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Cambridge S & B (2015) – Update

A message from Sil van den Hoek:

For those who missed or forgot about the pre-announcement last December, this is a reminder that there will be a Sloggers & Betters event in Cambridge on Saturday 25 April.

The venue is the Castle Inn, 38 Castle Street, Cambridge CB3 0AJ.

The pub will open its doors at 11:30 am and from noon onwards the complete first floor (including roof terrace) will be ours, having room for some 60 people.

Thus far, around 40 people have indicated that they will attend.
If you wish to add your name to the list or have any other questions, it would be appreciated if you could send a message to:

E-mail addresses will not be shared and removed after the event.

Although we would like to keep an eye on the number of attendants (for practical reasons), we want to emphasise that everyone’s welcome at any time during the day!

Unlike at other S&B events there will be no lunch buffet this time.

The main reason is that The Castle Inn prefers people to order lunch themselves at the bar.

They have assured us that they can handle large numbers.

Food can be ordered until 2.30pm which seems reasonable.

Are you vegetarian, do you need gluten-free food, do you have an allergy? No problem, just tell them.

Rumour goes that the food is good!

The current menu can be found on their website or here: Menu, The Castle Inn

Most people will come by public transport, others perhaps by car.

Please find below three documents that will show you the way.

Note that especially the ‘on foot’ document contains several useful maps.

To The Castle Inn, by car

From the Railway Station to The Castle Inn, by taxi or bus

From the Railway Station to The Castle Inn, on foot

Don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to the address above if you need more information on transport or other issues.

We are looking forward to see you all!

Sil, Phil (Flashling), Jon (Rorschach)

9 comments on “Cambridge S & B (2015) – Update

  1. Great.

    I have put the two of you on Our List.
    This list is mainly there to produce name badges.
    Our aim is to display ‘real name + pseudonym (if applicable)’.

    Therefore, we would appreciate it if you could tell us what should be on your badges.
    Please use the e-mail address mentioned in the announcement.
    Personal details will not be shared with anyone.


  2. Well your addresses will be shared with me as co host, we only want to know who we’re talking to on the day and how you like to be addressed. Phil

  3. Feel most welcome, Matthew.

    There will be quite a few people for whom this will be the first S&B.
    The number of yea-sayers is already approaching 50.
    But the more the merrier! (I would say)

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