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ST 2792

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2792

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 19th April 2015

As usual Sunday morning brings one of the best puzzles of the week.   Thank you once again to Virgilius.

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7a           Granted it’s extremely good? Outstanding (8)
BESTOWED –   BEST (extremely good) OWED (outstanding).

9a           Part of plant — here it is (6)
ANTHER –   How kind to tell Kath where to look for the hidden word to be found in plANT HERe.

10a         German prince warning about British (6)
ALBERT – B (British) put inside ALERT (warning).

11a         Doctor I can sue about new pain in neck (8)
NUISANCE –   An anagram (doctor) of I CAN SUE and N (new).

12a         Bartender’s act I misconstrued as disorganised (14)
SCATTERBRAINED –   An anagram (misconstrued) of BARTENDERS ACT I.

15a         Place for eating  dog’s breakfast (4)
MESS –   Where military personnel eat their meals, or the meaning of the informal expression ‘dog’s breakfast’.

17a         Beaten by five or ten in this upset (5)
SIXTH –   The Roman numeral for 10 – X – inserted into an anagram (upset) of THIS.

19a         Plant copied down as part of intersecting answer (4)
DILL –   Copied from  part of the solution to 6d which intersects with this answer.

20a         Condition and train in certain way to produce this? (14)
INDOCTRINATION –   An anagram (in certain way) of CONDITION and TRAIN.

23a         Supporter in pub rules out screwdriver, say (3,5)
BAR STOOL –   Something that supports you while you have a pint of beer – BARS (rules out) and TOOL (a screwdriver, say, being an example of a tool).

25a         Take part in investing, yet reluctant to spend money (6)
STINGY –   Hidden in part of inveSTING Yet.

27a         Judge’s conclusion following adjustment of legal claim (6)
ALLEGE –   An anagram (adjustment of) LEGAL followed by the ‘conclusion’ of judgE.

28a         Source of information from every quarter found (8)
NEWSCAST –   N E W S (from each quarter of the compass) and CAST (found).


1d           Cause to tumble  down  hillthat’s cruel (4)
FELL –   The question is was Virgilius expecting us to spot three or four definitions here – three being to cause to tumble down;, an upland tract of land(hill) , or an adjective meaning cruel?   Or did he want us to see four – as the fourth definition of FELL is a skin or covering of rough hair – is down too fluffy to be considered as an animal skin?    I’m hoping so because fell in the sense of an animal skin appears regularly in the Times crossword, and I was pleased that this time I’d actually remembered it.

2d           Part of motorist’s route that’s shortened by removing tree (6)
STREET –   ST – the abbreviation for STREET (a motorists route) is obtained by removing a TREE from the middle. One of my ‘favourite’ clues this week.

3d           Garden  party VIP in 50s (4)
EDEN – The Biblical garden or the surname of a Conservative Prime Minister back in the 1950s.

4d           Saying area produces greatest possible amounts (6)
MAXIMA – MAXIM (saying) A (area).

5d           Under pressure, son prepared to perform (8)
STRAINED –   S (son) TRAINED (prepared to perform).

6d           I called cop improperly for minor offence (10)
PECCADILLO –   An anagram (improperly) of I CALLED COP.

8d           Observer reformatted its news? (7)
WITNESS –   An anagram (reformatted) of ITS NEWS.

13d         Conservative and socialist on one board? That’s praiseworthy (10)
CREDITABLE –   C(Conservative) RED (socialist) I (one) TABLE (board).

14d         Crossed lines in historical enemy fighter (5)
BOXER –   X (two crossed lines) inserted into BOER (historical enemy).

16d         Shift to right or left that is seen in some extreme parties, primarily (8)
SIDESTEP –   ID EST (the Latin meaning that is) inserted into the ‘primary’ letters of Some Extreme Parties

18d         With assistance, grasped cutting tool (7)
HANDSAW – HAND (assistance) SAW (grasped).

21d         Clubs, sweetheart, in which we can live luxuriously (6)
CLOVER – C (clubs) LOVER (sweetheart).

22d         Jerk seen in West End with charming female (6)
TWITCH –   The T at the end of wesT followed by WITCH (charming female).

24d         Left single and solitary (4)
LONE – L (left) ONE (single).

26d         Call for silence supporting game? I’m amazed! (4)
GOSH –   GO (Chinese board game) and SH (call for silence).


3 comments on “ST 2792

  1. According to the note I wrote at the time I enjoyed the intersecting answers, took me a while to spot it but it was a real giggle when it dawned.

  2. Thanks to Virgilius for the usual Sunday treat and to CS for the review. My favourite clue was 17a. I’m still in doubt as to the correct interpretation of 1d – it would be good if the setter himself could resolve the matter.

  3. I also particuarly liked the 6d/18a intersecting answers. I enjoyed all the clues, especially 15a, 17a, 3d, 4d and 21d. I managed to get three of the definitions for 1d, but not the fourth — ‘down’. Intriguing indeed. Many thanks to Virgilius for the splendid crossword and to Crypticsue for a most interesting and excellent review.

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