Giovanni. This was delightful and so elegant in its simplicity. Favourite was 10a followed by 23a, followed by the sublime William Byrd. Thank you very much DT for giving up your time whilst on holiday. Happy birthday to The Don and enjoy your holiday DT.

  33. Almost r&w, quite straightfoward at any rate until my last in 24a, which I really can’t reconcile as a lecture, which to me is rather more of a dissection of ones failings rather than the volley of abuse that the answer implies. Hey ho – I had the answer, I just didn’t write it in ;)

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