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Toughie 1342

Toughie No 1342 by Firefly

Cave Canem

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I found this a mixture of some very easy clues (most of the twelve 4-letter ones) and others where I had to do some research to understand the answer fully. There’s a theme based on 15d (which I solved by the back-door having got 3d first).… Continue reading

DT 27722

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27722

Hints and tips by 2Kiwis

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** – Enjoyment ***

On our regular walk this morning we particularly noted that the Bar-tailed Godwits are looking plump now and changing to their rust coloured plumage in preparation for their imminent departure for Alaska. Other birds that we noticed  were the little Wrybills. Quite small birds by wading bird standards with eponymous shaped bills that curve to the right. They scuttle frantically across the sand like out of control clockwork models in search of sand-hoppers to eat.  However the highlight has to be the flock of 18a’s that were resting on a sand spit close to our path.
Today’s Jay puzzle is well up to the standard we have come to expect and enjoy.

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