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ST 2785

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2785

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 1st March 2015

A rare post-Sunday lunch solve for me (I usually can’t wait that long for my Sunday puzzle treat) but I had the usual enjoyable time.


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7a           Gun show flier rewritten (3,5)
AIR RIFLE – AIR (show) followed by an anagram (rewritten) of FLIER.

9a           A ceremonial procedure pronounced correctly (6)
ARIGHT –   A homophone (pronounced) of A RITE (a ceremonial procedure).

10a         Counsel daughter being securely held? (6)
ADVICE –   D (daughter) being securely gripped in A VICE.

11a         Part of Europe with leader of French people coming ashore? (8)
FLANDERS –   F (leader of French) and LANDERS (people coming ashore).

12a         Undertaking to repay money prior to improperly seizing ship (10,4)
PROMISSORY NOTE –   An anagram (improperly) of MONEY PRIOR TO and SS (steam ship).

15a         Piece of music from America on old piano (4)
OPUS – O (old) P (piano) US (America).

17a         Golf club taking women’s side (5)
WEDGE – W (women) EDGE (side)

19a         It’s used in leaving a terminal (4)
GATE –   Something used when leaving a terminal is hidden in leavinG A TErminal.

20a         Unsophisticated types state change covering you and me (7,7)
COUNTRY COUSINS –   COUNTRY (state) and COINS (change) the latter covering US (you and me).

23a         Asian symbol unknown in work of Kipling (8)
MANDALAY – MANDALA (a pictorial symbol of the universe in Buddhism and Hinduism (Asian symbol) and Y (mathematical unknown).

25a         I had nothing invested in very unfriendly and stupid behaviour (6)
IDIOCY –   I D (I’d, I had) O (nothing) invested in or inserted into ICY (unfriendly).

27a         Emerging from somewhere, now noted celebrity (6)
RENOWN emerges from somewheRE NOW Noted.

28a         Crime fatal for victim that’s not common (8)
REGICIDE –   The crime of murdering a king (someone who is not common).


1d           Some musicians    take course that’s not straightforward? Doesn’t sound like it (4)
WIND –   Musicians who play wind instruments or a verb meaning to take a winding course –   as the clue says, it depends how you pronounce the word as to which definition  you require.

2d           Pedant’s conclusion is seen in odd statement of the obvious (6)
TRUISM – T (the ‘conclusion’ of pedant) and RUM (odd) into which is inserted IS from the clue.

3d           Grumble  it’s unacceptable for vegetarian (4)
BEEF –   Another double definition – an informal term for a complaint,  or meat that I love but the vegetarian Mr CS won’t entertain under any circumstances.

4d           Complaint from male upheld by a courteous female (6)
MALADY –   M (male) is upheld by (or goes before) A (from the clue) and LADY (courteous female).

5d           Way to claim territory, perhaps, for a lark (8)
BIRDSONG – A way in which a bird such as a lark lays claim to its territory.

6d           Prince not turning up for dance (10)
CHARLESTON –   Prince CHARLES followed by a reversal (turning up in a down clue) of NOT.

8d           Woodcutter‘s anxiety understood (7)
FRETSAW –   FRET (anxiety) SAW (understood).

13d         Was angry about English rugby players being presented in new way (10)
REPACKAGED –   RAGED (was angry) put round E (English) and PACK (rugby players).

14d         How French chap has notes distributed, not in the usual way (5)
ODDLY – There are some musical notes to be found in FrEnCh ChAp but they aren’t in the usual order of the diatonic scale.

16d         Part of instrument found in well-built part of theatre (8)
SOUNDBOX –   SOUND (well-built) and BOX (part of theatre).

18d         With sweetheart, running? (7)
ELOPING –   E (the ‘heart’ of sweet) and LOPING (running).

21d         Article left in part of camp that some scouts try to find (6)
TALENT –   A (indefinite article) and L (left) inserted into TENT (part of camp)

22d         Small person that’s charming, for change (6)
SWITCH – S (small) and WITCH (person that’s charming)

24d         Having announced why, are entering okay royal house (4)
YORK – Y and R (‘announced’ homophones of why and are), the R being inserted into OK (okay).

26d         Chapter and verse for what’s character-changing? (4)
CODE –   C (chapter) and ODE (verse).


4 comments on “ST 2785

  1. So many good clues – I’ll just pick out 18d and 26d as my choice. Thanks to Virgilius and crypticsue.

  2. I seem to remember this being a delight to solve, weekend crosswords are usually a pleasant break from the uphill struggle I have with some of the weekdays. Thanks to Virgilius and CS.

  3. I remember thinking about MP as 3d is absolutely OK for vegetarians if you consider that the animal is vegetarian.
    Thanks to CS for the review.

  4. 14dn doesn’t quite work for Bach fans, who know that for him H meant B natural, which allowed him to make a musical theme out of his entire last name, and there are two Hs “evenly” distributed in “FrencH cHap”.

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