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ST 2791

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2791

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 12th April 2015

Morning All!. I solved this on the plane going to Spain and then had to solve again last night as I had lost the paperwork!. It was a joy both times with some great clues as ever.

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1a           In line with law introduced by one legislator? Not in so many words (8)
IMPLICIT – LICIT (legal, in in with law) next to (by) I for One and MP for legislator.

9a           Perhaps I damaged precious stone (8)
SAPPHIRE – An anagram (damaged) of PERHAPS I.

10a         Audibly disapprove of new gift (4)
BOON – BOO (audibly disapprove of) followed by N for New.

11a         Piece of music Verdi arranged, with tempo not changed (12)
DIVERTIMENTO – Unknown to me but I worked it out with the checking letters. Start with an anagram (arranged) of VERDI then add TIME for tempo and an anagram (changed) of NOT – DIVER TIME NTO.

13a         Part of test on wife showing pounds gained, say (8)
WINNINGS – The INNINGS in a cricket Test Match after (ON in an across clue) W for Wife.

15a         Central pieces revised in clue (6)
NUCLEI – A revised anagram of IN CLUE.

16a         Queen bee improperly ordered drink (4)
BEER – Queen is abbreviated to R for Regina so Queen Bee might be R BEE. Change the order as it is currently improper to BEE R.

17a         Indication of canine discontent — get bigger pound (5)
GROWL – A charade of GROW (get bigger) and L for pound (Librum = L)

18a         Man on board making deposit for a loan (4)
PAWN – Two definitions – The chess piece and a visit to yer uncle!.

20a         Further to left? In either direction, it’s the same (6)
REDDER – A palindrome (the same from either direction. The left wing of politics is traditionally the Red (labour) side.

21a         Make catalogue that’s shorter and lacking oomph (8)
LISTLESS – To make a shorter catalogue might mean to LIST LESS items.

23a         Encouraging holding copies back — that’s mean (12)
CHEESEPARING – CHEERING or encouraging containing the reversal of (holding back) APES or copies.

26a         Something on computer screen the writer scans (4)
ICON – Split as (1,3) to get I CON (the writer e.g Me Scans in the first person).

27a         Asian queen cutting plant or flower (8)
GERANIUM – I got the RANI or Asian queen was intersecting/cutting something OK and spotted the answer but did not know that a GEUM another plant.

28a         Taken by surprise, began pulling in line (8)
STARTLED – Place L for Line inside (is being pulled in by) STARTED or began


2d           A nightly appearance, but not by star (8)
MOONRISE – If it isn’t a star ascending in the sky at night then it is most likely to be the MOON rising!

3d           Thames landmark, from vantage point on vessel author’s on (6,6)
LONDON BRIDGE – Place Jack LONDON, the American author, on top of (On in a down clue) the BRIDGE or vantage point on a ship/vessel.

4d           Caught bird — chicken? (6)
CRAVEN – C for Caught (a cricket abb.) then a RAVEN for bird.

5d           Ruler finally executed in drastic uprising (4)
TSAR – Thus ruler is found reversed (uprising) IN dRASTic.

6d           At sea, a pilot? No, not required (8)
OPTIONAL – An anagram (at sea) of A PILOT NO.

7d           Notice little good in what’s bad (4)
SIGN – G – the little abb. for Good inside a SIN that is bad.

8d           Duke feeling reduction in status (8)
DEMOTION – D for Duke then EMOTION for feeling.

12d         Performer who’s bound to start act, but not to finish it (12)
ESCAPOLOGIST – A cryptic definition with bound literally meaning tied up as opposed to ‘obliged to’.

14d         Capital, we hear, doubled for solitary individual (5)
SEOUL – This capital city is a homophone of both SOLE for Solitary and SOLE for individual.

16d         Old composer heard, then modern one, in arrangement of bars for singer (8)
BIRDCAGE – BIRD – A homophone (heard) of William BYRD the old English composer – followed by John CAGE the contemporary US composer. Lovely surface reading and definition!.

17d         Shrub with fragrant flowers, possibly changing to red again (8)
GARDENIA – Make an anagram (possibly change) RED AGAIN.

19d         Its majority shareholder can ask for anything, supposedly (8)
WISHBONE – Traditionally the person who breaks off the majority of the WISHBONE can wish for what they want. A good cryptic definition.

22d         Bad mark from oddly sitting half of exam when upset (6)
STIGMA – Start with the odd letters in SiTtInG then add the reversal of AM (half of exAM).

24d         Be paid twice in year, near November (4)
EARN – Hidden twice in the last three words of the clue.

25d         Penniless receivers of money handed over as charity (4)
ALMS – You receive money in your PALMS. Remove the P for Penny (is penniless).

Thanks to Mr Greer for the entertainment, I’ll be back tomorrow for last Saturday’s Prize Puzzle review.

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  1. Another super puzzle – thanks to Virgilius and Gnomey for the write-up. My favourite was 14d.
    In 14d I thought the individual was meant to be SOUL rather than sole.

  2. Re 18a, strictly speaking a man is anything on a chess board other than the pawns, I.e. a queen is a man but a pawn isn’t.

    1. Hi Maarvarq.
      The BRB gives definition #11 – A piece used in playing chess,draughts, etc so I guess the clue is still valid.

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