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ST 2796

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2796

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty */**Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 17th May 2015

Although you solve the Sunday crossword and parse as you go along (or when you’ve finished),  there’s always another bit of cleverness that you only spot when you’re the lucky person doing the review.  Well that’s what I think anyway.

Please leave a comment telling us what you thought.  You can also add your assessment by selecting from one to five best!


1a           Place for union resistance, say — is effort spoiled by hostility? (8,6)
REGISTRY OFFICE – R (resistance) EG (say) IS (from the clue) TRY (effort) OFF (spoiled) ICE (hostility). Add me to the list of people who’d use what the BRB refers to as “the less common but strictly correct term” – REGISTER – for this wedding venue.

9a           Mostly naive art morphs into another form (7)
VARIANT –   Most of NAIVe and ART ‘morphs into’ (nice anagram indicator!)  VARIANT (another form).

10a         Slippery European capable of shocking, taking us in (7)
ELUSIVE –   E (European) LIVE (capable of giving you an electric shock) with US (from the clue) inserted.

11a         Where people go for spring or start of summer each year (3)
SPA –   The ‘start’ of Summer and PA (per annum, each year).

12a         French artist upset at clue about evil spirit (6,5)
CLAUDE MONET –   An anagram (upset) of AT CLUE put round a DEMON (evil spirit).

14a         Lives finally chronicled by British author (6)
DWELLS –   The final letter of chronicleD and [HG] WELLS, the British author.

15a         It’s left here for drivers — and elsewhere, right? (8)
NEARSIDE –   If you drive in the United Kingdom, the ‘nearside’ of your car is on the left.   In quite a lot of other countries, the nearside would be on the right.

17a         Noble  leaves much to be desired? (4,4)
EARL GREY –   A nobleman who became Prime Minister in the 19th Century or a type of tea. (Unlike BD I can’t stand the stuff and much prefer a lovely mug of PG Tips –  I’m drinking one now as I get the review ready for tomorrow morning).

19a         Sweet child confined within crèche? Rubbish (6)
CHERUB –   Hidden in crèCHE RUBbish

22a         The Guinness drunk without prior inspection (5,6)
SIGHT UNSEEN –   An anagram (drunk) of THE GUINNESS.

23a         Pulse from athlete’s first taken after workout (3)
PEA – PE (physical exercise, workout) and A (the first letter of Athlete).

24a         From old capital I’m returning Japanese art (7)
ORIGAMI – O (old) RIGA (capital of Latvia) and a reversal (returning) of IM.

26a         Ridicule a person in seat — fool around (7)
LAMPOON –   LOON (fool) goes round A (from the clue) and MP (person in seat).

27a         Reconstructed mine, and acted to clear of pollution (14)
DECONTAMINATED –   A reconstructed anagram of MINE AND ACTED TO.


1d           Is Rev repeatedly disturbed about editor over sacred text? (7,7)
REVISED VERSION –   Two separate anagrams (disturbed) of IS REV, the first goes before ED and the second goes before ON (about).

2d           Refuse to put front of BMW under cover (7)
GARBAGE –   The first letter (front) of BMW is put ‘under cover’ in a GARAGE.

3d           It pointedly illuminates English cunning in insult (11)
SEARCHLIGHT –   E (English) and ARCH (cunning) put into SLIGHT (insult).

4d           Religious ceremony contributing to spirituality (6)
RITUAL –   Hidden in, or contributing to spiRITUALity.

5d           Exaggerates more than some females (8)
OVERDOES – OVER (more than) DOES (female deer).

6d           Infection reduced and passed quickly, from what we hear (3)
FLU – A ‘reduced’ or abbreviated way of referring to influenza is a homophone (from what we hear) of FLEW (passed quickly).

7d           One in church opposed to Italian red (7)
CHIANTI –   CH (church) I (one) ANTI (opposed to).

8d           Silly female put away her book and showered (7-7)
FEATHER-BRAINED –   F (female) EAT (put away) HER (from the clue) B (book) and RAINED (showered).

13d         Sing amidst mythical sea creatures in ships (11)
MERCHANTMEN –   CHANT (sing) is inserted into MERMEN (mythical sea creatures).

16d         Prepare to serve more that’s raw, not initially on menu, for example (2-6)
RE-ENLIST –   Remove the first letter (not initially) from GREEN (raw) and follow with LIST (menu, for example).

18d         Kind of music newspaper issue sent up (7)
RAGTIME –   RAG (newspaper) followed by a reversal (sent up) of EMIT (issue)

20d         Talk informally over wine, producing affinity (7)
RAPPORT –   RAP (talk informally) PORT (wine).

21d         Wrongly blamed for mayhem (6)
BEDLAM –   An anagram (wrongly) of BLAMED.

25d         Trouble and woe, in regular instalments (3)
ADO –   More often than not regular means that you should take the even letters of a word/words. Here the odd letters of AnD wOe should be used to find another word for trouble.



4 comments on “ST 2796

  1. Sunday wouldn’t be Sunday without one of the maestro’s puzzles. Another pleasant solve, thank you to V & to CS.

    CS if you like PG Tips then try a cup of Yorkshire Gold preferably brewed using loose tea – it’s the Rolls Royce of teas IMHO.

  2. For many years, I was under the misapprehension that the more common but incorrect term was register office. Eventually I looked it up and found that I had been completely wrong. If I had never done that, I’d have had no trouble with this clue but then discovered the truth in the comments.

    I too like PG Tips. Also, perhaps surprisingly, Sainsbury’s Red Label. Perhaps I should try Spindrift’s recommendation too. Earl Grey tastes like someone has dropped a boiled sweet into a cup of tea.

  3. I wasn’t aware until I read Rabbit Dave’s comment on the ‘Hints’ blog that Registry Office is an incorrect term, so once again I’ve learnt something. Thanks to Virgilius for another great puzzle and to CS for the explanations.

  4. Thanks for 15a. I thought it might be that after my comments on the hints blog.
    I also thought registry was correct.
    As for the tea, I am definitely a Darjeeling kind of guy.
    Thanks to CS.

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