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Cruciverbalists’ Convention (Jan 2015)

Cruciverbalists’ Convention

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It’s time once again for a meeting in London, this time to celebrate the sixth birthday of the blog.  Come along and join us at The Bridge House, 13 Westbourne Terrace Road, London, W2 6NG on the 31st January- any time between 12noon and 7.00pm.

All are welcome (that means you!) and, as usual, we have picked a pub that enables you to enjoy a host of real ales.  Click on either of the pictures for further details of the venue.

Only ten minutes walk from Paddington Station

It is all very accessible, in case anyone has special needs.

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45 comments on “Cruciverbalists’ Convention (Jan 2015)

    1. And for those of us who are stay-at-homes, will there be some photos of THE cake and the gathering? Last year’s were super.

  1. Are we allowed to know who’s in the pic. BD or does that convene the blog rules? It’s just a sneaking desire to picture the faces behind the ‘handles’.

      1. Thanks Prolixic – you look a very well-behaved bunch to me, can’t think why you were all in the ‘naughty corner’ !!!

        PS – also thanks for not pulling me up on the typo – only spotted it in the cold light of day!

  2. I have put it in my diary. Have to go to Brighton in the morning but will come and find you when I get back Looking forward to the cake.

  3. Barring any unforeseen disasters I’ll be there too. Looking forward to it – couldn’t get to the one this time last year.

  4. We of course, although we would love to, will not be able to be there. It did occur to me though that if someone there has the necessary electronic device, and we have set it up before hand, it might be possible to set our alarm for the middle of the night and then say a quick Hullo via Skype. Something to think about.

  5. My next few weekends are very much at work but I will try to wangle an early shoot on the day.

  6. I’m passing through Paddington en route to Heathrow on that day – sadly only to meet someone not jetting off myself – so that gives me an excuse to pop in, introduce myself and put some names and faces to pseudonyms. Looking forward to meeting you.

  7. We are newcomers to the crossword and have very much enjoyed the blog. We look forward to meeting some familiar names on the 31st.

  8. Sadly I don’t think I’ll be able to make it this year – I’m waiting to hear about some tickets for the football that will take me up to Manchester. If those fall through I’ll definitely be along, and in either case hope everyone has a great time :-)

  9. Sorry I can’t be there – I enjoyed coming along to the get-together after the Times championships. Raise a glass to (not full of) Soup!
    Hope to have another puzzle in NTSPP soon.

  10. Thanks for this blog, I’ve been following it for a while now since I started doing the DT crossword. I hope to make to the Cruciverbalists this time, it’s a nice pub and one I used to live not far from.

  11. I can’t stay too long unfortunately, but I look forward to making a brief appearance between 12 and 1 to introduce myself and say a quick hello.

    I hope that there will be an opportunity to chat to some fellow rookies too !

  12. I’m planning to come

    Really looking forward to seeing some of you again, as well as meeting some of you for the first time. Yay!

  13. For only the second time since I’ve been adding the final comment on every day’s blog, I will be in the same country as the convention. And it’s in my home town, so I don’t have to drive down to Bristol again. I shall be there, and public transport means the available ales can be tried, evaluated, re-evaluated and, if a playoff is necessary, rere-evaluated. The cake will certainly help. As will the company

  14. Have fun, everyone! I will be at home on puppy-sitting duty (she’s not old enough yet to be left in the care of neighbours) and thinking about you. About to print some quiz sheets for Himself to bring for you.

  15. Hope you all have a lovely day. I shall be thinking and discussing in sunny North Liverpool!

  16. To all, especially the Big Man, “Thankyou so much for a very very enjoyable day! It was nice to be able to put faces to names and enjoy the company of people who could (and have!) teach me so much about Cryptic Crosswords!

  17. Well I had a super time – thanks to all the lovely people (you know who you are :) ) who made it so.

    My only complaint is that there wasn’t enough cake! It was too delicious and the turn out too great. I would have liked another slice or three. Nom nom! Thanks Crypticsue :).

    P.S. Jean-Luc – I managed a grand total of three answers of your crossword on my way home :(. I will look at it again when my head is clearer…

    1. I thought it was brilliant too and I agree about the cake! It was, to quote our not so elegant Pet Lamb No 1 “Yum, yum pig’s bum”!! Well done to CS not for just making the cake but for managing to get it there in one piece.
      A very good day I would say, so and and another one for good measure to everyone.
      Nearly froze to bits on the way home – managed to get on a very slow train that stopped at all the little stations – I do think that opening the doors at every station was a bit unnecessary and inconsiderate . . .

      1. Yum Yum Pigs Bum. Apple Pie and Chewing Gum. Today’s do was so good I went twice. Nice to put names to aliases and faces. What a turn out. Ta to all

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