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DT 27701

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27701

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***  Enjoyment ***/****

This puzzle was published on Saturday, 17th January 2015

An improvement to recent Saturday prize puzzles –  an enjoyable solve with a couple of clues needing extra thought  – I actually circled three clues I ‘liked’ which is a rare event for a back page puzzle.   Typing the review, I do seem to have typed ‘anagram’ and ‘double definition’ quite a bit but I’m going to stick with the enjoyment rating I selected post-solve/pre-drafting.

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1a           How chess is played in general (6,3,5)
ACROSS THE BOARD – A cryptic definition of how chess is played.

10a         Nasa’s speciality quickly harbours love (9)
AEROSPACE –   EROS (love) inserted into APACE (quickly).

11a         Arab having second German car (5)
SAUDI –   S (second) and AUDI (German car).

12a         Central European archdeacon tucking into black berry (7)
SLOVENE –   The abbreviation for the title by which an archdeacon is known – VEN(erable)  inserted into a SLOE (black berry)

13a         Some leave when one’s not at one’s best? (3-3)
OFF-DAY – if you weren’t feeling at your best, you might take a day off.

15a         Sports administrators note celebrity (4)
FAME –   FA (Football Association, sports administrators) and ME (musical note).

17a         Dropping off lemon scone that’s cooked (10)
SOMNOLENCE – another word for sleepiness is an anagram (that’s cooked) of LEMON SCONE.

18a         Carefully selected husband together with old Scotsman being mentioned (4-6)
HAND-PICKED –   H (husband) AND (together with) PICKED (a homophone – being mentioned – of an old Scotsman – a PICT).

20a         Nothing but a lake (4)
MERE –   Double definition time.

22a         Eminence following leader of Eucharist taken by Catholic priest (6)
RECTOR –   Insert the ‘leader’ of Eucharist into RC (Roman Catholic) and follow with TOR (eminence here being a rising bit of ground).

23a         Light meal taken by singer-actress. Chips, perhaps? (7)
TEACHER –   TEA (light meal) and CHER (the singer-actress whose name is so useful to crossword setters).  Mr Chips being a literary example of a schoolmaster.

26a         Terrible lapse — a bit of a bloomer (5)
SEPAL –   An anagram (terrible) of LAPSE.

27a         Excel at trick showing some beef (9)
OVERTRUMP –   OVERT (showing) and RUMP (steak). The trick in question being part of a game of whist or bridge.

28a         Performing alone, Simon somehow obtains part in South Pacific (7,7)
SOLOMON ISLANDS –   SOLO (performing alone), an anagram (somehow) of SIMON followed by LANDS (obtains a part in a play or film, for example).


2d           Load caught being put on legendary ship (5)
CARGO –   C (caught) and ARGO (legendary ship).

3d           Means to cross London that destroys terraced houses (6)
OYSTER –   A form of electronic ticketing (a prepayment card) that is used on public transport in Greater London is housed in destrOYS TERraced.

4d           Great Western    Railway company (10)
STAGECOACH – Unlike Mr CS, our setter is obviously a fan of John Wayne films, one of which has the same name as a company which operates some of our railways, buses etc.

5d           Unpleasant type‘s order to dog (4)
HEEL –   A despicable person or an order to your pet dog.

6d           Shovel and pick worker‘s reserved (7)
BASHFUL –   One of the Seven Dwarfs who used a shovel and pick – he was the one who was particularly shy and reserved.  Anyone else fondly remember the days when dwarfs were dwarves, and roofs were rooves?

7d           Roll ball succeeding a great deal (9)
ABUNDANCE –   A (from the clue) BUN (roll) and DANCE (ball).

8d           Delight a player that’s puzzling? Most solvers have it! (5,9)
DAILY TELEGRAPH – An anagram (that’s puzzling) of DELIGHT A PLAYER.

9d           How fortresses tumbled around a series of battles (4,2,3,5)
WARS OF THE ROSES –   Another anagram (tumbled around) HOW FORTRESSES plus A from the clue.

14d         Topless dance to cause anxiety to old female relative (10)
ANCESTRESS –   Remove the first letter (topless) from DANCE and add STRESS (cause anxiety).

16d         Run by city, German one mostly, with one friend (9)
MUNICIPAL – MUNICH (most of a German city) I (one) and PAL (friend).

19d         Hitch as concert featuring Elbow more than half over (7)
PROBLEM –   Reverse |(over)  the first three letters (more than half)  of ELBOW  and insert them into a PROM (concert).

21d         Incantation alluring woman endlessly delivered (6)
MANTRA –   Almost all of a MANTRAP (alluring woman)

24d         Harass peacekeepers boarding carrier (5)
HOUND –   UN (United Nations, peacekeepers) inserted into a HOD (used to carry bricks or mortar.

25d         Blue feathers (4)
DOWN –   We finish with the sixth double definition of the day


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  1. Thank goodness for the NTSPPs on Saturdays is all I can say. Thanks to Mr Ron and CS for the write-up.
    I can remember dwarves for dwarfs but I’m probably too young to remember rooves. :D

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