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ST 2773

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2772

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 7th December 2014


I found this one a tiny bit trickier than recent Sundays – looking back at it ten days later, I have no idea why. As for a favourite, this week it has to be the trademark Virgilius clue – 18d.

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7a           Release articles in French about hostile takeover (8)
UNCOUPLE – UN and LE (French articles)with COUP (hostile takeover) inserted.

9a           Source of leaders some discredit, originally (6)
EDITOR – Hidden in some of discrEDIT ORiginally is the source of leading articles in newspapers.

10a         Establishes nothing has been deposited in financial resources (6)
FOUNDS – O (nothing) deposited in FUNDS (financial resources).

11a         Criminal behaviour from musicians I hear (8)
BANDITRY –   BAND (musicians) I TRY (I hear).

12a         Cheating in first of down clues — so boring must be changed (6-8)
DOUBLE-CROSSING –   D (the first of Down) followed by an anagram (must be changed) of CLUES SO BORING.

15a         Piece of reading material that’s found on plane, for example (4)
LEAF – A sheet of paper has the same name as something you might find on a plane tree.

17a         Crazy British at centre of attack (5)
RABID –   B (British) put in the centre of RAID (attack).

19a         Catch  leader of pirates (4)
HOOK –   Double definition.

20a         Cherished quality about one child, initially, showing early development (14)
PRECOCIOUSNESS –   PRECIOUSNESS (cherished quality) into which is inserted the initial letters of One and Child.

23a         Orders acid test rearranged (8)
DICTATES –   An anagram (rearranged) of ACID TEST.

25a         Latin adapted by clergy, finally, for part of service (6)
LITANY – An anagram (adapted) of LATIN followed by the final letter of clergY.

27a         Set eyes on, now and then, playground equipment (6)
SEESAW –   SEE (set eyes on, now, present tense) and SAW (set eyes on, then, past tense).

28a         Militant has view restricted after start of play (8)
ACTIVIST –   ACT I (start of play) and VISTa (restricted or ‘truncated’ vista – view).


1d           Data belonging to part of UK turned up (4)
INFO –   A reversal (turned up) of OF NI (of Northern Ireland).

2d           Mix socially in hot spot with wealthy person (6)
HOBNOB –   HOB (hot spot on a cooker) and NOB (an informal term for a wealthy person).

3d           Basil, for example, in Sybil’s heart? (4)
HERB –   In the heart of Sybil you will find HER B.

4d           Score halved, then point is added in game (6)
TENNIS –   TEN (half of a score) N (compass point) and IS (from the clue).

5d           Part of wood I’m in I should cut down (8)
DIMINISH –   A well-hidden word – wooDIM IN ISHould.

6d           Showing how old we are in company, you and me — that’s brave (10)
COURAGEOUS –   OUR AGE (how old we are) goes in between the C and O of company and the result finished with US (you and me).

8d           French scientist‘s gone over street there, heading North (7)
PASTEUR –   PAST (gone) followed by (over)a reversal (heading north) of RUE (a French street ‘there’)

13d         European taken in by cop — driver mistreated with excessive charge (10)
OVERPRICED –   An anagram (mistreated) of E (European) COP and DRIVER.

14d         Bishop in pub upset one other religious leader (5)
RABBI   A reversal (upset) of BAR (pub) followed by B (Bishop) and I (one).

16d         Best at running exam — left in charge over it (8)
FLEETEST –   L (left) inserted into FEE (charge) goes over  TEST (exam).

18d         Garment repeatedly found in knitting patterns (7)
DOUBLET –   DOUBLE  T can be found in both kniTTing and paTTerns.

21d         Ring with a measure of power raised capital (6)
OTTAWA – O (ring) followed by a reversal (raised) of A WATT (a measure of power).

22d         Person from that place not knowing about end of conflict (6)
NATIVE –   T (the end of conflicT) inserted into NAÏVE (not knowing).

24d         Criticise what needs a lot of tricks to succeed (4)
SLAM –   A verb meaning to criticise or the winning of every trick in a game of bridge.

26d         Not easy without drink consumed? That’s curious (4)
NOSY –   Remove (without drink) the TEA from NOT EASY.


As this is my last Sunday review to appear in 2014 (the one for the 28 December puzzle will be published in January), I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Virgilius for another year of great Sunday solves, and wish him and his family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Christmas b

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  1. Even though my piece of paper with the puzzle on has already been sent for recycling, it is lovely to enjoy it once more courtesy of CS’s excellent review. Thanks to her and to Virgilius for one more in a long list of hugely entertaining puzzles.

  2. I have just found paper copy in my ‘filing’ box and am delighted to see that I got everything in place, I also remember getting immense pleasure from finishing this crossword. Thanks to CS and Virgilius for a delightful Sunday solve. Since becoming a BD fan I have found that my confidence has grown and that having the answers explained in plain English has spurred me on to greater heights. One Day I Will Do the Toughie.

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