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DT 27660

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27660

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

This puzzle was published on Saturday, 29th  November 2014

Morning All! The solution to the puzzle went in quite quickly but I found upon reviewing a number of clue types directly after each other. Maybe it is my solving style that is to blame!

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1a           Prior, clergyman that’s outwardly sanctimonious (8)
PREVIOUS – Place a REV (the abbreviation or abb. of REV(erend) ) inside PIOUS for sanctimonious. Outwardly tells you that the PIOUS is outside.

6a           Fawn overturned cooking pot — drag! (6)
KOWTOW – A lovely word!. Reverse (overturned) a WOK/cooling pot then add TOW for drag

9a           Loophole gives viewer permit (6)
EYELET – A charade of EYE (viewer) and LET (permit/leave)

10a         Fabric taken from room without hesitation by Illingworth? (8)
CHAMBRAY – Remove the ER (hesitation) from a CHAMB(er) or room and then add RAY Illingworth – a cricketer that everybody knows!!

11a         Charlie Champion anxious to disregard final part as Native American (8)
CHEROKEE – C for Charlie in the NATO phonetic alphabet. Then add HERO (champion) and finally add KEE(n) – anxious having removed the final part/letter.

12a         Stream from outside home repelled beast (6)
INFLOW – IN for home/back in the house and then the reversal (repelled) of WOLF/beast.

13a         Indications chap will have craft and skill in shooting (12)
MARKSMANSHIP – A charade of MARKS (indications) then MAN (chap) and finally ship for craft/vessel.

16a         Novel with moving statement, part of good book (3,9)
NEW TESTAMENT – – Start with NEW for novel and then add an anagram (moving) of STATEMENT. The Good Book is the Bible.

19a         Tough street, sinful it’s said (6)
STRONG – ST for Street and then RONG, a homophone (it’s said), of (w)RONG.

21a         With Jack collected, dismiss car (8)
RUNABOUT – To RUN OUT is to dismiss or get rid of. Include (or the phrase collects) the AB – Able Bodied Seaman or Jolly Jack Tar. Know your abbreviations people!

23a         Ache before spring field event (4,4)
LONG JUMP – A simple charade of LONG (ache) and JUMP (leap)

24a         Monster I sense swimming around? (6)
NESSIE – n anagram (well indicated by ‘swimming around’ of I SENSE. Great ‘surface reading’ but who knows what lies under Neath. Could be an all-in-one clue too!

25a         Squirm as explosive document’s advanced (6)
WRITHE – The abb. HE of H(igh) E(xplosive) with a WRIT (legal document) in front or advanced.

26a         You initially see Tom travelling round one national park (8)
YOSEMITE – Take the initial/starting letter of Y(ou) and then make an anagram (travelling) of SEE TOM.


2d           Section of band that may have blues accompaniment? (6)
RHYTHM – Hey Kids! That will be the RHYTHM AND BLUES as opposed to the R&B that is toted about at the moment. I saw John Mayall in concert 10 days ago – possibly his last gig in the UK!

3d           Some devil erupts, getting more unpleasant (5)
VILER – A hidden word (indicated by Some) of deVIL Erupts.

4d           Unfashionable clothes seen in suburbia (9)
OUTSKIRTS – A charade of OUT (unfashionable) and SKIRTS (clothes of the female persuasion).

5d           I have withdrawn from repeated achievement (7)
SUCCESS – A nice spot!. Remove IVE from SUCCESS(ive) or repeated.

6d           Cloth that’s uniformly used (5)
KHAKI – It is a nice cryptic definition once you realise that the uniform is an army one and then remember how to spell it! Is anyone still reading this?

7d           Method of printing internet from TV (3,6)
WEB OFFSET – Completely unknown to me (but maybe not to Jetdoc!). WEB for Internet and then OFF SET for ‘from (a) TV Set’.

8d           Speaker I love that’s set to music (8)
ORATORIO – A charade of ORATOR (a speaker) and the I from the clue and O for Love/nothing.

13d         It seemed to me Middle English needs to include common elements of ‘thee’ and ‘thou’ (9)
METHOUGHT – – Very difficult to convey!. The common letter elements of THEE and THOU are TH. The ME at the start is from the abb. of Middle English and the ‘needs to’ acts as a gerund of obligation OUGHT. So ME and OUGHT must (ought/need to ) include TH to give ME TH OUGHT which makes this a magnificent clue!. Phew!

14d         A chain found in Italy (9)
APENNINES – The Mountain Chains. One P only please!

15d         Ten going in to clear entrance in the nearest house (4,4)
NEXT DOOR – P{lace X for the Roman Numeral meaning ten inside NET (clear/after deductions) and then add DOOR for entrance as a noun.

17d         A memorial of victory wasting away (7)
ATROPHY – A from the clue and then TROPHY or a memorial of victory.

18d         Queen isn’t commonly charming! (6)
QUAINT – A charade of the abb. QU for Queen and then AIN’T (is not in common parlance)

20d         Look, going round the bend, for dressing (5)
GAUZE – Place a GAXE (look) around U for the toilet bend.

22d         Bust of old boy set up — some but not all present (5)
BOSOM – The Old Boy abb. is OB. Reverse this and then add all but the last letter in SOM(e) – not all of the word being present.

I’m off for a week so I will see you then if anyone is stil reading this!