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ST 2789

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2789

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 29th March 2015

Enjoyable as ever – what more can I say?

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1a           Coward, for example, awfully wary in tricky situation (10)
PLAYWRIGHT –   An anagram (awfully) of WARY inserted into a PLIGHT (tricky situation).

6a           Instrument taken back for neighbour (4)
ABUT –   A reversal (taken back) of TUBA.

9a           Taxing a couple in middle of rural America (7)
ARDUOUS – A (from the clue) the middle of ruRal, DUO (couple) and US (America).

10a         Imagine leading when in second place (7)
SUPPOSE –   S (second) UP (leading) POSE (place).

12a         Wise men in a row, holding trial, initially, in appropriate way (13)
MAGISTERIALLY –   MAGI (wise men) and SERIALLY (in a row) holding T (the initial letter of trial).

14a         Local scoffed, not needing to be taught (6)
INNATE –   INN (local) ATE (scoffed).

15a         Protect page in front of book (8)
PRESERVE –   P (page) goes in front of RESERVE (book).

17a         Before fight, gym equipment’s put in trailer (8)
HORSEBOX – HORSE (gym equipment) goes before BOX (fight).

19a         Come to pass, maybe, in the Yorkshire Dales (6)
HAPPEN – A verb meaning come to pass can be used in the North of England, especially in the Northern Dales, to mean maybe, perhaps.

22a         Job for someone with lots to offer (13)
AUCTIONEER –   Cryptic definition.

24a         Female from part of US or USSR formerly (7)
GEORGIA –     This girl’s name is also an American State or a country that used to be part of the USSR.

25a         Following error, produce something really frightful (7)
BUGBEAR –     BUG (error) is followed by BEAR (produce).   I knew this word as an object of dislike or annoyance, and so I added to my word knowledge by checking in the BRB for confirmation that it can also mean an object of terror (as the clue states).

26a         It could erupt in Vietnam or Estonia, oddly (4)
ETNA –   My second volcano (I visited Vesuvius before Etna) can be found hidden in ViETNAm or in the odd letters of EsToNiA.

27a         Lots of heavenly bodies, something Hollywood relied on (4,6)
STAR SYSTEM –   double definition.


1d           Alternative to apple for Adam and Eve, say (4)
PEAR –   A homophone (say) of PAIR (Adam and Eve being an example of a pair).

2d           Trouble about British workers forming corporation (7)
ABDOMEN –   B (British) inserted into ADO (trouble) and followed by MEN (workers).

3d           Wagner’s beginning with his masterpiece about old Russian woman dreaming (4-9)
WOOL-GATHERING –   W (Wagner’s beginning) O (old) OLGA (Russian woman) THE RING (Wagner’s masterpiece).

4d           Demand from assassins is threat (6)
INSIST –   Hidden in assassins is threat.

5d           Accommodation arranged shortly after European comes in (8)
HOSTELRY –   An anagram (arranged) of SHORTLY and E (European).

7d           Romeo tucked into one kind of chicken or another (7)
BROILER –   R (Romeo) tucked into a BOILER (kind of chicken) to get another type of chicken.

8d           Heaney rhymes very little (5-5)
TEENY-WEENY –   TEENY and WEENY both rhyme with Heaney.

11d         Capital removed from country, betting on pound and yen with great care (13)
PAINSTAKINGLY –   Remove the capital letter from the country of SPAIN, then add STAKING (betting) and L (£, pound) and Y (Yen).

13d         Correct perspective that’s formed by 1 Across and Down (5,5)
RIGHT ANGLE –   RIGHT (correct) and ANGLE (perspective).

16d         County players collectively disheartened (8)
DOWNCAST –   DOWN (one of the six counties of Northern Ireland) and CAST (players collectively).

18d         Company car ahead overturned over wild animal (7)
RACCOON –   A reversal (overturned) of CAR goes ahead of CO (company) and ON (over).

20d         Paint some farm workers put on front of tractor (7)
PIGMENT – PIG MEN (farm workers) put on T (the front of tractor).

21d         Black king, repeatedly, of African people (6)
BERBER – B (black) and ER (Edward Rex, king) repeated.

23d         Edge from side of bat followed by another (4)
BRIM –   B (the left hand side of the word Bat) followed by RIM (another edge).


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  1. Thanks to Virgilius for another great puzzle and to CS for the write-up. I’m finding it very difficult to select just one favourite clue – happen, it’ll be 19a.

  2. I put TRIM for 23dn, which works equally, or at least nearly as well, i.e. The right-hand side of BAT with RIM. e.g. The lace trim on a blouse.

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