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ST 2793

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2793

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **/***Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 26th April 2015

The usual Sunday service from Virgilius, including, although you might not notice it unless you were preparing this review, a  lesson in the use of the  letter P  as an abbreviation .   I think we all agreed that the penny-dropping moment that was 23a has to be clue of the day.

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1a           Thus take advantage of capturing pawn, resulting in mate (6)
SPOUSE –   SO USE (thus take advantage of) with a P inserted (capturing Pawn).

4a           Lists characters in period pieces (6)
SPELLS – Lists the characters in a word; periods of time.

8a           Stimulant reduced — that’s a blow (8)
UPPERCUT –   UPPPER (stimulant) CUT (reduced).

10a         Minister and a politician get in better shape (6)
REVAMP –   REV (minister) A (from the clue) MP (politician).

11a         Something funny about king in court paper (4)
WRIT – WIT (something funny) put about R (Rex, king).

12a         I, with car, returned piece of furniture not matched by others (10)
INIMITABLE –   Reverse (returned) I MINI (I with car) and follow with a TABLE (piece of furniture).

13a         Widespread affluence in Australia, for example (12)
COMMONWEALTH –    COMMON (widespread) WEALTH (affluence)

16a         Lines European put in not edited and not disputed (12)
UNCHALLENGED –   LL (the abbreviation for line twice – lines) and E (European) inserted into UNCHANGED (not edited).

20a         Father tore part of coat — it’s a state he’s in (10)
PARENTHOOD – PA (father) RENT (tore) HOOD (part of coat).

21a         Piano accompanying song or two (4)
PAIR – P (piano) with AIR (song).

22a         Highly competent guide retraces her path, but not entirely (6)
SHERPA –   Highly being relevant as this competent guide takes climbers up Everest and can be found hidden in part of (not entirely) retraceS HER PAth

23a         What’ll turn us into most powerful country? (5,3)
SHIFT KEY –   The last one in for most of us –   using the shift key would turn us into US, the abbreviation for the world’s most powerful country.

24a         Provide  in flexible way (6)
SUPPLY –   Depending on how you pronounce it, this word can mean either to provide something;  or pliant and yielding.

25a         Again show power in a kind of race (6)
REPLAY –   We started the Across clues with P used as an abbreviation and we  finish with another example, this time for Power, inserted into a RELAY race.


1d           Stupidly sue prior or head of monastery (8)
SUPERIOR –   An anagram (stupidly) of SUE PRIOR.

2d           It’s inside cover, though not hidden (5)
OVERT –   Clever to hide a word meaning not hidden inside cOVER Though.

3d           Notices needing to be reorganised, in part (7)
SECTION –   An anagram (to be reorganized) of NOTICES.

5d           Incomplete painting, one framed by friend (7)
PARTIAL – PAL (friend) frames ART (painting) and I (one).

6d           Sea-monster left a haven it disturbed (9)
LEVIATHAN –   L (left) followed by an anagram (disturbed) of A HAVEN IT.

7d           Be visibly pleased about current device, comparatively speaking (6)
SIMILE –   SMILE (be visibly pleased) with I (electrical current) inserted.

9d           Extinct reptile as inspiration for poetry in bizarre script (11)
TRICERATOPS –   The muse of poetry ERATO inserted into an anagram (bizarre) of SCRIPT.

14d         Put in mouth after short time, consume inferior cheese (9)
MOUSETRAP – MO (short period of time) USE (consume) TRAP (slang term for the mouth).

15d         From food store, extremely useful service for the housebound (8)
DELIVERY –   DELI (food store) VERY (extremely).

17d         Endlessly hear everything, and express disapproval (7)
CATCALL –   CATCh (remove the last letter from another way of saying hear something) plus ALL (everything).

18d         Rum diluted for protesting worker (7)
LUDDITE –   An anagram (rum) of DILUTED.

19d         Gently stroke husband, so upset it arouses pity (6)
PATHOS –   PAT (gently stroke) H (husband) and a reversal (upset in a Down clue) of SO.

21d         Penny and others making bit of a bloomer (5)
PETAL – A final  example of P as an abbreviation, this time for penny.   P  plus ET AL (a Latin abbreviation for ‘and the rest’).


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  1. We enjoyed this as always with a Virgilius Sunday. Didn’t win the pen though. I suppose we should have sent the form in.

  2. Great stuff – thanks to V & CS. I hadn’t realised, until I investigoogled it whilst doing the crossword, that Australia’s official name is the Commonwealth of Australia – another example of crosswords, like the BBC, educating, informing and entertaining.
    My favourite clue, like everyone’s, is the brilliant 23a.

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