ST 2771

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2771

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

This puzzle was published on Sunday, 23rd November 2014

Morning All! I was late solving this due to work commitments and am late blogging it for the same reason!. Luckily I have a day off in lieu of working the weekends so the Down clues will be up in about half an hour. All in all I found this a really fun solve.


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1a           Person helping parents out, whose charges are small (4-6)
BABY-SITTER –A cryptic definition of the person who looks after the small charges (i.e. wards) temporarily while the parents have a night out.

6a           Assistance needed to consume cold tart (4)
ACID – Place C for Cold inside AID. Tart here means sharp.

9a           Descent taking long time on rope (7)
LINEAGE – An AGE (long time) after (On in across clue) a LINE or rope.

10a         Sheets put on piano for musicians (7)
PLAYERS – Place LAYERS (sheets) after P for Piano in musical notation.

12a         To travel in fog is stupid for indecisive citizen (8,5)
FLOATING VOTER – An anagram (is stupid) of TO TRAVEL IN FOG.

14a         Where last flight goes? Area that’s part of Greece (6)
ATTICA – The last flight of stairs in a large house goes to the ATTIC. Add A for Area.

15a         Section of Roman arch I constructed, following no rules (8)
ANARCHIC – A hidden word (indicated by ‘section of’ inside RomAN ARCH I Constructed.

17a         Before a contest, amateur is slacker (8)
LAYABOUT – Place LAY (amateur) before A BOUT or a contest.

19a         Record‘s extremely short (6)
MINUTE – Record here is a verb e.g. to record a meeting is to MINUTE. The second definition is a short period of time or short/small thing.

22a         Having a major role in stealing valuable stuff from church (6,3,4)
TAKING THE LEAD – The first is the straight definition and the second thievery is the cryptic definition.

24a         European champion who puts people out? (7)
EVICTOR – E for European followed by a VICTOR (winner).

25a         Mathematical work, product of mine, seized by our opponents (7)
THEOREM – Place ORE – a product from a mine – inside (seized by) THEM (our opponents if you recall ‘Them and Us’).

26a         Middle of historic game in East African country (4)
TOGO – The middle letters of hisTOric followed by the ancient game of GO.

27a         Absurdly old, a suitor not operating in good faith? (10)
IDOLATROUS – A second straight anagram, this time of OLD A SUITOR indicated by ‘absurdly’.


1d           Epitome of soundness or beauty, say (4)
BELL – From the phrase ‘as sound as a bell’. The cryptic definition is a homophone (say) of BELLE – a now dated word for a beautiful woman – a bit like a dish!

2d           It supports complaint about new type of welfare (7)
BENEFIT – Place IT underneath *supporting in a down clue) a BEEF or complaint around (about) N for New – BE (N) EF IT.

3d           Track Conservative support around popular would-be ministers (6,7)
SHADOW CABINET – Start with SHADOW (track/dog) and then add C for Conservative and ABET (support) around the outside of IN for popular/hip.

4d           With little time left, Germany finally score (6)
TWENTY – A good charade that took me a while to spot. T (abbreviation for time) followed by WENT (left) and the final letter of GermanY.

5d           Performer I put under pressure in next upset (8)
EXPONENT – Place ONE (I) after P for Pressure and place all this inside an anagram (upset) of NEXT – EX P ONE NT

7d           Cat he repeatedly tormented becomes wild feline (7)
CHEETAH – Make an anagram (tormented) of CAT HE HE (i.e. HE repeatedly).

8d           Passed over small pamphlet, not paying attention (10)
DISTRACTED – Another good surface reading. Place DIED (passed) aroind/ocer S for small and TRACT for pamphlet.

11d         Notice conclusions of judge for court, given careful consideration outside (13)
ADVERTISEMENT – Place the final letters (conclusions) of judgeS foR courT inside of ADVISEMENT or careful consideration (e.g. “I’ll take that under advisement”).

13d         Holder of money, with rest foolishly invested in financial centre (4,6)
WALL STREET – A WALLET (holder of money) with a foolish anagram of REST placed inside or invested.

16d         Medium spoke, produced speech hard to follow (8)
MUTTERED – A simple charade of M for Medium and UTTERED/spoke.

18d         Rabbiting with bovine creature on non-subject (7)
YAKKING – Another charade, this time of YAK (bovine) and KING (the one person who is not a subject of a monarch).

20d         Experience inferior to travel (7)
UNDERGO – A third charade in a row. UNDER for inferior and GO for travel.

21d         Central part of argument always in mind (6)
MENTAL – Hidden in the centre letters of the phrase arguMENT Always.

23d         Line taken from almost endless prophetic book (4)
AMOS – Remove the L for Line from A(l)MOS(t) endlessly (i.e. without the final T. Amos being a biblical prophet.

Thanks to Virgilius for the entertainment. I will be back tomorrow with a review of the Saturday puzzle (once I have solved it!)