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ST 2772

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2772

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty */**Enjoyment ***

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 30th November 2014


I always draft the review on the same day the puzzle is published, not least because then when I type the prologue I can remember what I thought of the crossword.   For some reason, I didn’t do so this time, but obviously found the solving process  fairly easy and enjoyable, judging by the ratings I gave it at the time.

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1a           Carriage in railway station (8)
VICTORIA –   A type of carriage or a London railway terminus.

9a           Son opposed to a journey in capital (8)
SANTIAGO   – S (son) ANTI (opposed to) A (from the clue) and GO (journey).

10a         Cancel function for multinational organisation (4)
UNDO –   a UN (multinational organisation) DO (function, party).

11a         50 per cent of unions delayed protest, not acting with others (12)
UNILATERALLY –   UNI (50% or half of the word ‘unions’) LATE (delayed) and RALLY (protest).

13a         Family man initially representing his country (5,3)
UNCLE SAM –   this family man’s initials – U S –  are also the initials of the country he personifies.

15a         It keeps time for organ (6)
TICKER –   A timepiece or an informal term for the heart.

16a         Standard selection of women or men (4)
NORM – Hidden in a selection of womeN OR Men.

17a         Person showing partiality, we hear, for this drink (5)
CIDER sounds like a SIDER or person showing partiality.

18a         Dull religious book that’s been abridged (4)
MATT – a word meaning dull is the same as an abbreviated way of referring to the New Testament Book – the Gospel according to Saint Matthew.   It is also an abbreviated way of referring to our No 2 son but sadly the clue doesn’t mention that!

20a         Preserved food in  difficult situation (6)
PICKLE –   The name of type of preserve, usually of vegetables in vinegar or brine, can also be used informally to refer to a difficult situation.

21a         Cover protecting beautiful woman that’s defamed (8)
LIBELLED –   BELLE (beautiful woman) inserted into a LID (cover protecting)

23a         Great care, however, in poetry, is followed by uneven quality (12)
THOROUGHNESS –   THO (a poetical way of saying however)and ROUGHNESS (uneven quality).

26a         Greet    part of wintry forecast, perhaps (4)
HAIL –  A greeting or some frozen rain.

27a         Object after getting notice, being really mad (8)
SEETHING –   SEE (notice) followed by (after) THING (object).

28a         In the red, I typically find what parents pass on (8)
HEREDITY –   Hidden in tHE RED I TYpically.


2d           Doctor in nude? No, that’s a malicious suggestion (8)
INNUENDO –   An anagram (doctor) of  IN NUDE NO.

3d           Rogue investing foreign money in volatile market (12)
TROUBLEMAKER – ROUBLE (foreign currency) inserted into an anagram (volatile)of MARKET.

4d           Fail to score again? That’s careless (6)
REMISS – Split 2, 3 this might mean to miss again.

5d           It includes a part of Russia, not the Western part (4)
ASIA –   A continent which includes the eastern part of Russia.   A (from the clue) and the eastern part of the word RusSIA.

6d           Creative type at home opening circular letter? Right (8)
INVENTOR –   IN (at home) VENT (opening) O (a ‘circular’ letter) and R (right).

7d           Person with convictions upset about old prison (4)
GAOL –   A reversal (upset in a down clue) of LAG (person with convictions) with O (old) inserted.

8d           Sacred work worthily revised (4,4)
HOLY WRIT –   A revised anagram of WORTHILY.

12d         Did Ma’s child cope when mistreated? (12)
ACCOMPLISHED –   And another anagram (when mistreated) of MAS CHILD COPE.

14d         Award Duke received in middle of banquet, say (5)
MEDAL –   D for Duke inserted into MEAL (banquet,  say).

16d         Person showing favouritism as trophy is in bag (8)
NEPOTIST –   POT (trophy) inserted into NET (bag).

17d         Sweet, like some sugar that woman’s put in (8)
CHERUBIC –   HER (that woman) inserted into CUBIC (like sugar cubes).

19d         There it’s altered as casual garment (3,5)
TEE SHIRT –   An anagram (altered)of THERE ITS.

22d         Provider of drink in empty beer jug (6)
BREWER – BR (beer with its middle letters removed – emptied) and EWER (jug).

24d         Steers vote among one’s constituents (4)
OXEN –   X (vote) inserted into an anagram of the constituents (letters) of ONE.

25d         Heard greeting moment of success (4)
HIGH –   Sounds like (heard) the informal greeting HI.

Thanks to Virgilius once again.    In theory, I’m back next Thursday with another Sunday review – in practice, who knows?!

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  1. For me Virgilius hits the right note for a Sunday puzzle – not too challenging & always amusing. This was no exception. Thanks to he & to CS.

  2. Only my third or fourth Sunday crossword but looking at the copy I kept I appear to have finished it without too much scribbling around it. I am not going to say too much about how well I am doing in case next Sunday ends in tears. Thanks to crypticsue for decode.

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