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Toughie 1319

Toughie No 1319 by Kcit

Hints and tips by Bufo

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Another year and another Kcit Thursday puzzle. Actually I found this to be a good puzzle to start the year. It was neither too easy nor too difficult and there was just enough to give the brain a gentle workout. Just what was needed while recovering from the New Year’s Eve festivities.

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1a    Panic about latitude shown by couple getting married — one’s a floozie (7,5)
SCARLET WOMAN: Panic around L (latitude) + a couple + M (married) + one

9a    Endless worry about lake’s source of infestation (4)
FLEA: ‘Worry’ with the last letter removed goes round L (lake) to give an insect pest

10a    Fog later obscured west’s trace of sunset (9)
AFTERGLOW: An anagram (obscured) of FOG LATER + W (west)

12a    Imprecise estimate? It won’t happen again (3-3)
ONE-OFF: The answer is something that or is made happens only once. It could also be thought of as an imprecise estimate which gives the integer adjacent to the correct value

13a    Blow that man, getting on list of great names (8)
PANTHEON: ‘(Puff and) blow’ + ‘that man’ + ON

15a    No score — no staves for it either? (5,5)
CLEAN SHEET: If a team concedes no goals they are said to have kept this. It could also describe a blank sheet of paper for writing music, i.e. one with no staves

16a    Fierce chap suppressing expression of pain (4)
FELL: ‘Fierce’ is obtained from a chap by removing OW (expression of pain)

18a    Dance party has not reduced volume (4)
REEL: Remove V (reduced or abbreviated form of volume) from a riotous party

20a    Something appearing as kindling, with no end of peat (10)
SIMULATION: Remove T (last letter of peat) from kindling (incitement)

23a    Stupid? Leave room — education’s not working (8)
GORMLESS: ‘To leave’ + an abbreviation for ‘room’ + a period of teaching with ON (working) removed

24a    Like Diana, taking time in hunt (6)
CHASTE: Like the virgin Roman goddess Diana = T in hunt

26a    Slim down, getting neat and taut, exercising with energy (9)
ATTENUATE: An anagram (exercising) of NEAT TAUT + E (energy)

27a    What sounds for the number of dead? (4)
TOLL: 2 meanings: the sound of a bell ringing for the dead/the cost in lives of a disaster

28a    A measure of how far one’s drifted from the point? (7,5)
DECIMAL PLACE: A cryptic definition for the number of figures following the point in a written number


2d    Irritating, having extra fellow teasing (8)
CHAFFING: Take a 7-letter word meaning ‘irritating’ and replace F by FF

3d    Woman going topless, in a way (4)
ROAD: Remove the first letter from a North American slang word for a woman

4d    Foreign newspaper’s special edition, with sense about English (10)
EXTRANEOUS: A special edition of a newspaper containing later news + common sense round E (English)

5d    Feeling conflict not feasible in time period (6)
WARMTH: A conflict + a period of time with ON (feasible) removed

6d    French writer again penning story (7)
MOLIERE: ‘Again’ goes round a story (untruth)

7d    Some American apparently ran with legend? (3,9)
NEW ENGLANDER: An inhabitant of one of six states in NW USA. The second word is an anagram of RAN LEGEND. The first word is an anagram indicator

8d    Gull to fly over church (6)
FLEECE: ‘To gull’ = ‘to fly’ + an abbreviation denoting ‘church’

11d    Piano study, Chopin’s first, granted, to be played without a hint of rubato (7,5)
CONCERT GRAND: A type of piano = ‘to study’ + C (first letter of Chopin) + an anagram (played) of GRANTED round R (first letter of rubato)

14d    Demand to include this or different bit of church furnishing (5,5)
CHOIR STALL: ‘Demand’ round an anagram (different) of THIS OR

17d    Article penned by cricketer — reserve missing last place, causing anticlimax (8)
BATHETIC: The definite article inside a cricketer (one being bowled at) + a 3-letter word for reserve (formality) with the last letter removed

19d    Unreliable American’s heart harbouring symbol of betrayal (7)
ERRATIC: The middle four letters of American round a symbol of betrayal (from its alleged desertion of a doomed ship)

21d    Facing attack, Arab leader dismissing article’s abuse (6)
INSULT: Batting (i.e. facing a bowling attack) + an Arab leader with AN (article) removed

22d    Assembly line introduced into prison with some hesitation (6)
PLENUM: A full assembly = L (line) inside an American prison + an interjection used by speakers when hesitating

25d    Drink’s left at the back for bird (4)
TEAL: A non-alcoholic drink + L (left) = a duck

For some reason I enjoyed solving the puzzle a lot more than I enjoyed writing the blog

5 comments on “Toughie 1319

  1. Quickly filled in the SW half then spent a while slowly progressing NE. Rather a lot of remove a letter-type clues of which 5d was the best for me.

    Thanks to Kcit and Bufo.

  2. We agree with Bufo that this puzzle was right in the Goldilocks zone. Not too easy, not too tough. A couple of the clues on the E side, 16a and 20a were the last couple to yield. It also took us a while to spot the anagram part of 14d. Good fun.
    Thanks Kcit and Bufo.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this – for me this was a perfect level of difficulty – a great way to enjoy New Year’s Day! The bottom half went in more quickly than the top half, but once I had sorted 1a out the rest flowed relatively easily. Many thanks to Kcit and Bufo.

  4. Getting up towards the top end of 2*, but that’s what l score it as. No clear favourite, but 13a works quite well. I confess to never having encountered 17d before, but we live and learn. My thanks to Kcit, and to Bufo for the review.

  5. \well I’ve reached the end of this but needed help to correct errors. TINA for 3d didn’t help (T from topless and IN A from the clue) which led me to SCATTER BRAIN for 1a. 20a and 4d were hard, but not too bad a start to 2015. This was a ****/** for me. Thanks to Kcit and thanks to Bufo unravelling it. Sh-Shoney.

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