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ST 2787

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2787

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty ****Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 15th March 2015

Morning All!. This was an exercise in smooth clueing that made the solve tricky since it was hard to insert the mental crowbar between definition and wordplay. There were a number of shin kicking moments when I realised how easily I had been duped but absolutely no complaints here. Excellent stuff!


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1a           Succeeding by chance after taking pawn in game (6)
PLUCKY – Place LUCKY (succeeding by chance) after P for Pawn – the appreviation in chess notation.

4a           Means to release prisoner Romans maltreated (6)
RANSOM – A maltreated anagram of ROMANS.

8a           Snub idea that’s crazy? That’s fair (8)
UNBIASED – An anagram, indicated by ‘that’s crazy’ of SNUB IDEA. Great surface reading made this a trickier solve.

10a         Worthless paintings returned before retiring (6)
TRASHY – Reverse (return) ART for paintings before SHY for retiring.

11a         Piety displayed with no end of care and compassion (4)
PITY – Remove the end of (car)E from PI(e)TY. Simple but effective.

12a         The writer’s in earnest about time creating a puzzle (10)
MYSTERIOUS – MY (the writer’s i.e. belonging to the person who wrote the sentence) then SERIOUS or earnest around the outside of T for Time.

13a         Returned no work — emphasised it’s needed for final course (12)
Reverse (return) NO from the clues then OP (work) and then STRESSED for emphasised. Great.

16a         Fast form of transport put in front of coach (7,5)
EXPRESS TRAIN – EXPRESS (put/say) in front of TRAIN for coach.

20a         Welcoming unusual shop with one piece of furniture (10)
HOSPITABLE – An unusual anagram of SHOP placed before I for one and a TABLE (piece of furniture).

21a         Captured, as well, chess piece — that cannot be (4)
TOOK – I like this!. TOO (as well) and then K for King – the only piece on a chessboard that cannot be taken.

22a         Everything person possesses is English, say (6)
ESTATE – Simply E for English then STATE for say – another simple clue that baffles!

23a         Lives in area, making living (8)
EXISTENT – Place IS (lives) inside EXTENT (area/stretch/purview)

24a         Happy about line I produced with ruler (6)
LIKING – L for Line then I from the clue and then a ruling KING.

25a         Protect as beginner at wheel did some throwing outside (6)
SHIELD – The L is a Learner driver (a standard abb.). Place SHIED (did some throwing at a coconut shy for example) around the outside.


1d           Wind instrument as needed in each section, initially, piano coming in at various points (3-5)
PAN-PIPES – Take the initial letters of A(s) N(eeded) I(n) E(ach) S(ection) and include P for Piano at various points: (P) A N (P) I (P) E S

2d           Take part of bun if you make one (5)
UNIFY – A hidden word – taking part of – in b(UN IF Y)ou.

3d           Making his mark, perhaps, in disputed region of Asia (7)
KASHMIR – An anagram (making) of HIS MARK.

5d           With odd omissions, parroted Italian author’s old style (3,4)
Remove the odd letters from pArRoTeD and then add Umberto ECO – the Italian author.

6d           Oddly, store ain’t the kind that has what writer needs (9)
STATIONER – An anagram, indicated by oddly, of STORE AINT.

7d           Person navigating Jumbo miles in error about a height (6)
MAHOUT – One of my favourite words and a lovely definition!!. M for Miles and then OUT (in error) around – about – A and H for Height.

9d           Take apart, since concealed by mask (11)
DISASSEMBLE – Place AS (since/for) inside DISSEMBLE or mask.

14d         Act as Lady Macbeth and somehow speak well (9)
SLEEPWALK – An anagram (somehow) of SPEAK WELL.

15d         Stopped running over broadcast that’s cast aside (8)
DISOWNED – DIED (stopped running as a faulty engine for example) around (or over) SOWN or broadcast.

17d         Salesman’s talk on new model (7)
PATTERN – The salesman’s talk is the PATTER. Place that on top of (ON in a down clue) N for New.

18d         We tucked into small meal from European country (7)
SWEDISH – WE form the clue placed inside (tucked into) S(mall) and DISH/meal.

19d         Gland is not brought up before end of medical (6)
TONSIL – Very simple. Reverse IS NOT before the end letter in( medica)L.

21d         It’s covered by not just any old tax (5)
TITHE – Place IT from the clue inside THE (not just any – THE definite article!).
Thanks to Mr Greer for an exhibition in straightforward well worked clueing. I’ll see you all tomorrow.

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  1. Superb puzzle with silky-smooth surface readings throughout. My top clues were 1a, 12a, 13a and 14d. Thanks to Mr Greer and Gnomethang for the write-up.

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