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ST 2779

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2779

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 18th January 2015

A fairly straightforward puzzle full of the ususal high quality clueing

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1a           Perform vocally in angry speech, having a quarrel (8,6)
CROSSING SWORDS – Place SING (perform vocally) inside CROSS WORDS (angry speech).

9a           Pull from that cart, take in the opposite direction (7)
ATTRACT – The definition is a verb and is found in (from) and reversed (in the opposite direction) inside thaT CART TAken.

10a         Bunk made from European wood (two sorts) (7)
EYEWASH – A charade of E(uropean) then two types of wood, YEW and ASH.

11a         Opening gambit’s beginning with a pawn (3)
GAP – The opening letter of G(ambit) then A P(awn) being the abbreviation in Chess notation.

12a         Solution for someone with bit between their teeth? (6,5)
DENTAL FLOSS – A nice definition for what you may use when the bit is a bit of food between the molars as opposed to being gung-ho.

14a         You may get it from boss if you become inflexible (6)
OSSIFY – Hidden in (you may get it from) bOSS IF You.

15a         Awfully brittle old book (8)
LIBRETTO – An awful anagram of BRITTLE followed by O for Old – the book is a booklet of the musical works in an opera.

17a         Samuel’s teacher summoned and brought out (8)
ELICITED – A charade of ELI (The prophet Samuel’s teacher in the Bible) then CITED or summoned to court (arraigned in US parlance)

19a         Very happy story backed by editor (6)
ELATED – Reverse (backed) a TALE (story) next to (by) ED for Editor,

22a         For example, test maiden and a powerful male forming a relationship (11)
MATCHMAKING – An example of a cricket Test MATCH then M for Maiden (from the cricket abb.) and finally A KING (a powerful man).

23a         Either cold meat or fish, mostly, for tea (3)
CHA – take your pick as there are two clues here – C for cold then most of HA (m) or else most of the fish CHA(r).

24a         Land in Africa I regain, in disarray (7)
NIGERIA – An anagram (in disarray) of I REGAIN.

26a         Used a perch I consumed to fill up (7)
SATIATE – A charade of SAT (used a perch/roosted) and then I ATE (I consumed).

27a         Rival of Aer Lingus that could make Irish a bit wary, heading south (7,7)
BRITISH AIRWAYS – An anagram (could be) of IRISH A BIT WARY in front of (heading) S for South. – Lovely surface reading!


1d           Have buyer’s remorse, say, getting money back on wrong denims (6,4,4)
CHANGE ONES MIND – The money back in a financial transaction is the CHANGE. Take ON from the clue and then make an anagram (wrong) of DENIMS – CHANGE ON *(ESMIND).

2d           Set up company on time, and work for influential organisation (7)
OCTOPUS – Reverse (set up) CO for Co(mpany) on top of T for time and then add OPUS for A musical work – (OC) T OPUS. I think that I need to be an octopus at work sometimes!.

3d           Unfriendly resistance put up by school? (11)
STANDOFFISH – Split this as (5,2,4) and it might be referred to as a STAND (resistance) OF the school of FISH. The Question mark at the end tells you to think outside of the box!.

4d           Making an observation – husband’s not in love (6)
NOTING – Remove the H for Husband from NOT(h)ING or love/zero.

5d           In plot of movie, for instance, one car is wrecked (8)
SCENARIO – A wrecked anagram of ONE CAR IS

6d           Product of mine often found in foreign stores – for euros, moreover (3)
ORE – A word hidden (a product of)four times (often) in fOREign stOREs – fOR Euros, mOREover.

7d           Prolong no-win situation before striking (4,3)
DRAW OUT – A DRAW (no win situation) before OUT (striking).

8d           Piece of furniture and part of trunk belonging to some artists (5,2,7)
CHEST OF DRAWERS – The specific part of a torso belonging to some artists might cryptically be described as a CHEST OF (the) DRAWERS.

13d         Flammable material in sack on barge (11)
FIRELIGHTER – A charade of FIRE (sack from a job) and a LIGHTER (barge).

16d         Around area, shows signs of radioactive emissions (4,4)
BETA RAYS – Place BETRAYS (shows) around A for Area.

18d         Result of counting from one to e.g. ten, perhaps? Right (7)
INTEGER – Start with I for One, make an anagram (perhaps) and then add R for Right.

20d         With perfect exactness, including copy with a piece of music (7)
TOCCATA – With perfect exactness is TO A T. Add (include) CC for Carbon Copy (still used in reference to copying a person on an email) and finally add the A from the clue.

21d         Some goals I established for the rest of the day (6)
SIESTA – Hidden in (some of) goalS I ESTAblished

25d         Capsized sailor that gets out of stricken vessel (3)
RAT – Reverse (capsize) the TAR or sailor for one who leaves the sinking ship.

Thanks to Virgiliyus – I will see you all tomorrow a.m.

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  1. I am relatively new to Sunday crosswords and I am enjoying the slightly different feel from the rest of the week. This was no exception producing a lovely sense of achievement when I wrote the last answer into the grid. Too many so-called favourites to list with lovely anagrams and some delightful pictures conjured up.

  2. Another masterclass from the Sunday Supremo on how to write smooth and elegant clues. My favourite was the simple but very effective 4d. Thanks to Virgilius and Gnomey.

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